Landon + Samantha {engagement} Pike Road, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Samantha: "Land and I grew up one street apart, but we did not meet until 2014 at a Christmas party. This was fitting considering his avid love for Christmas-- one of the many things I adore about him. From the moment I met Landon, I was completely enamored by him. Six years older, he was just what I needed. His maturity, goofy dance moves, and adorable dog, Fox, won my heart.-- not to mention his looks ;)."

Landon: "Sam and I first met here in Montgomery at a Christmas party in 2014. At the time, we were both dating other people, but I continued to find myself thinking about her over the next few months. I remember my immediate attraction to her from the very beginning. Her smile, laugh and personality were just a few of the many attributes I was drawn to. In October of 2015, I was blessed with the opportunity to take Sam to a concert in Nashville, TN. On November 14, 2015, I mustered up the courage to ask Sam to be my girlfriend, and we have been dating ever since."

How and when did Landon propose?

Sam: "June 2, 2017. I still get giddy thinking about this day. With a girls beach trip planned, I got off of work with every intention of packing my bag and hitting the road. One of my best friends and maid-of-honor, Lindsay, and I were planning to ride together. She texted me with an excuse as to why we would need to leave later than originally planned. When talking to my mom, I dropped that we would be leaving later and she suggested having dinner at Wynlakes. She told me to invite Landon, which I did, oblivious to what was in store for the night. He said that he was going to 'hit some some balls' at the club then meet us to eat. When we arrived, I called him to see where he was, assuming he was late, per usual. He told me he had a glass of wine for me and that there was music playing outside (two things he knows I am a sucker for). He wanted me to join him, but it was sprinkling outside so I gave him the runaround. When I told my parents, they seemed interested in what was going on outside, so I followed them out the door. When I didn't see him, my mom pointed in the distance and my heart stopped. There was Landon standing in the rain by a gorgeous cross his mom made with hydrangeas, my favorite flowers, on it. The rain no longer seemed to be an issue. Shaking, I walked towards him. He begin his gushing spill, while showing me a photo album that he had put together with some of our favorite memories we have shared. The next thing I know he was down on his knee, with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen, asking me to be his wife. When I thought things could not be more perfect, I turned around and saw both of our families. We popped champagne and speeches were made. Mrs. Lisa told me we were going to have dinner at their house with both of our families, so we headed that way. Thinking the surprises were over, we pulled up to Landon's parents' house that had cars all down the street and up the driveway. I walked in to a house full of our best friends and families. The night could not have been more perfect."

Landon: "I asked Sam to marry me on June 2, 2017. A lot of thought and planning went into this proposal, and without the tremendous amount of help from our families and friends, I may not have been able to pull off this big surprise. Sam was scheduled to attend a girls trip that weekend; however, a few weeks before, I called a few of her friends to inform them that I was proposing on this date. Her friends worked with me and someone convinced Sam to wait and ride down to the beach with them sometime after dinner. Once she called to confirm she wasn't leaving until later in the evening, I asked her if she and her family wanted to go eat dinner at Wynlakes Country Club. I was already up at Wynlakes with the ring in my pocket. When she and her family arrived, I asked her if she would walk down to the terrace and have have a glass of wine with me. Once I saw her walking towards me, I could barely control my emotions. In my hand was a scrapbook that I had made with pictures we had taken over the years. I explained to her that these past few years were the happiest times of my life and that there was no question that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. At that point, with emotions running high, I got down on one knee and asked for her to marry me."

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Samantha: "Most of our nights are spent with wine and music. Whether it is listening to vinyl records, playing songs through the Jambox, or live at a show, we both love unwinding to music. We have been to countless concerts together from Sturgill Simpson to Leon Bridges to Grace Potter to my personal favorite, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Although I enjoy going to concerts, my favorite nights are the ones spent in the kitchen cooking together, while dancing to music playing in the background. While music is ONE of our favorite things, our families and friends are the most important to us. Family has always been extremely important to me, and I knew I would end up with someone who felt the same way. We are both blessed to have such amazing families that we enjoy being around and can look up to. I value the fact that we live in the same city as both of our families. We also love getting to go to the beach with my family and the lake with his. So to answer your question in fewer words: spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, lake, and concerts, and sipping wine cooking together are some of the things we like to do together."

Landon: "Sam and I love going to concerts together. We've probably attended 20+ shows since we started dating back in November of 2015. We also love spending time at the lake and beach with both of our families. Over New Years 2016, we flew to Telluride, CO and went skiing with her entire extended family."

These two tie the knot on March 24, 2018, and I cannot wait to document it!

Christopher + Lauren {wedding} :: Montgomery, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Lauren: "Christopher and I actually met by happenstance in pharmacy school. We both (rather unexpectedly) were elected to serve on the executive council of an organization at school. I was president and he was the vice president, so he always jokes about how, 'I was his boss.' We ended up spending a lot of time communicating and planning for events and meetings within the organization, and I realized pretty quickly that he was someone that was crucial in order for me to be successful in my position within the organization. Christopher was always so supportive and kind when I was totally losing my cool! It wasn't until later on that I realized these qualities would roll over into my day-to-day life, and Christopher would become someone that was crucial to me being successful and happy in every aspect of my life-- not just this position in this organization. The rest honestly is history, and I can't imagine who I'd be today without this same constant support and kindness that Christopher has always provided me!"

How and when did Christopher propose?

Lauren: "Christopher proposed on October 8, 2016. We had just come off a long string of busy Auburn home game weekends and were in need of a serious chill weekend. I thought I was being so genius by planning us a weekend at the lake to get some much needed R&R, but of course I didn't realize that I was totally biting the bait in a grand scheme that Christopher had already planned. Saturday morning, we decided to have our quiet time out on the dock, drink coffee and watch the sunrise. I thought this was a great idea, and had no idea of the implications behind this decision we had made. Keep in mind, I totally thought I was in control of everything at this point-- I'd planned this weekend, I'd made these decisions, I was in control. NOT! So I mindlessly walked down to the dock, holding our bibles and coffee.. I sat down, reached over for my coffee, looked back over at Christopher, and realized there was a letter in my lap that read, 'Read out loud.' I had no idea how this had gotten here, but I guess I was going to read it now. I opened the letter and pretty immediately realized what it was. The tears started flowing. Christopher had laid out, by date, every big moment in our lives together. He had detailed our first date, our first trip together, and when he knew he wanted to marry me. All of these moments that he had taken the time to make note of throughout the course of our relationship. I'm completely sobbing at this point, just in time to read about how, about a month earlier, he had told me he was napping on a Wednesday afternoon. However, instead of napping, Christopher had driven himself down to Montgomery to talk to my mom about wanting to marry me. He had then driven to Dothan and picked out the most perfect ring that he would be giving me on this day. This perfect letter ended with a simple phrase that has come to mean so much to both of us: 'Regardless of your answer to my next question, I love you today, I'll love you tomorrow, I'll love you forever.' After wiping my eyes, I looked up to realize Christopher was on one knee, asking me to marry him. I SAID YES!! I absolutely could not imagine a more perfect day."

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Christopher: "This question is pretty easy because we like to do just about anything. We really make it a point to be intentional with our time together and this is something we have done since the very beginning of our relationship. We put value in having our quiet times together when we are together (see engagement story!) and have been doing this since the start of us dating. We decided we were going to read the whole Bible in 2016, and this has been an amazing experience for the both of us, together and individually.

We also like to travel! We have been on some pretty awesome trips over the past year to places like Boston, Nashville, Charleston, Savannah, Oxford, New Orleans, and even to visit my sister in California! Some of these trips have even incorporated another one of my (borderline) obsessions, which is watching the Boston Bruins hockey team. We managed to make it to three games in person this year (in Boston, Anaheim, and Los Angeles) and watched countless more on tv. This is something that I didn’t expect Lauren to enjoy as much as she does, but once she realized that I loved hockey, she dove in head first. Often times now, she is the one reminding me that there is a game on that night. Travelling has also allowed us to do another one of our favorite things… eating! We love to try out cool local places to eat wherever we go, and doing that in all kinds of different cities over the last year has been a lot of fun.

Lastly, we both love to be outside. One of the first things we ever did together was after finals week in December of 2015. I finished my last test and we spontaneously drove out to Tuskegee National Park with a couple lawn chairs and spent a few hours just talking by the water to unwind after a long week of school. We also love to spend time outside at the lake, be it in the water, or hiking around Lake Martin. My love for fishing has also become something we love doing together. She is such a trooper, even if that means just watching me fish. She always has such a good attitude!"

Christopher-- what's one of the things you admire most about Lauren?

Christopher: "One of the many things I admire most about Lauren is her selflessness. No matter what the situation, or how hard her day has been, she always goes out of her way to help others-- especially me! She is always thinking about other people and often times never about herself. Everyone that knows Lauren knows how much of a servant she is and benefits from this quality. This trait is something that I want to emulate in my life so that I can serve her better every day!"

Lauren-- what's one of the things you admire most about Christopher?

Lauren: "Everything! But seriously, one of the many things I admire most about Christopher is his work ethic. No matter what he puts his mind to, whether school, work, projects for our house, or making me feel special, he always works tirelessly until the task is done. I look up to him so much on this front, and he definitely challenges me to work harder and more thoroughly at the things I want to accomplish in my life!"

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day?

Lauren: "My favorite part of the wedding day was opening my wedding gift from Christopher. I had hyped up this moment in my head for a long time and it FAR exceeded my expectations. Christopher had written me the sweetest note, and he gave me a devotional book and journal for my quiet times. The best part is that he found a journal with my dad's verse on it, Jeremiah 29:11. This was the verse my dad lived during the time he was sick, and it has been my favorite verse ever since. I can't wait to start using the journal!"

Christopher: "My favorite part of the big day was definitely seeing Lauren walk down the aisle. It was a long day of not seeing her, and being told how amazing she looked, but waiting was more worth it than I ever could have imagined. She was and is the most beautiful person I have ever seen. A lot of the big day was a blur, but seeing her walk down the aisle was something I will never forget."

What's next for you two?

Lauren: "Christopher is finishing up pharmacy school at Auburn University with rotations in the Birmingham area and will graduate next May. I am working as a pharmacist at CVS in Birmingham. We have a lot of plans to figure out past that and are so excited to figure it out together!"


Flowers: Graylillies

Brides dress: Ivory and White 

Bridesmaids: Bella Bridesmaids 

Makeup: LUSH Makeup Art

Hair: Hannah Holsomback

Ceremony: Frazer UMC 

Reception: Wynlakes Golf and Country Club 

Signs: Jeter Signs 

Cakes: Peggy McKinney

Graham + Carlyn {wedding}

How did you two meet?

Graham: "To answer this question, we would most likely have to ask our preschool teacher from Frazer United Methodist Church. Thinking through this question calls for a bit of speculation on how we exactly met: could've been sharing a juice in class or something like that. We only have one photo of our time in that preschool class together as evidence that we met that long ago, but what we do know is that we became best friends not long after that class. We became very close in second grade when I transferred into St James School. Our older siblings Kendall (Carlyn's sister) and Wade (my older brother) were in the same grade at STJ as well, which caused our parents to meet and become good friends. This further guided Carlyn and I to become close."

Carlyn: "Despite my best effort, I cannot recall exactly how G and I met. But, it is clear that we became best friends in second grade. Our families were close so we had the chance to develop a close friendship outside of school hours. Honestly, I can’t remember a time without being best friends with Graham."

What are some things yall like to do together?

Graham: "The short answer: it doesn’t really matter. Carlyn and I have a unique relationship that is founded on a very strong friendship that developed over many years. In light of this, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy many different things together. It’s honestly not as important what we are doing, but rather the fact we are doing it together that makes it so enjoyable.

Our parents recall that, even as young kids, Carlyn and I would do seemingly boring tasks together just for the sake of being around one another. I can recall getting a brand new desk when I was young and being tasked with piecing the desk together by myself. Carlyn came over, brought her book, and sat alongside me while we both paid attention to our own business. It wasn’t the fact she was there to help or anything like that, but rather just to be there with me made it better for the both of us. It’s funny how the Lord established that kind of bond because today our interactions are often limited due to my studies, so, in the same way she did many years ago, Carlyn will often come over and simply sit near me while I work. I feel the same way I did when I was putting that desk together: its just always better having her there. Her mother explains it perfectly: we are better together as a couple than apart as individuals. 

How and when did Graham propose?

Carlyn: "G proposed September 9, 2016. Roughly a week before, he told me that we were invited to attend a couple’s shower for his cousin who is getting married in December. A few days later, he provided me with the invitation to the shower he received in the mail. (Later, I found out that his mom sent the invite to his house in Birmingham from Montgomery to make it seem more legitimate). I agreed to go, and he instructed me that he would pick me up after class in Birmingham that day (Friday, the 9th). 

We drove down to Montgomery around lunchtime. Upon arrival, G told me that he needed to go to the dentist for a check up. In reality, he was headed to meet with the photographer and our moms at the engagement spot. I simply stayed at home until it was time to get ready for the engagement shower beginning at 6:30 pm. When G arrived at my house at about 5:45pm, he received a phone call from his mom, who was allegedly one of the hostesses for the shower. She explained that the flower arrangement for one of the tables was not completed in time, so she needed us to pick it up on the way there. We agreed to drive to the florist’s workshop at her home in Pike Road, AL around 6:15 pm to grab the flowers. On the way to the florist’s home, G began playing one of our very favorite worship songs to which we belted (per usual) for most of the short ride there. Upon arrival, I was immediately distracted by a number of horses grazing in the pasture to our right. I was slightly confused when Graham stopped the car in the middle of the pecan orchard we were passing through. Soon after, I turned to the left to notice that there was a wooden cross (which his dad built for us) with a couple of chairs and a small table at it’s base. I soon realized what was happening. Graham waited for me to get out of the car and walked me to the area. 

Once I was able to breathe, G began our time together with a short prayer because, as he explained, we needed to first acknowledge and thank the Lord who brought us to this point. After praying together, G removed a small black journal from the table and began reading a long note. This journal is one that we pass back and forth to keep track of our letters. As G finished the letter, he asked me to stand and he proposed!! Soon after he asked me to sit back down and he removed my shoes. He knelt at my feet and removed a small brown bible from the table. He proceeded to read a few verses in John, which is where Jesus teaches us to wash one another’s feet just as He washed the disciples’ feet. He explained that he wanted our marriage journey to begin with an act of service and love. Since we were in the youth group together, washing one another’s feet has always been a special act. He prayed over our relationship while washing and then returned to his seat alongside me. He then showed me the front of the Bible that read “Carlyn Watson Norwood” in small gold lettering.

Afterwards, G drove me over to Wynlakes country club where he claimed a small group of family and close friends have gathered. I was blown away by the large number of family and friends who traveled from out of town to celebrate this special time with us! It was such a special time being able to celebrate with family and friends who have loved on us and poured into our relationship for several years."

Graham, What is one thing you admire most about Carlyn?

Graham: "Carlyn exemplifies Christ’s command to love God and love people. Above all, Carlyn loves like we all should. Anyone that knows her can see the evidence of her faith in Jesus and how that flows into how she loves others. It’s easy for some people to love from a distance, yet Carlyn is the kind of girl who will care for friends and family so much that she even feels the burden of pain or hurt that they do. Although that can sometimes be heavy, the reality is that she is simply giving of herself exactly what the Father asks of us-- to love and love deeply. I am constantly reminded of her dedication to caring for her friends, family and even those she has never met. Those who know her best can attest that she is a dependable and loyal person who is a blessing to those who have the chance to know her. I get the unbelievable opportunity to marry a girl who, above all else, loves the Lord, loves others, and loves me."

Carlyn, what’s one thing you admire most about G?

Carlyn: "This is a really tough question because there are so many things I admire about G. He loves and serves me in a way that I could never dreamed a guy would. From the sweet notes he leaves me, the random phone calls just to pray for me, and so much more-- G never ceases to show me love. More importantly, I admire Graham’s faith in the Lord. Graham reminds me of our Father’s promises and goodness daily. He loves the Lord so passionately and he challenges me in my walk with Christ. It’s really awesome to look and see how the Lord truly has crafted our relationship. When I am fearful and doubting, Graham is calm and faithful. He is my best friend, my constant encourager, and he brings so much laughter and joy into my life. It’s such an honor to be his fiancé!"

What was each of yall's favorite part of the day?

Carlyn: "Truth be told, there are so many things that I loved about the big day. From getting ready with my bridesmaids to dancing with everyone at the reception, I will never forget many of the things about our wedding. But, my favorite part of the day had to be the eager anticipation and excitement I felt to know that I would be Graham’s wife at the end of the night. I have prayed for that day for a long time, and it was overwhelming to finally make it to our big day. I knew that no matter how smoothly the ceremony and reception went, we would be married and that was enough for me. We are so blessed to be the Norwoods together!"

Graham: "It’s very difficult to choose one part to dwell upon when it seems the whole day was so special.The reception was such a wonderful time where we celebrated with many people who are near and dear to us. However, the ceremony was something we will truly never forget. For one, the fact that we were lacking air conditioning created quite the warm environment. But despite the heat, the Lord showed up as we had asked of Him. Our dream was that our friends and family would come together to worship and hear the Gospel on account of our marriage. It was humbling to present our relationship as an imperfect, yet dedicated witness to God’s grace and mercy, which carried us to that place. We will forever reflect on the love we felt in that church as we promised our lives to one another in front of our pastor, the musicians, our families and our guests."

What's next for you two?

Carlyn: "We have settled in an apartment in downtown Homewood, AL. Graham will remain a medical student at UAB for the next three years, and I am a nurse at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. Fortunately, we will be going to school and working in adjacent buildings, which is a huge blessing. We are super excited to be in the small community of Homewood, which is a great place to begin doing life together. After three years here, the Lord will place us somewhere for Graham’s residency, and we will see where He take us. The Norwoods are super excited to see what the Lord has for us in the future!"


Wedding Coordinator:  Jill Garmon/AG Events

Lighting: AG Lighting

Videographer: Matt Wolfe

Florist: Graylillies

Hair: Lynsey Richardson/Hair and Make-up by Lynsey and Yazmin Cavale/Glow

Invitations: Red Bird Paper Co.

Catering: Jennie Weller Catering

Bride's dress: Ivory & White

Bridesmaids dresses:  Bella Bridesmaids

Live painting artist:  Jordan Marx

Church:  River City Church

Reception:  Ware-Farley-Hood House/Old Alabama Town

Band: Four Barrel Funk-Music Garden

Rentals:  Brendle Rentals

Dan + Kennon {wedding} :: Montgomery, Ala.

How did you two meet?
Dan: "Kennon and I met at Camp War Eagle, the orientation for incoming freshmen at Auburn. We were assigned to the same group of about 15 students in a class of about 5,000, so it's obvious that the Lord was at work. When I first saw Kennon, I had a mixture of emotions: surprise at the fact that we had both grown up in Montgomery and had not met, and eagerness to get to know this beautiful girl better."

How and when did Dan propose?
Kennon: "Dan proposed on October 9, 2016. He asked me out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Auburn, Hamilton's. When he drove past the restaurant I knew something was up. He proceeded to drive us to campus and he walked me through our most meaningful locations in the Quad. We walked through the lower-quad where our Camp War Eagle group gathered for the first time, the upper-quad where we introduced ourselves to each other, and finally onto the porch of Cater Hall where we spent countless hours talking, laughing, and becoming best friends our freshman year. He got down on one knee and it was the easiest, 'yes' I have ever said!"

Dan-- what's one of the things you admire most about Kennon?
Dan: "What I admire most about Kennon is the sheer joy with which she approaches life and the love that she has for others. In the three and a half years that we've been together, she has challenged me to see others through the lens of Christ and to let the joy of the Lord permeate every area of my life. She has continually shown me the love of Christ in the way that she loves me and loves others."

Kennon-- what's one of the things you admire most about Dan?
Kennon: "First and foremost, I admire Dan's wisdom. He is truly quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry like it says in James 1:19. He is wise beyond his years and I get the benefit of being led by him every day! Dan is also very true to himself and what you see is what you get. He is as real as they come and that is one of my favorite things about him! He challenges me and encourages me on a daily basis in ways that no one else could, and I have a deeper understanding of Christ's love for His children because of the way Dan unconditionally loves me."

What was each of yall's favorite parts of the day?

Kennon: "My favorite part of our wedding day was our first look. We went back and forth about if we wanted to do one or not, and I am so glad we did! It was so nice having a few minutes just the two of us and it thoroughly calmed my nerves. It was such a sweet moment to share together and one of the first things that comes to mind when I think back to our big day!"

Dan: "It's really hard to choose my favorite part of the day, but if I have to choose, I would have to say the time that we got to have dinner by ourselves before the reception. Although our first look was a very special time, I felt that this time that we had just the two of us was all the more special because we are able to take a moment to just breathe and spend our first few minutes of married life together. It was great to have that time to spend together with all the anticipation of the wedding behind us."

What's next for you two?

Kennon: "Our next step is moving to Birmingham, and Dan will be starting medical school at the end of July!"


Church venue: First Baptist Church of Montgomery

Reception venue: The Warehouse at Alley Station

Planning: Mary Me

Bridal gown: Ivory and White

Bridesmaids: Bella Bridesmaid

Makeup: Meagan Anderson

Hair: Anne Lumley

Flowers: Graylillies

Cakes: Cake Designs

Catering: Jennie Weller

Tyler + Katie {wedding} :: Auburn, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Katie: "We met at Auburn our sophomore year of college. I’m sure we had seen each other and briefly met before, but I remember meeting Tyler in the Village dining area one day, knowing a big group of us were about to take a trip to Tennessee for the Auburn-Tennessee game in the next few weeks. It just so happened that Tyler was in the same car, crammed in the tiny back seat between me and a friend for the six-hour trip. By the end of the weekend, I had a crush. I remember telling my good friends how cute and fun I thought he was, though we both weren’t really looking to be anything more than friends. Thank goodness a few months later he asked for my number :)"

Tyler: "When I first met Katie I thought that she was different from the rest of the girls that I had been around. Katie was much more down to earth and was very genuine. I knew that she was someone I wanted to be around more often because of these things, and the fact that she was attractive didn't hurt either.."

How and when did Tyler propose?

Katie: "Tyler proposed in Playa Mujeres, Mexico last July. We had planned a trip to celebrate the end of my pharmacy residency/birthday and his new job. As many times as people asked if I thought he was going to propose while we were on the trip, I never once seriously considered it. I just knew he was waiting and never imagined he had already purchased a ring! (I tend to figure things out, which makes surprises really hard for Tyler!)

After a major hiccup and almost not making it to Mexico (it’s a great story— now that we can look back and laugh!), we were having the best time relaxing and enjoying a much-needed break from our busy lives. The morning of the proposal, Tyler went to the “gym” while I went to the pool. Later that night, the resort had a huge celebration for the 4th of July. We were having the best time, and a couple we had met earlier in the week had just joined us when Tyler insisted we go back to the room so he could “change shirts" (it was hot, so it made sense). I was pretty adamant that I didn’t want to leave, but he finally convinced me. We got to the room and there were rose petals all over, which I thought was just a really nice treat from the turn-down service we had nightly. I looked at Tyler and he had the biggest smile as he told me to go up to our rooftop terrace. That was the moment I knew something was happening. Once he got the ring, he joined me on the rooftop and got down on one knee. We had champagne to celebrate before later heading back down to the beach for fireworks. He pulled off the best surprise — it was the most perfect proposal! We had the rest of the week to celebrate and enjoy time with each other before heading back home to celebrate with family and friends. It was the best week!"

Tyler-- what's one of the things you admire most about Katie?

Tyler: "I admire how she puts others before herself and her kind heart."

Katie-- what's one of the things you admire most about Tyler?

Katie: "I love that Tyler is hard-working, selfless and has the biggest heart. He gives everything 110%, whether it be work, relationships or any other part of life. This is especially true in our relationship. He ensures I always have what I need, encourages me and loves me so well."

What was each of yall's favorite parts of the day?

Katie: "How can I pick just one?! I think seeing Tyler as I was walking down the aisle was one of the most special moments to me. Although we had done a first look earlier in the day, that moment walking down the aisle to my best friend in a church full of our loved ones was the best. The rest of the night was pretty great too! We had so much fun!"

Tyler: "Prior to the wedding, I thought that the ceremony would be more of a formality because that's how I always felt about weddings we had attended. I knew it would be different when it was us up there, but I never truly understood that until Katie and I were listening to Blake talk to us about how important it is to have each other to lean on for the rest of our lives and what our vows truly meant. It was surprisingly surreal to me. I honestly didn't think it would have impacted me to that extent, but it definitely did."

What's next for you two?

Katie: "We just returned from an amazing week in St. Lucia, so now its back to our new home in Homewood, AL!"


Ceremony: Auburn United Methodist Church

Reception and catering: Moore's Mill Club

Videography: Jeff Bush Videography

Bride's dress: Ivory and White

Bridesmaids' dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Flowers: Clay Mitchell (Hollyhock Gallery)

Bride's cake: Tania Cobine/GiGi's

Band: 4 Barrel Funk (Music Garden)

Adam + Hannah {engagement} :: Auburn, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Adam: "We first met after our weekly Bible study group from Shades Mountain Baptist Church went to Purple Onion to hang out and grab dinner. Both of us were fairly new to Shades and the young professionals' class, and we were hoping to become immersed in a thriving Gospel community. Not knowing many people there, we sat next to each other, and after a few minutes we introduced ourselves. I could tell she was really shy because Hannah was on her phone some of the time, but she caught my eye quickly. After a couple of weeks of not seeing each other at church due to being out of town or work, I decided to invite Hannah to play in my annual college football pick'em via Facebook in hopes that I might get a chance to talk to her. Well, I got that chance. One night after Bible study, we went with a small group of people from Shades to eat at Urban Cookhouse, but we weren't able to talk to each other like we wanted. As we were walking back to our cars, which were strategically parked next to each other, I asked Hannah if she wanted to go out on a date with me sometime. She said yes, and the rest is history."      

Hannah: "When meeting Adam after Bible study at dinner that night, I knew there was something different about him that intrigued me, and I wanted to get to know him better. I couldn't get him off of my mind. For several weeks after that I made an effort to talk to him each time I saw him at church in the hopes of getting closer. I am a pretty shy person too so this was way out of my comfort zone, but definitely worth it. When I saw the message invite from him to play in his college football pick ’em contest, I was so excited. He didn’t have my phone number yet so had to send me a cute Facebook message, but it worked. Adam had caught my attention even more than before. It seemed to always be difficult to find a chance to talk just the two of us in our large church group, and I felt like I would never have to opportunity to get to know him. Finally, after dinner after Bible study one night, where I once again didn’t have the chance to talk to Adam much, he walked me to my car and asked me on a date."

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Hannah: "When we are not cooking together we always love trying new Birmingham restaurants, and we especially love getting ice cream at Edgewood Creamery and going to The Heavenly Donut Company. We also enjoy doing outdoor activities like going on walks, playing tennis and lounging in the ENO under the stars. Of course we are also perfectly content with a night in watching Friends. Most recently, though, we thoroughly enjoy shopping for and fixing up our new home."

Hannah-- what's one of the things you admire most about Adam?

Hannah: "What I love most about Adam is his caring and humble spirit. He is so selfless. Adam values the simple things in life, and he will go out of his way to make me feel so special, even with the smallest gestures. He constantly uplifts me whether it is with a scripture passage, an excerpt from a book or article, a funny video or a corny joke. His thoughtfulness is admirable, and there is no act of kindness too great for him-- and I believe our friends and family would agree wholeheartedly. He has the most encouraging words and always knows exactly what to say to reign me back in. His love for me reflects Christ’s love for us and that brings me so much joy."

How and when did Adam propose?

Hannah: "We were visiting Adam’s parents in Opelika as we often do, and things were going like they normally do on our trips down there; shopping, eating at our favorite places and looking around Auburn’s campus. We woke up that Saturday morning to terrible weather and quite the monsoon. Adam and I had made waffles for breakfast while his mom actually made us put down our breakfast, grab shoes and helmets, and hide in the hallway because of the tornado warnings. Little did I know while this was going on. Adam was frantically pulling out his back up proposal plan for that afternoon. After the rain started to clear some, we decided to get out and about around town. I noticed at lunch Adam barely ate anything which is not like him, but I didn’t think much of it. Then he kept driving us to several stores to go shopping which was not uncommon for us either, but he seemed to be dragging it out. He finally said that we should go get some ice cream, and on the way he drove the scenic route past our favorite spot in Auburn, the Red Barn, which is where he had originally planned to propose that day. A few minutes after that, I actually fell asleep in the car which worked for Adam’s advantage. When I woke up we were parked in front of First Baptist Opelika, and I quickly realized there was no ice cream. He grabbed his Bible and walked me into the small chapel at the church down to the altar. He stopped at the front where there was a picture of us and hydrangeas, my favorite flowers. He opened his Bible and read some passages from 1 John 4, then proceeded to say some very sweet words. He got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring which he had been carrying in his vest pocket the entire day, and asked me to marry him. I didn't just say, 'yes,' I said, 'absolutely!' After he proposed, there were more surprises waiting at his parents' house. He had invited many our friends and my family to join us after to celebrate. It was such a special day."

Adam- what's one of the things you admire most about Hannah?

Adam: "It’s hard to pick just one thing, so I’ll pick two. Hannah’s smile can light up any room. If I’m having a rough day, her smile can make things so much better. She always knows how to keep me grounded and is such a great encourager. Her love of encouragement is a direct reflection of how she imitates Christ’s love. I also love the passion that she shows when she gets excited about something big or small. I love hearing about her interactions with her patients at work, and seeing her get excited about things like that gives me joy. Her joy is my joy."

Chase + Jordan {engagement} Pike Road, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Jordan: "Chase and I met in high school our sophomore year. I used to get so nervous around him because I thought that he was so cute, but his sweet disposition quickly made it easy for me to be myself!"

How and when did Chase propose?

Jordan: "Chase proposed on April 9 one Sunday after church. He told me that he wanted to go eat lunch in downtown Montgomery, so we headed there as soon as church was over. It was a gorgeous day outside so when we were done eating, Chase said that he wanted to go for a walk down by the riverfront. He led me down by the river, where there was a bench set up with flowers, photos of us, and a Bible with my soon to be new name, 'Jordan Elizabeth Orozco,' engraved on it. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course I said, 'yes!' Afterwards, he had a surprise engagement party planned at my house with all of our friends and family. It was the perfect day!"

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Jordan: "Chase and I are very laid back and really enjoy doing anything together. We love laying out by the pool, watching movies and going to eat. It doesn't matter the task, we just enjoy each other's company."

Jordan-- what's one of the things you admire most about Chase?

Jordan: "Chase is by far one of the most selfless people that I have ever met. He always works to put others before himself. Whether it be in our relationship, or anyone else that he comes into contact with, he is always striving to put others first. The way Chase gives himself to me and to others is incredible. He truly has a servant's heart."

Chase-- what's one thing you admire most about Jordan?

Chase: "What I admire most about Jordan is her committed relationship with the Lord. Instead of becoming increasingly fixated on herself, she makes knowing God the passion of her life. As she continues to be led by the Spirit of God, she produces visible and invisible acts of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control everyday of her life."

Kaleb + Becca {wedding} :: Lake Martin

How long did you two date and when did Kaleb propose?

Becca: "We dated almost five years. Kaleb proposed on December 24, 2015. We were on the way to his parents house to eat lunch and take Christmas pictures with his family, when his boss called him and asked him to check on something at the shop in the Waters. First we pull up to the chapel, he explained to me he first had to check on something there. It's pouring down rain so, we pulled up he handed me an envelope and he jumped out and ran inside, so I opened the envelope inside was a letter he had wrote at the end of the letter it said, 'Check behind your seat.' There I found another letter wiwiwand an umbrella inside this letter there was a pet adoption agreement, (a little background information on this I always joked that he would have to adopt my Silver Lab, Emmie as his daughter when we got married.) So then he had a piece of paper that said come inside when you're ready so I walked in the church went through the double doors, as soon as I opened the door I saw Kaleb on one knee with our two dogs (Emmie and Nelli) on each side with signs around their neck that said, 'Will you marry dad?' and a sign above him that said, 'Will you marry me?' Meanwhile, he had Thomas Rhett "Die a happy man" and then Sister Hazel, 'This Kind Of Love,' playing in the church. He also had my sister and a close friend of ours hidden taking pictures."

Kaleb: "I proposed on December 24, 2015. I did it at The Chapel at The Waters. I was on one knee when she walked in, and I had our two dogs on either side of me with signs that said, 'Will you marry dad?' with a banner hung up behind me that said, 'Will you marry me?'"

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Becca: "We enjoy just being together! We love traveling, fishing and anything outdoors. Most of all we just enjoy being together, so as long as we are together we are having fun!"

Kaleb-- what's one of the things you admire most about Becca?

Kaleb: "I don't even know where to start. The first thing that caught my eye about Rebecca is her obvious outer beauty. I was amazed that she would go for me-- but putting that aside, the most amazing thing about Rebecca isn't her outer beauty, it's what's inside. Her soul is the most beautiful attribute that she has. She is the sweetest and kindest woman I have ever met. She's the kind of woman that will give you the shirt off of her back if you ask her. I wouldn't be who I am today if I didn't have her by my side."

Becca-- what's one of the things you admire most about Kaleb?

Becca: "This is a really difficult question. Kaleb is an amazing man!! He is selfless, thoughtful, loving, patient, but what I admire most about him is he is a strong Christian man, constantly encouraging me to be closer to God and a stronger Christian. Kaleb is always by my side no matter what encouraging me and helping me achieve my goals in life!! I am so blessed the Lord chose me to be Kaleb's wife."

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day? 

Becca: "My favorite thing about our wedding day was getting to see Kaleb's reaction when he first saw me in my wedding dress!!! And of course getting to marry my best friend!! We both really enjoyed having all of our family and friends there together celebrating with us!!"

Kaleb: "The first time I saw Rebecca was hands down the best part of the day!"

What's next for you two? 

Becca: "We plan to enjoy life together as Mr. And Mrs. Kaleb Sallas!! We pray that one day when The Lord decides it's time that he blesses us with healthy children."


Planner: Mary Me Brides

Flowers: Melissa Kendall 

Cakes: Vickie Kyser

Catering: Red Hill Cottage Catering 

Lighting: AG Lighting

Bride's dress: Carriage House

Bridesmaids' dresses: Bella Bridesmaids 

Band: Union Road Band

Rentals: Brendle Rentals

Mark + Katie {engagement} :: Auburn, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Mark: "I met Katie through my younger sister, Amelia. She called me one day and said, “Hey I’ve got a girl you need to meet!” The first thing I thought when I first saw Katie was, “Noway this girl is single, she’s too pretty.”

Katie: "Our saying is, 'It was always you,' but that doesn’t mean it was love at first site. I had become friends with Mark’s sister, Amelia, through mutual friends and was familiar with his mom while teaching Sunday School at Lakeview Baptist Church. My story is we met Valentine's night 2009 for the first time at a church scavenger hunt for the youth. A few weeks later, I texted Mark for his sister-- which I am sure was a set up to get my number the whole time-- and we began talking. We hung out a few times after that, but after a few months, Mark decided it just wasn’t going to work. Weeks, months, seven years went by, and we stayed distant friends. We would text on occasion, go to dinner every once in a while, and maybe see each other with mutual friends. I went on dates, but I always came home and complained about how bad they were. They were no comparison to Mark Foshee. As time went on the text messages got more frequent, and we knew this time it would work. We began dating unofficially after a weekend at the beach in May 2016, and the rest is history."

What do y'all enjoy doing together?

Mark: "One of the very first things Katie and I ever did together was ride around Auburn and look at houses-- not for us, just to look and be together. Somethings never change. After eight years of knowing each other, we still look at houses whenever we are in the car together. All that to say, any time I get to spend with Katie is always a joy and delight, even when its something as girly as looking at houses."

Katie: "Mark and I just love to be with each other. This works out well because having a long distance relationship has its challenges. One of us traveled four hours round trip each weekend just to hang out for 48 hours. This means we had very few planned dates and spent most busy weekends with family. We do love being on the water, Auburn sporting events and making memories with new adventures."

How and when did Mark propose?

Katie: "I had been eager for a proposal and bombarded Mark with questions and wedding planning on a daily basis. He patiently always answered with a vague time description and a reassuring, 'I love you.' Mark had promised that I would have a ring by my birthday, July3, but I knew as May approached it was getting closer and closer. I had an outfit picked out and was diligent to keep my nails perfect. Our calendars were very busy, and Mark continued to point me to the middle of June for a proposal, so I let my guard down and my nails be natural. On Memorial Day weekend, we had plans to meet my family and friends at our beach condo on Okaloosa Island. Mark was bringing the boat, and we had plans to just relax. On Friday, I worked late, went by the grocery store, and unpacked our luggage at the condo while all the time telling Mark I would ride on the boat when I got finished. I was taking my time! Once on the boat, Mark explained that we were riding out to some islands we had discovered earlier in the season to see if they were a good fishing spot. I agreed, but made sure he knew we were supposed to meet family at a local restaurant in an hour. We drove quickly, very quickly, to this spot. Hopped out of the boat and began looking around. Mark complained of something biting his leg. After about this third complaint, I impatiently told him to get in the water and wash his legs off. (He really just couldn’t get the ring out of his pocket). I turned my back and walked away. He then began to call my name. When I turned around he had gotten down on a knee with a ring box in his hand. I was shocked and began to laugh knowing he had caught me off guard. He told me how much he loved me and asked if I would marry him. Once I said yes, he pointed to the bushes across the sand where his sister, my little brother, and our mothers were hiding. We celebrated with dinner and a weekend at the beach with both of our families. It was the perfect surprise." 

Mark-- what's one thing you admire most about Katie?

Mark: "The one thing I admire most about Katie is that she is my biggest cheerleader. When the work day turns into late night she is always prompt to respond with a gentle, yet full of confidence, 'You got this.' In those moments, I’m instantly energized to continue and finish whatever I’m doing."

Katie-- what's one thing you admire most about Mark?

Katie: "Mark Foshee is one of the most humble, hard working, selfless men I know. He truly lives out the command to love your neighbor as yourself. Not only does he place my needs, desires, and wants above his own, he does the same for his family, siblings, coworkers and friends. He daily works hard to make sure we are happy and cared for."


Sean + Katelin {wedding} :: Auburn, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Katelin: "The first time we met was through mutual friends in Auburn at a friend's house in Ross Park. We had some classes together in the same building, and would constantly see each other on campus. We later studied abroad together in Innsbruck, Austria-- and that's where the sparks flew! 

How and when did Sean propose?

Katelin: "Sean proposed at the most unexpected time! Early one Saturday morning, Sean suggested that we take our pup-child, Lucy, on a walk along the Chattahoochee River. He was just gifted a river pass from his parents, so I didn't think anything of it. Our plan was to take Lucy on a walk, drop some stuff off at Sean's parents' house nearby, then go to Scotts Antique Market. So I threw on some workout clothes, didn't put makeup on, and tossed by hair on top of my head.

We got to the park and started walking on this secluded path along the river. As soon as we turned the corner, Sean grabbed my hand and just said, 'Katelin' with a huge grin on his face. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and I said 'yes' before he could fully finish his question. I was totally caught off guard and beyond excited. We rushed back to the car, to head to his parents to tell them the news. Little did I know that Sean had planned out the whole weekend and had my parents drive up from Valdosta. BOTH of our parents were at the house to celebrate.

After celebrating with our parents, we headed to the Mandarin Oriental where Sean had planned more surprises. We had a special dinner nearby where everyone in the restaurant wrote a message on the menu for us, and were pampered and spoiled at the Mandarin. It was the most perfect weekend, and I wouldn't have changed a thing!


What are some things y'all like to do together?

Katelin: "We LOVE anything that involves hanging out with our pup Lucy, anything exciting and active, trying out new restaurants around Atlanta for date nights, and taking weekend trips!"

Sean-- what's one of the things you admire most about Katelin?

Sean: "Other than her wicked looks and brilliant mind, Katelin is the most thoughtful person I've met in my entire life. From a simple gift, to a little surprise here and there-- she makes everyday special that we're together. Along with our relationship, all of Katelin's family and friends would agree that her thoughtfulness is felt in every individual relationship she has with those close to her. I can't wait to be surprised and delighted the rest of my life with her."   

Katelin-- what's one of the things you admire most about Sean?

Katelin: "Sean's personality is one my favorite thing about him. He is always encouraging, optimistic and loving. Not just to me, but to our family, friends and his colleagues. His handsome smile and overall happiness is contagious and he makes me a better person on a daily basis."

What was each of yall's favorite part of the day?

Katelin: "May favorite part was dancing all night with all of our favorite friends and family!"

Sean: "My favorite part was seeing Katelin walk down the aisle."

What's next for you two?

Sean: "Planning our retirement."

Katelin: "Getting settled in our new house in Atlanta!"


Ceremony: First Baptist Church Auburn

Reception: Moore's Mill

Coordinating: Invision Events

Save-the-date, invitation, program seal and envelopes: Ashlyn Carter {}

Flowers: Thorne and Thistle

Makeup: Melissa Bogardus

Hair: Adrienne Knapp and Jamison Shaw

Bride's dress: Wedding Angels (Roswell, GA)

Dan + Kennon {engagement}

How did you two meet?

Dan: "Kennon and I met at Camp War Eagle, the orientation for incoming freshmen at Auburn. We were assigned to the same group of about 15 students in a class of about 5,000, so it's obvious that the Lord was at work. When I first saw Kennon, I had a mixture of emotions: surprise at the fact that we had both grown up in Montgomery and had not met, and eagerness to get to know this beautiful girl better."

How and when did Dan propose?

Kennon: "Dan proposed on October 9, 2016. He asked me out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Auburn, Hamilton's. When he drove past the restaurant I knew something was up. He proceeded to drive us to campus, and he walked me through our most meaningful locations in the Quad. We walked through the lower-quad where our Camp War Eagle group gathered for the first time, the upper-quad where we introduced ourselves to each other, and finally onto the porch of Cater Hall where we spent countless hours talking, laughing and becoming best friends our freshman year. He got down on one knee and it was the easiest 'yes' I have ever said!"

Dan-- what's one of the things you admire most about Kennon?

Dan: "What I admire most about Kennon is the sheer joy with which she approaches life and the love that she has for others. In the three and a half years that we've been together, she has challenged me to see others through the lens of Christ, and to let the joy of the Lord permeate every area of my life. She has continually shown me the love of Christ in the way that she loves me and loves others."

Kennon-- what's one of the things you admire most about Dan?

Kennon: "First and foremost, I admire Dan's wisdom. He is truly quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry like it says in James 1:19. He is wise beyond his years, and I get the benefit of being led by him every day! Dan is also very true to himself and what you see is what you get. He is as real as they come and that is one of my favorite things about him! He challenges me and encourages me on a daily basis in ways that no one else could, and I have a deeper understanding of Christ's love for His children because of the way Dan unconditionally loves me."

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Kennon: "We really enjoy being active so we love tackling new activities together. We also love cooking, watching movies, working out, and playing games. Overall, we just enjoy being together!"

Parker + Sarah {wedding} :: Huntsville, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Sarah: "Parker and I grew up together and we always ran around with the same friends. It wasn't until my last year of college that we started dating though! I actually had a crush on Parker in middle school, little did he know. When we were in college though, we always seemed to pick each other out when I was cheering and he was in the stands."

How and when did Parker propose?

Sarah: "Parker proposed the day before Thanksgiving of 2016. We went out to the lake which has always been our special spot and watched the sunset on the dock. It was just the two of us and that is when he got down on one knee and proposed! Our families were both in town for the holiday and we went back into town and had a big family dinner together!"

Sarah-- what's one thing you admire most about Parker?

Sarah: "One thing I love about Parker is his work ethic. He is one of the hardest workers I know, not just in work but in life. He is motivated in so many different aspects, and I love watching him take on new roles in work and in our relationship. I know Parker will always work hard to provide for our family and be a strong leader for our house."

Parker-- what's one thing you admire most about Sarah?

Parker: "Sarah is the most genuine person I have ever met. She sincerely cares about others and will do anything to help someone out. No matter who or what she is dealing with, you can always count on her."

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day?

Sarah: "The first look and the reception are two that stick out from the big day. The first time we saw each other and saw the reaction on each of our faces was such a special moment that we will never forget. The reception was incredible because we finally got to enjoy and celebrate our marriage with our friends and family. We danced all night-- it was truly the best night and we wouldn't have changed a thing!"

What's next for you two?

Sarah: "Well, we are getting settled into our house and loving married life so far! I think the next step is just adjusting to living together and making our house a home."


Church venue: First United Methodist Church

Reception venue: Huntsville Botanical Gardens- Grand Hall

Hair + makeup: Danielle Ivy

Flowers: Gracie Roberts and KK Bush (family friends)

Brides and bridesmaids dresses: Something Blue (Hartselle, Ala.)

Groom's cake: Baby Bites from Pastry Arts (Birmingham, Ala.)

Bride's cake: Edgar's Bakery

Catering: Catering by Narvell

Band: The Main Attraction

Videographer: Al Hammond with Awaken Films 

Haynes + Mary {engagement}

How did you two meet?

Mary: "Haynes came to Saint James in the 8th grade. During 10th and 11th grade, I considered Haynes one of my best friends. In the 11th grade, we had a history class together, and we sat in the very back of the room next to each other. We would pass notes to each other during class, and he would always make me laugh. I actually still have the post-it-note that he passed to me during class which he told me he liked me. That's when I started to see Haynes as more than my best friend, and that I had feelings for him."

Hanyes: "Mary and I met in high school in eighth grade and became really close friends. In 11th grade, we became best friends when we got to sit next to each other in the back of history class. Luckily, the teacher was not strict at all, and we basically talked the whole time. We would sit in the back pass notes, which is when I started to fall for her. When we went to Auburn, we quickly started dating and have been dating ever since! I think we’ve had such a great relationship because we became best friends before dating."

How did Haynes propose?

Mary: "Haynes proposed on March 31st. A couple of weeks prior, he sent me a picture of an email invitation from his boss that the firm was having a party to meet clients in Birmingham, and that I was invited. At first, I had no idea the email was fake, and that Haynes had asked his boss to send the email so there would be a reason for me to come to Birmingham. On the way to the party, Haynes received a phone call from someone pretending to be his boss to stop and get ice. After I heard the phone call, all my suspicions were thrown out the window, and I realized we were really going to an office party. When we pulled up, there were people inside the building wearing nice business clothes. I told Haynes I was not dressed appropriately, and I refused to get out of the car and go inside. Poor Haynes was probably freaking out at this point. He told me that their event was supposed to be in the garden. The glaring sun blinded my eyes, so when I walked into the garden I could not see anything. I did not even realize that there were candles and rose petals lining along the walkway. When I realized what was actually going to happen, I began to cry. I looked over at Haynes and he was also crying. We walked up to the platform and at that moment Haynes asked me to marry him. Thank goodness he had written down what he had said to me because neither of us remember. After he proposed, my best friends, who I did not know were in on this special moment, came out of hiding, and Haynes popped open a bottle of champagne for all of us to celebrate. We then met our families for dinner and afterwards went back to Haynes’ home where many of our friends from Auburn had come to celebrate with us!"

Haynes:  "I proposed in March. I have been traveling for work, so getting a chance to do it was tough. When I was home, I told her I had a customer event at Park Crest Event Facility in Hoover and had a fake email and fake phone call from my boss to throw her off. I proposed that night and then surprised her with friends in family back at my house in Homewood!"


Mary-- what's one of the things you admire most about Haynes?

Mary: "There are many things that I admire about Haynes. One of the things I admire most about him is his kind heart as he always sees the positive and good in everyone. I also admire his patience. No matter the situation Haynes is always calm and collective."

Haynes-- what's one thing you admire most about Mary?

Haynes: "One of the things I admire most about Mary is how much she cares for her friends and family. She would go to the ends of the earth for them (and me!). It shows me how kind and loving her heart is. I always tell her that she is a major support system for me, but she is also that way for those she is close to."

What are some things you two like to do together?

Mary: "Whether we are sitting around the house watching T.V., going out for drinks, or just me driving the golf cart while he golfs, as long as I am with him, I am happy. He is my best friend, and I am always content when I am with him."

Haynes: "We love to go to Lake Martin together and fish, drink beer, get tan, and ride on the boat! Occasionally I can convince her to drive the golf cart and be my moral support on the course."

Matt + Jamie {wedding} :: Mobile, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Jamie: "We met in the fall of 2009 at Auburn University in honors music appreciation class. I had noticed that this cute boy in my class was good friends with my little sister in the sorority, and I wanted to meet him. He noticed me as well and every class would try to move up one seat closer to me (because of course I sat in the front of the class). He eventually introduced himself to me one day after class! I was immediately drawn to his entertaining personality! We were friends for about a year before we started to date."

How and when did Matt propose?

Jamie: "Matt outdid himself with the proposal-- it was almost as magical as our wedding day! We had planned a trip to Charleston, SC for our 5 year anniversary. At first I was hoping that he would propose that weekend, but Matt had been on his hardest rotations of medical school in Huntsville so he made it very clear he had no time to plan any sort of engagement-- let alone purchase a ring. Matt takes school very seriously so I was 100% convinced he wasn’t proposing for a few more months ,and he doesn’t hold surprises in well so I always know what’s about to happen. We got into Charleston late on Friday so we started our touristy trip on Saturday. We went to breakfast, to the market, walked all around town window shopping, and to lunch before getting ready for our carriage ride (which I didn’t think twice about because I knew he wasn’t proposing). During the carriage ride the driver took us to Battery Park and said this was a great place for pictures so he would wait on us to take a few selfies at the gazebo. We walked over to the gazebo and Matt asked a random mom and daughter to take a picture of us. What I didn’t notice was the note he handed them with my camera that said, 'Proposal pictures, please?' So we take a picture and then Matt started to turn to me and said, 'I know you said I could never surprise you…' and began to get down on one knee! Not going to lie, at first I thought he was messing with me, so after he pulled out a real engagement ring I started crying! The mother and daughter had pictures of all of it! We get back on the carriage ride, and I’m just elated, I didn’t pay attention to the rest of the tour because I couldn’t believe what just happened. He dropped us off at the rooftop bar we planned to go to before our dinner reservations. Matt led me upstairs and both of our families were waiting for us there! He had been planning this trip with them for months and the whole day had been in contact with them to make sure we didn’t run into anyone and ruin the surprise. Matt had put so much time and effort into planning this proposal just for me, and I had absolutely no clue what was going on. It was the best surprise ever!

Matt-- what's one of the things you admire most about Jamie?

Matt: "I admire Jamie’s ability to sacrifice her own time and personal enjoyment for that of others. She really loves her friends and family and always puts others happiness before her own. Jamie values relationships more than anyone I have ever met and is an extremely loyal friend."

Jamie- what's one of the things you admire most about Matt?

Jamie: "Matt has so many amazing qualities its hard to pick just one, but one thing that stands out about Matt is his friendship. Matt is literally the best friend that anyone could ever want, not just to me, but to all of his friends. When it comes to his friends, he is the most loyal, reliable and caring person. I think all of his friends know that he would drop anything to be there for them and support them in any way he could. I admire that about him and it has definitely taught me how to be a better friend."

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day?

Jamie: "The whole day!!! It was by far my favorite day ever, but if I had to pick one specific part I think it would be dancing with my new husband surrounded by everyone we love. Our band was absolutely amazing, and it was so much fun to be in the middle of the dance floor watching all of our friends and family have a good time."

Matt: "My favorite part was towards the end of the night when everyone was dancing and catching up with all of our closest friends. Looking out over all of the people and seeing so many of our friends that made the effort to join us for the wedding was amazing."

What's next for you two?

Jamie: "Matt is graduating from medical school and has accepted an internal medicine residency at Duke University so we will be moving to North Carolina in June!"


Wedding coordinator: Jacquie Burkett

Ceremony venue: The Steeple on St. Francis (Mobile, Ala.)

Reception venue: The Ezell House (Mobile, Ala.)

Wedding dress: The Carriage House

Hair and makeup: Hair and Makeup by Lynsey and Rachel

Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaid Homewood

Tuxes: The Black Tux

Flowers: Ron Barrett

Cake: Couture Cakes

Caterer: Bay Gourmet

Band: Powerhouse

Rentals: Gulf Coast Events and Rentals

Monogram: Anna Sayers Calligraphy

Britton + Laura {wedding} :: Montgomery, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Laura: "We met through a mutual friend. She is one of my closest friends, and she graduated high school with Britton. He was doing some IT work for her company, they reconnected and she thought he would be a great person to set me up on a date with. I hadn't dated in awhile, and she asked me if she could set me up with him and I said, 'Go for it.' Our first date was to a movie, so we didn't get to talk much, but we quickly realized we had a lot in common and shared many interests-- one of one which was our love for history as I majored in history in college."

How did Britton propose?

 Laura: "Britton proposed in July 2016 at his parents cabin on Lake Jordan."

Laura-- what's one thing you admire most about Britton?

Laura: "I admire his patience."

Britton- what's one of the things you admire most about Laura?

Britton: "I admire Laura's intelligence."

What was each of yall's favorite part of the day?

Britton: "My favorite part was getting to see Laura the first time in her dress."

Laura: "My favorite part was the time that Britton and I took after the ceremony to sit alone together in the sanctuary and reflect on the day and our future as husband and wife."

What's next for you two?

Laura: "Right now we plan on relaxing and enjoying married life. We are also getting our house organized and saving money for a new house!"


Flowers + reception set-up: Graylillies

Wedding dress: Bustle

Bridesmaid dresses: Anthropologie

Caterer: Jenny Weller

Bride's cake: Peggy Mckinney

Groom's cake: Oven Lovin Cakes


Jimmy + Molly {wedding} :: Auburn, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Molly: "We met at a choir party at church when we were in middle school. He had just moved to Montgomery, and a mutual friend invited him to church. We became friends, and we would hang out in groups-- we would go out to eat, go to the movies and grab coffee. We didn't start dating until a year or two after we first met. We were friends first."

How did Jimmy propose?

Molly: "We had plans to go to Birmingham for a concert on my very last day of pharmacy school. We had this trip planned for a while, so I didn't know anything was going on; I was just excited to be done with school! We were going to Oven Bird before the concert, a restaurant we had been to several times because we had friends who worked there. We pulled into the parking lot, and there were plenty of spaces to park, but he was just driving around. I said, 'Aren't you going to park?' And he said, 'I don't think this is the right entrance.' Apparently, he had a beautiful flower display set up at a different entrance, but of course I had no idea. I was getting frustrated and said, 'Just park here!' He didn't want to ruin the surprise so he parked, and we went in the wrong entrance... woops! As we're walking up, I saw two of my best friends (who lived in Atlanta) run inside the restaurant. I was so confused, and I turned around to face Jimmy, and he dropped to one knee, opened a box, and asked me to marry him. I was so confused/excited/surprised, I just screamed for a while before saying, 'Yes' Jimmy had invited all our friends from all different cities, and they all came out from inside the restaurant where they were hiding and we celebrated. I've never been so surprised in all my life!"

Jimmy-- what's one thing you admire most about Molly?

Jimmy: "One of the things I admire most about Molly is her sweet and loving nature to everyone. It's why everyone is instantly drawn to her."

Molly-- what's one of the things you admire most about Jimmy?

Molly: "One of the things I admire most about Jimmy is his ability to stay calm and to calm me down in stressful times. I stress easily, but he balances me out and assures me that things are going to be alright."

What was each of yall's favorite part of the day?

Molly: "My favorite part of the day was eating alone together after the ceremony. It was the first time we had been alone all day to actually talk to each other and take in everything."

Jimmy: "My favorite part of the day was when I first saw my bride in her wedding dress. She was so beautiful, and it was a perfect moment."

Molly: "We're currently living and working in Asheville, NC. We love this city, but we're considering moving closer to home. No definite plans have been made, so stay tuned!"


Dress: Anya Bridal Atlanta

Florist and wedding coordinator: Susan Konstant

Venue: Water Oak Manor

Videography: Jeff Bush Videography

Band: Matt Carroll and the Browncoats

Food: Acre Auburn

Beverage: B&B Bartending

Rentals: The Event Group

Invitations and Programs: George Moulas with Skinner Printing Company

Calligraphy: M. Branch Designs

Cakes: Robin Fowler with Sonshine Cakes

Getaway car: Memories in Motion Classics

Mary Me {RSVP magazine styled shoot}

It's pretty fun to have some of your favorite people working on the same project! We had a blast one morning on the Tallapoosa River creating these images for RSVP magazine. Enjoy a few of my favorites below!

Vendor friends:

Design + styling: Mary Me

Flowers: Melissa Kendall Floral Design

Paper goods: Kara Anne Paper

Jewelry: Burgwin Studios

Wedding party models: Mitch + Megan Florence, David McPhillips, Tyler Ann Mathews, Mackenzie Mathews

Rentals: Event Group Rentals

Location: Tallapoosa River

Nimrod + Katy {wedding :: Montgomery, Ala.}

How did you two meet? 

Katy: "Nimrod and I met our freshman year at Auburn before the Auburn vs. Georgia football game in November."

Do either of your remember what you thought the first time y'all saw/met each other? 

Katy: "I sure do! I will never forget the first time that I saw Nimrod. I thought: 'Who is THAT boy??' and was immediately drawn to his infectious smile and laugh. Nimrod has such a fun-loving personality that truly caught my attention!

Nimrod: "The first time I saw Katy, I knew I had to meet that cute little blonde haired blue-eyed girl. I loved her outgoing personality and how she always laughed at her own jokes, which kept me laughing too! She has a sense of humor that I find to be so cute."

Nimrod- what's one of the things you admire most about Katy? 

Nimrod: "I love the fact that Katy is so driven and independent. Once she sets her mind to something, she will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal and she always gives 110 percent. I also love that she is so kind-hearted and always puts others first. She is a true best friend!"

How and when did Nimrod propose? 

Katy: "Nimrod proposed in the most perfect and thoughtful way possible. It was a TOTAL surprise. We were in Seagrove Beach, which is a place that is very special to the both of us-- a place where our love began and grew. He proposed at his grandparents' beach house on the beach walkover where we often sit to watch the sunset. I was in total shock! It was the happiest day of my life."

Katy- what's one of the things you admire most about Nimrod? 

Katy: "Nimrod is the most confident person that I know. I admire that so much about him. No matter what Nimrod’s situation is, he is always himself and doesn’t let his circumstances change him. Nimrod knows who he is and that is something that is so important to me. In a world that is constantly changing, he is always true to who he is."

What was each of yall's favorite part of the big day? 

Katy: "I would have to say that my favorite part of the big day was seeing Nimrod for the first time at the ceremony. We decided not to do a first look, and it was so special seeing him for the very first time as I walked down the aisle. Our first dance was also so much fun!"

Nimrod: "My favorite part of the day was seeing Katy at the end of that aisle. I also loved having all of our best friends in one place to celebrate with us. Just seeing our wedding party walk down the aisle before Katy put the biggest smile on my face."

What's next for you two? 

Katy: "Nimrod and I love to travel, try new things, and go on new adventures together. We’ve been doing long distance for a little over 3 years now, so we are just ecstatic to be living in the same city! We’re excited to explore our new state of South Carolina and truly just enjoy each others presence now that we are finally MARRIED!"


  • Flowers: Melissa Kendall 
  • Hair and makeup: Danielle Ivy
  • Catering: Debbie Kimsel
  • Rentals: Brendle Rentals
  • Bride's dress: The White Room 
  • Bridesmaids' dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
  • Tuxes: The Locker Room - Montgomery 
  • Videography: Luke Lindgren Cinematography
  • Church: First Baptist Montgomery
  • Day-Of Coordinator: Kathryn Lott
  • Bar: Wanda Patterson
  • Sav-the-dates: Weezie B 
  • Monogram, invitation suite and calligraphy: Lucy Mashburn
  • Invitation Printing: Please Reply 
  • Cakes: Peggy McKinney Cakes
  • Band: Norris Dates and the Power Surge 

Mark + Olivia {wedding :: Huntsville, Ala.}

How did you two meet? 

We met at the rock climbing gym at Auburn University. A couple days after we met, we went on a climbing trip with friends to Sand Rock, AL. During that trip we got to know each other better, and several dates after that, we started dating!

Do either of your remember what you thought the first time y'all saw/met each other?

Olivia: "I thought he was very handsome and polite. After hanging out with him for a while, I quickly had a crush on him, but I was about to graduate from Auburn and move to Knoxville in less than a month, so I didn’t think we would be able to more than friends…but thankfully, God had better plans!"

Mark: "Well, the first time I met her I didn’t even remember... but the first time I spent time with her we climbed with a group of friends, I was very impressed by how well she could climb!"

How and when did Mark propose? 

Olivia: "On May 7, 2016, Mark and I took a trip to Foster Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee to go hiking. After hiking for only five minutes, we were crossing a bridge and Mark stopped me and told me he had an important question to ask me. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was overwhelmed, excited and surprised, and with no doubt in my mind, said, 'yes!'"

Mark: "From the beginning of our relationship, we were focused on dating for marriage. Our prayer was that the Lord would lead our hearts and guide us to date as if we were preparing for marriage. After almost two years of dating long distance, I felt the Lord was guiding us together and that it was time for me to ask her the question. I chose a spot that we were both familiar with and a spot that was similar to where we first met. The spot was a rock climbing crag in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The weather was perfect, and I thought I could fool her. So we hiked down to the river crossing, and I asked her the question... she said 'YES!'"

Mark-- what's one thing you admire most about Olivia?

Mark: "One thing I admire about Olivia is that she is filled with the love and grace of Christ. Olivia is always one to encourage and point me to Christ. Olivia treats every person with whom she interacts with grace in her actions and her words."

Olivia-- what's one thing you admire most about Mark?

Olivia:" Mark continually gives me perspective in Christ, and I admire that his heart is grounded in Christ and he is continually aiming to seek Christ. Whenever I am overwhelmed and stressed by things of the world, he reminds me with grace of our purpose on this earth and of the promise of eternity with our Heavenly Father."

What was each of fall’s favorite part of the big day?

Olivia: "I loved every minute of that day! Once the ceremony started, the rest of the day became a blur because we were so overwhelmed and humbled by all of our friends and family being present to celebrate that day with us. Right before the ceremony, I had a time of prayer with my bridesmaids, and I will always cherish that quiet time that I got to spend with women I hold so close to my heart!"

Mark: "I really enjoyed spending time with my groomsmen. That morning we all went to a shooting range, and it was really great to spend time with my closest friends."

What’s next for you two?

Olivia: "We will be living in Huntsville, AL. Olivia will be starting her career as a PA with Decatur Orthopedic Clinic and Mark is working with Turner Construction. We can’t wait for the many adventures ahead of us!"


Ceremony: Christ Presbyterian Church

Reception: Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation

Dress and Veil: Anne Barge

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff

Groomsmen Suits: Jos. A. Bank

Flowers: Paper & Petal

Hair and Make Up: Callie Roberts

Caterer and Cakes: Becky Hartley

Antique China: Decorous Dishes

Calligraphy: Olivia S. Walsh

Invitations, Programs, and Menus: Mprint

Band: Radio X

Rings: Genesis Diamonds