Cody + Laura Jean {The journey to Emmy Lou}

How did you two meet and when did y'all get married?

Laura Jean: "We met in fourth period English class in eleventh grade. He was the new guy at our highschool. We ended up dating towards the end of our senior year and married a little over four years later!"

Did you have "plans" for you and Cody once y'all got married? How has that lined up with your reality now?

Laura Jean: "OH YES! We had lots of plans. I was planning to be a youth minister in Memphis, TN. Cody wanted to do something along the lines of accounting, but wasn't sure what that looked like at the time. I ended up not getting the job in Memphis, and Cody ended up with a desk job doing audits and renewals. Needless to say, after a lot of 'no's' we just dove into what we could get and made side plans of our own. When it comes to me and Cody, the side plans just keep brewing. Never did we think we would run a sidewalk coffee cart or renovate houses or even still live in Montgomery. Honestly we are not doing anything that we thought we would be doing. I seriously cannot make up some of the crazy stuff we have done, and the opportunities we have encountered that all kind of grew out of a place of not getting what we hoped for. God is interesting like that."

Tell us about your journey to begin having children.

Laura Jean: "I think having children was one of those things that I just thought, 'Oh, when we are ready, it'll just happen.' That is not our story. I am very open and willing to share that I have stage 3 endometriosis. Throughout college, I dealt with unbelievable pain that just was never explained. We were told after my first surgery (after they discovered my case) that we needed to have children ASAP. And we just... well— couldn't. The pain returned, and the same story: surgery, doctors said, 'have babies' and we, again— couldn't. 

Through a long story and series of events, we ended up at a different practice outside of the city. This doctor was able to hand more attention to my case and find better solutions to what I was dealing with so that I could see that there was hope to have children.

But honestly, I know it was the Lord. 

My doctor in town looked at my records when I was 14 weeks pregnant and said, 'This is truly a miracle that you have conceived. Praise God that this has happened." I know we talked to good people who prayed. We believed and hoped and cried and got offended by people— we did all the steps that so many walk through.

...But there is nothing our God cannot do, and I know this baby is a product of who Jesus is and the faith of so many who believed FOR us to have a baby.”

What's a piece of advice you'd give couples who are desiring to have children?

Laura Jean: "Something Cody and I used to say to each other was, 'Someone else's story is not mine, but my story is GOOD.' It was a way for us to stay focused on what we needed to pray for and not hear terrible stories and doubt what God was able to do. It was a way to not sink into self-pity when someone, 'accidentally got pregnant and we were told, 'This might not happen for you.'

More than anything, give yourself some grace. Give yourself patience and know that there is so much to lean into and pour your life into while you wait. The Lord is in the beginning, the journey and the final result. Try to just find the Lord in every step. He is there and good and showing off every single day."

What's one thing you are most looking forward to once Emmy Lou arrives?

Cody: "It's exciting being able to know that you are about to raise a human and have a tremendous impact on the way she see things— and also how she will help us see things. I can't wait for all the change and learning how to adapt with her in our lives. 

I cannot wait just to meet this little person— to see her face and think of how many people prayed her here. I can't wait to see what traits she inherits from us and how she makes the world brighter. I know Jesus knows her so well already  and I am excited to know her too."

Zane + Kasey {engagement}

How did you two meet?

Kasey: "We meet online after encouragement from close friends to join a dating app. The first time I met Zane, based off our conversation, I could tell he really enjoyed serving others, was very intelligent and could hold a great conversation with inquiring questions."

Zane: "On our first date, I remember thinking that Kasey was a great conversationalist, and that I definitely wanted to spend more time with her."

How did Zane propose?

Kasey: "Zane proposed on September 15, 2018. Earlier in the week, he has asked to take me on a date and said that we were going somewhere nice. He told me he'd pick me up Saturday evening. We went to downtown Montgomery where we spent many coffee dates after work walking from Dexter Avenue to the River Front amphitheater. Once downtown, he asked if we could go for a walk as we had some time before our reservation at Central. We walked to an overlook of the river where he proposed."

What are some things you two enjoy doing together?

Kasey: "We enjoy drinking a good cup of coffee, listening to and discussing podcasts, and finding the best tacos in town."

Zane— what’s one thing you admire most about Kasey?

Zane: "The thing I admire most about Kasey is how much she cares about people-- not just her friends and family, but each new person she meets. She genuinely wants to get to know everyone, learn about thier life and struggles, then help them however she can. Kasey has an excellent memory for every detail of a conversation because she really does care about each person she talks with."

Kasey— what’s one thing you admire most about Zane?

Kasey: "There are many things to admire about Zane. However, some of his most admirable qualities are his patience, how hard working he is and how much he enjoys serving others. He is also always learning something. Zane is very patient with me and a great listener at all times-- always being slow to speak and quick to listen. Zane is an extremely hard working along with how well he serves me and others daily. Zane is always learning and sharing with me so that I can learn with him. As Zane’s fiancé and future wife, I know that he will continue to bless me with these qualities with his patience, servanthood and continuing to teach me all that he’s learning."

Austin + Shelby {engagement}

How did you two meet?

Austin: “I met Shelby on the morning of October 4, 2014. That was the day Auburn played LSU at home our freshman year, and Shelby was my date for the game. I had been set up with her earlier in the week by Cailyn Sandoval (she was Cailyn Levant then, but has since married her longtime boyfriend and my best friend, John Sandoval). At that time, John and I were still pledges at our fraternity and had weekly swaps with different sororities on campus. It just so happens that the week before the LSU game, we had a swap with Chi Omega, which was Shelby and Cailyn’s sorority. Shelby and I did not meet each other then, but she enjoyed the swap so much that when she found out Cailyn was dating John, she told Cailyn that if any of his friends needed a date to anything to let her know. Coincidentally, that week I found myself in the extremely rare situation of not having a date. In my shock, I asked Cailyn if she could set me up with any of her friends, and luckily, she sent me Shelby’s phone number. That Saturday morning, a group of us drove to pick up our dates, and we pulled into Shelby’s apartment complex. Shelby walked out of her door, and I remember having to scrape my jaw off the asphalt of the parking lot to pull out my smooth line of ,“Hellllooooo,” and try my best not to be awkward as I gave her my best casual side hug. We had an awesome time tailgating and cheering Auburn on against LSU. It is always more fun when Auburn runs over the other team like we did to LSU that day. After the game, my friend Connor Koch and I were walking Shelby and his date home. I was actually hoping that when we got back to Shelby’s apartment we could keep hanging out because I just was not quite ready for our date to be over yet. She apparently had different plans though because as soon as we got to the door she thanked me for everything and walked inside and locked the door. Luckily, I have no shame and she mentioned during the day that we had the same chemistry professor and that she was doing well in the class, so I was able to trick her into ‘tutoring’ me in chemistry that semester, and the rest is history.”

Shelby: “Austin and I met in October of our freshman year at Auburn. My sorority, Chi Omega, had a swap at his fraternity and it was a blast! Though I did not meet Austin that day, one of my sorority sisters told us that she was dating a Theta Chi and that she would set us up on a gameday date. I gave her my number and a few days later, Austin texted me asking me to the Auburn/LSU game. When Austin picked me up from my apartment and we met for the first time, my first thought what a gentleman he was! He opened all my doors and was so sweet, hilarious and polite the entire day. He was such a gentleman and gave me his coat during the game and bought me drinks from the concession stand without me asking. We laughed, talked and cheered on The Tigers the entire night, and I realized how much we both LOVE Auburn football! Auburn ended up winning the game 41-7! Austin and I hung out the next few months and started dating officially in December-- and the rest was history! Auburn had a big win that day, but it was nothing compared to what I gained meeting Austin!”

How and when did Austin propose?

Austin: “I proposed on Star Wars day, May the Fourth, 2018. I had been sneaking around Shelby since November looking at rings and talking to her family. It was particularly difficult since we lived in the same apartment complex. There were times where I would tell her I was taking a nap and would be sneaking around in the parking lot when she would walk out of her apartment, so I would have to find something to hide behind until she left. As smart as Shelby is though, she was completely oblivious to everything. One time, I even accidentally pulled up a picture of a diamond ring on my phone when she was looking at it with me, and she didn’t even notice. I bought the ring right after Spring Break, which just so happens to be the week that I told her I wouldn’t be able to propose for at least another year. I felt bad for lying, but I knew she would appreciate it later. The week leading up to May 4 was finals week for me, and that weekend was graduation for most of our friends. I told her since I would not be able to hang out that week that we should go to dinner Friday night while our friends were with their families for graduation dinners. She thought that was a great idea, so on Friday we got ready to go eat and started driving to the spot I had picked out on Lake Martin. When she asked where we were going, I told her that everywhere in Auburn was booked up because of graduation and that I thought it would be nice to do a picnic on the lake. She bought it hook, line and sinker. We drove for the longest 45 minutes of my life to a park at Lake Martin. My mom and Shelby and mine’s best friends had been at that park for a couple hours beforehand setting up everything just like I had asked them to. When we pulled into the park, it was lined with mason jar candles leading to a table that had pictures of us, a letter to Shelby, a Bible, and a framed piece of paper that said, ‘Yes,’ from when she agreed to be my girlfriend freshman year. As I put the car in park, Shelby and I looked at each other, and she exhaled a long breath as I suppose why we were there was starting to hit her. We walked to the table, and I told her all the things that I had been rehearsing in my shower for weeks. I got down on a knee and pulled the ring out just like I had practiced. Shelby said, ‘yes’ several times and her left hand shot out faster than any human should be capable of. Her sister, Lauren, and best friends, Cailyn and Rachel, came out from various hiding spots after taking pictures and congratulated us. After taking more pictures, we drove a few houses down from the park to my Aunt Laura and Uncle Greg’s lake house where our family and friends were waiting to celebrate with us. We had Taco Mama catered because Mexican is Shelby’s favorite meal. The best part is that Shelby is so loved that we actually could not even fit everyone into the lake house and had to have another party in Auburn later that night for even more of our friends. In all the excitement, Shelby never actually ate anything though, so after it was all done, she and I went to Sonic to get her some tater tots. It was such a great time, and Shelby and I will always look back and talk about how great that night was.”

Shelby: “Austin proposed on May 4, 2018 at Lake Martin. As our relationship progressed through college, I knew that I could see myself marrying Austin and knew that he would make an incredible husband one day. In the Spring of 2018, Austin and I had a conversation about marriage and, though he confirmed that it was the next step for us, he told me that we would have to wait a year because of his grad school. Little did I know, Austin was already looking at rings!! A few months later, Austin told me that we should plan a date the Friday of Auburn’s graduation weekend. This wasn’t unusual for him at all. With pharmacy school and being college students in general, when we have time to go on a nice date together, Austin typically plans it ahead of time and keeps it a surprise from me. We spent most of the day together hanging out in Auburn, and when Austin came to pick me up for our date, he told me we were going to the lake to have a picnic because all of the restaurants were booked for graduation! However, when we got to the lake, we didn’t pull into his family’s lake house like I expected, but a small park with mason jars lining a walkway to the spot that he proposed! I was in such shock that I barely remember what he said at the time, but he knew that would happen, so he wrote me a letter with everything that he had rehearsed to say in it! Asking me to marry him was the easiest question I have ever had to answer! After I said yes, and got the most beautiful ring in the WORLD, my sister and two best friends came out from taking pictures to congratulate us! After, he had all of our family and friends come to the lake to celebrate with my favorite meal and even more friends waiting on us at my apartment back at Auburn! It was a day of pure joy and I could not be more thankful or more excited to be his wife! “

What are some things you two enjoy doing together?

Shelby: “We love to dance together. We love weddings and formals because it is just hours of dancing. We love cooking together. We both really like to travel. We love Auburn football. We love the beach and lake. We love watching movies and The Office. We love our friends and anytime that we get to spend with them!”

Austin—describe Shelby in three words.

“Godly– Above everything else, Shelby loves God. She is very involved in our church, and she loves people like Jesus does. She always points me back to God, and there is no better word to describe her.

Passionate– Anyone that knows Shelby knows that when she is in, she is all in. Whether it is her faith, becoming a pharmacist, or kettlebell class, Shelby will put everything she has into it.

Efficient– I have to include this one because this is always what Shelby says is the one word that describes her best. She always gives me a hard time because I move pretty slowly unless there’s a good reason to speed up. From the moment Shelby wakes up, she is productive and getting stuff done and done quickly. It is something I really do respect about her.”

Shelby—describe Austin in three words.

“Joyful– Austin is the happiest person I have ever met! He is always laughing and joking around and always has a positive perspective in any situation. Even when life gets hard, Austin is always the bright side to my day because he finds the good in every situation and every person. 

Constant– Austin is constant in so many different ways! He is so reliable, and I know that I can always count on him. Whether it is running over to my apartment to kill a bug (it happens, a lot) or knowing that he can always make me laugh, he is 100% himself all the time. Most importantly though, he is constant in showing me the love our Heavenly Father has for us and leads me in that truth daily. 

Servant-hearted– This by far describes Austin more than any other word. He amazes me the way that he not only loves serving others, but is ALWAYS looking for opportunities to serve me, his friends, his family or anyone! He does so joyfully and works so hard to help others.”

Lance + Betsy {wedding} Scottsboro, Ala.

How did you two meet?
Betsy: "Lance and I knew of each other all through high school, but he was at Grissom High, and I was at Huntsville High! For college, I went to The University of Alabama and he went to Auburn University. (Opposites attract!!) It wasn't until my sophomore year I decided to go to Auburn for the Iron Bowl weekend. (Which I told myself I WOULD NEVER DO! Ha!) but God's plan was greater than my own and had me go this one time. (Thankful I did!) Through mutual friends telling me Lance wanted to meet me and had a crush on me, I officially met Lance at the Iron Bowl game in 2013. His roommate was dating my sorority sister, and God decided this would be a perfect time for us to meet. I remember thinking Lance was so selfless, kind, helpful cute and funny. He had me laughing as soon as he introduced himself to me. After the Iron Bowl, it was soon Christmas break for the both of us, so we were both in our hometown Huntsville. We began going on dates and the rest is history :) Little did I know going to the town I said I would never go to I would end up meeting my future husband!! God's timing is perfect, and His plan is so much better than our own!! p.s. Alabama lost that game in the last second, and instead of Lance being a rude Auburn fan he went out of his way to make sure I wasn't upset about the loss. Although Alabama lost, I definitely won by meeting him!!"

How and when did Lance propose?
Betsy: "Lance and I love going on adventures and being spontaneous! If the sun is out so are we, and we are more than likely riding around listening to country music in the Jeep! It was a warm Saturday in October and we had plans to go watch the Alabama/TN game at Mellow Mushroom! During halftime, we decided to ride around in the Jeep. As we were riding, Lance slowed down in front of this hiking trail that he took me on right when we first started dating. He looked at me and asked, 'Remember one of our first dates up there?' (This is when I knew something was up) I said, 'Yes, it was fun!' He said, 'Want to go hiking up there again? I said, 'Sure, but I'm in sandals'... Long story short, he talked me into it and we got to hiking!! Halfway up the mountain, I stubbed my toe and it began to bleed I was like, 'Okay Lance, let's turn around,' and he said, 'You're fine the view will be worth it and we're almost there' -- it was then I definitely knew something was up!!!

When we got to the top of the mountain the view was gorgeous it overlooked the valley in Huntsville, and we sat down and began talking. His voice was shaking, and he said he was going to get a rock to throw off the mountain. This point I knew (!!!!!!) so I stood up turned around and he had a picture of my Gmom! I immediately began to cry. He took very good care of Gmom for the last couple years she was alive and she always told me, 'You better marry that boy.' He grabbed my hands and began to tell me the sweetest things about me and our relationship and our future. Next thing you know, he was on one knee!!!! I didn't even look at the ring and fell into his arms and gave him a bear hug which felt like I never let go!!! He even had a family friend in the power lines taking pictures the entire time!! After celebrating at the top of the mountain, we walked back down!!

At the bottom of the mountain was my family and some of my best friends who traveled from South Carolina, Birmingham and Montgomery just for this!! I began to cry when I saw all them!!
The surprises were still not over with! He said he had one more thing planned: we got in the Jeep and drove down to the Lumberyard restaurant where our families and more of our friends were!!! We celebrated, ate good food and enjoyed everyone's company! October 21, 2017 was a magical day and one I will never forget!! p.s. The ring he had completely customized with the diamonds on the side were from my mom's wedding band!! Lance Wallace did so good!!"

What are some things y’all like to do together? 
Betsy: "Lance and I love doing anything outside!! We are huge lake and beach people! We also love riding around in the jeep, hiking, boating swimming, grilling (we love to cook!). We also love live music, so if we find out there's a country concert in town we will definitely be there!! Lastly,  we just got a lab puppy so we enjoy taking him places and playing with him!"

Lance— what’s one thing you admire most about Betsy? 
Lance: "That’s a hard question because I love everything about Betsy! I would have to say the one thing I admire most about Betsy is her heart. She is so giving and loves everyone equally. If anyone is having a hard time, you can always depend on Betsy to show them love and compassion."

Betsy-- what's one thing you admire most about Lance?
Betsy: "There are so many things I admire about Lance to pick just one is hard!! I guess I have to say I admire how driven/hardworking Lance is in a selfless way. If he puts his mind to something he will do it-- for anyone. He is always willing to go out of his way to help someone out and fix whatever is the issue! He works hard at all he does and will do anything for anyone, and I admire that about him so much."

What was each of yall's favorite parts of the day?
Betsy: "The whole day was my favorite it’s hard to pick one moment!! Definitely walking down the aisle to see Lance (we didn’t do a first look, so this moment was so special for us) but honestly I think out of the entire day my most favorite part of had to have been Lance and mine's first dance. It was right at sunset which God painted so beautiful that night. We chose the song Best of My Love because it was a fun upbeat song that described us! We didn’t rehearse our dance because we wanted to be in the moment and it went exactly how we wanted! We had our closest friends bridesmaids and groomsmen standing right beside us and our family and friends above us and it was so much fun! I felt like I was on cloud nine dancing and couldn’t stop smiling!!! It hit me at this point that Lance was my husband, and God blessed us with the most beautiful night!"

Lance: "The day was a dream, so it’s hard just picking one moment! It’s rare that I don’t see Betsy, so it would have to be seeing here for the first time walking down the aisle. I couldn’t stop smiling-- she was the most beautiful bride!"

What’s next for you two?
Lance: "Once we return from our honeymoon in St. Lucia, we will continue life in Huntsville, AL-- our hometown. I work as an engineer, and Betsy works as a pharmaceutical sales rep and child life specialist for grief support groups. Betsy will move in to our home in 5 points with our white lab puppy Walter Wallace. We will continue to work hard, have fun, serve God and love each other! We’re so excited to begin life as husband and wife!"

Venue: Gorhams Bluff
Flowers: In Bloom--Mark Kimbrough and Ron Cooper 
Beauty: Emily Summerville 
Bride's dress: Village Bridal 
Bridesmaids: (PJ's) - PJharlow / (dresses): Kennedy Blue
Videographer: Southern Wedding Films (Colby)
Tux: Thrashers Clothing
Catering: Bubbas Catering
Band: Lisa and the Elusion

Andy + Madeleine {engagement} :: Birmingham, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Madeleine: “We met at UAB Hospital sometime in 2015 when he was a resident and I was a nurse. I don't remember the first time we met, but I do remember the first time he asked me out. We had both been taking care of a very sick patient, and he sat in the patient's room all day and chatted with me. He asked me out at the end of the day as I was leaving work.”

How and when did Andy propose?
Madeleine: "Andy proposed on April 28 on a trip to Ireland. I suspected something was up when he refused to let his suitcase out of his sight when we on a bus on the way to our hotel. The actual proposal happened when we were driving the Ring of Kerry. Our guidebook pointed us to a vista that was supposed to have the most beautiful views in all of Ireland. Andy was very eager to go, but when we got there there were at least three tour busses, so he quickly suggested we get back in the car and keep driving. Finally we stopped at a vista that we could have all to ourselves and that's where he proposed."

What are some things y'all like to do together?
Madeleine: "We enjoy the pursuit of trying every restaurant and brewery in Birmingham, beating our friends during game nights, trying to find a time to both sit down to watch the latest show we've been binge watching, and listening to records chosen by DJ Andy."

Madeleine-- describe Andy in three words.
Madeleine: "Andy is quick-witted, loyal and observant."

Andy-- describe Madeleine in three words.
Andy: "Madeleine is enthusiastic, steadfast and friendly."

Patrick + Hollin {wedding} :: Birmingham, Ala.

How did you two meet?
Patrick: "We met through mutual friends one Friday at Oteys Tavern. As soon as I walked in, I immediately asked a buddy of mine, Adam Manning, 'Man, who is that girl over there? You’ve got to introduce me.' Not too long after the introduction, I was already asking to take her on a date the following day. However, she said she couldn’t because was going to wedding. Without hesitation, I asked 'Well, do you have a date?' We went to the wedding together for our first date, and she wore a pink dress that made my jaw drop. I’ve been hooked ever since."

Hollin: "I met Patrick one night when I was out with all of my friends at Otey's Tavern. I remember my guy friends talking to Patrick and wondering who that cute boy was that they were all talking to. After getting a good 'talking up' by my girls and a teeeeny bit of liquid courage, I ended up waving Patrick over to where we were all sitting. We ended up talking outside at a table the rest of the night. It was then that Patrick asked me out on our first date, which ended up being a wedding that I was attending the next night and from there on it was history. "

How and when did Patrick propose?
Patrick: "I proposed on her birthday, the day after Christmas. My famous quote that I told her was, 'celebrating the day of the life that changed mine.' Yet, I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life. We had just gotten back to Birmingham from celebrating Christmas in Muscle Shoals with her family. I had told her I had gotten her a birthday present and made dinner reservations for us. I gave her a big gift bag with just tissue paper inside, and I was on a knee with the ring behind her while she was looking through the bag. It felt like I was on a knee for an eternity, and I finally said, 'Hollin, there’s nothing in the bag sweetheart-- turn around.' The waterworks began, and she said yes. We celebrated after with both of our families and friends at Dram afterword."

Hollin: "It was my birthday, the day after Christmas, and we had been to my hometown to celebrate with my family. I remember riding back to Birmingham jamming out and singing to music together (which I later found out we did because P was so nervous, hehe). Patrick had told me that we were going out for dinner so when we got back I was getting ready and Patrick left to go pick up my birthday cake. I remember when he got back he told me he wanted me to go ahead and open my gift. I came out into the living room and he had a BIG bag full of tissue paper sitting on the coffee table. I started tearing through all the paper because I was convinced he had gotten me a new purse and I was so excited! I remember I kept looking and looking in the bag hoping to find something and Patrick was like, 'Hollin, there's not anything in there.' In that moment, I kind of had an idea and my heart immediately started beating out of my chest. I then turned around to see Patrick kneeling on one knee with the ring in his hand. I honestly don't think I even said anything for about a solid minute because I was definitely doing the ugly cry and later finally managed to get out a, 'YES.' I remember Patrick saying, 'This is way better than that Chanel purse, huh?' He had lined up to surprise me with both of our families and close friends at Avo & Dram after to celebrate. It couldn't have been any more perfect!"

Patrick--what's one of the things you admire most about Hollin                                                                                                
Patrick: “She’s my sunshine. I love everything about her, and she makes me a better person. Her smile will light up a room, and she’s got the best personality of anyone that I’ve ever met. She’s got the biggest heart, and the saying, 'She’s beautiful inside and out' couldn’t be more true about Hollin. She’s loved by everyone, she works so hard, and she’s brilliant. I don’t deserve her, and I’m honestly the luckiest guy in the world."

Hollin-- what's one of the things you admire most about Patrick?
Hollin: "Patrick has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. He loves so hard and cares about others so much. If I've ever had a bad day or a long day at work, Patrick will go out of his way to bring me up and put that smile right back on my face. I'll never forget losing my first dog and of course the next second, P was buying me a ticket to the zoo to try and turn my day around. He is always putting others before himself and is the definition of selfless, and I admire that so mud about him. Patrick brings out the very best in me, and when I'm with him I am the happiest girl in the world."

What are some things y'all like to do together?
Hollin: "Feasting on Mexican food (at least three times a week). We love watching movies together, going on walks around our neighborhood, and playing with our sweet Pippa girl."

What was each of yall's favorite parts of the day?

Hollin: "Can I say the whole entire day?! I had so many favorite parts, but if I had to narrow it down to one it would be right when I started walking down the aisle and looked up to see Patrick smiling back at me with the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. I had so many butterflies when I got at the church waiting to go in the sanctuary, but the moment I found Patrick’s face, I was so relaxed and so happy! That moment made me realize throughout life we will always have each other no matter what. He is truly my other half!"

Patrick: “The entire day and night was perfect, minus the heat. I was pretty nervous early on, but I was on cloud nine as soon as I read her letter and saw how amazing she looked. My jaw locked up, and I haven’t stopped smiling since.”

What's next for you two?
Hollin: "We have a lot of things we want to do in the years to come. Right now, we are finishing up the renovation on our new home, and we also are wanting to travel and see new parts of the world. I do have to say: every day with Patrick is a new adventure and if we did spend everyday in Birmingham, AL, it would be the best life I could ever ask for. God has blessed us incredibly, and I can’t wait to see what all else He has in store for us."

Patrick: “It’s the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m the luckiest guy in the world, and I still don’t feel like I deserve her.”


Planning: M. Elizabeth Events
Dress: Ivory and white 
Hair: The Hair and Makeup Collective
Makeup: Glow
Video: Chip Burns
Bridesmaids: Bella Bridesmaids
Flowers: Lola’s
Cakes: Barbs cakes
Invitations: Swag

Clay + Blair {wedding} :: Montgomery, Ala.

How did you two meet?
Clay: "Blair and I, both being from Montgomery, always knew of each other, but technically our relationship began after college. As I went to Washington and Lee, and she went to Alabama, our careers led us both to Birmingham, Alabama. When I got a job with Merrill Lynch, me and two friends had to find a place to live in Birmingham. Through mutual friends, I found out that Blair and her roommates were moving out of their house in Crestline Park, and were moving to a more spacious house! We jumped on this opportunity, and moved in the week they moved out! Our friend groups converged-- and going out together and supper clubs were constant. Over a year or two, Blair and I had been hitting it off as best friends. The first time I saw Blair, she showed me her true colors through her culinary skills and near sommelier-like wine obsession."

Blair: "Clay and I always knew of each other! We started becoming close friends after he moved into a house me and my friends moved out of."

How and when did Clay propose?
Blair: "Clay proposed at his farm on November 24, 2017. He had been begging me to go deer hunting and had gotten some camo for me to wear. Once the sun came up and we began to unthaw, Clay proposed. All of our friends and family came on Saturday before the Auburn Alabama game to celebrate! It was such a special time at one of Clay’s favorite places!"

Blair-- what's one thing you admire most about Clay?
Blair: "Clay has a heart of gold! He is so thoughtful and always puts others first. He cares so deeply and is genuine with everything he does. He honestly makes me a better person!"

Clay-- what's one thing you admire most about Blair?

Clay: " I admire Blairs honesty, dedication and hard work to everything. She is the most loving and caring person I’ve ever met, and I hope I can be just like that to her. She is a family oriented person and takes care of those who matter to her!"

What are some things you two enjoy doing together?
Blair: "Clay and I enjoy doing lots of things together. We love being outside at the lake or the beach. We also love cooking!"

Clay: "The two of us love to be outside. Anything from going on walks to fishing together, we both have a passion for the outdoors. Hopefully I will get her a little more into hunting one day!"

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day?
Clay: "My favorite part of my wedding day was of course seeing my to be wife in her wedding gown, but also watching the smile on her father, Skip Parks, face when dancing with his only daughter on her wedding night. That smile is something that will never be forgotten! I was able to truly tell what Blair meant to her daddy on that night! What a party he threw!"

Blair: "There are so many things that made our wedding day so special!! My favorite part of the day was seeing Clay for the first time. There is such a rush of emotions leading up to that moment, and Clay made me feel so loved and excited to become his wife!"

What's next for you two?
Blair: "I am excited to see what the future holds! We both are getting back to our normal routines with work and enjoying each day. We are getting a puppy in the middle of October so that will fun!"

Clay: "We are getting our first dog, Chief, a male black lab, in the middle of October. Between the responsibility of being a dog owner and a home owner, and both having full time jobs (Blair as a Speech Language Pathologist and me as a Financial Advisor with River Bank & Trust) I believe we will have our hands full!"

Dress: Ivory and White
Bridesmaid dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Hair and makeup: The Hair & Makeup Collective
Flowers and decorations: Sarah Spratling
Grooms/groomsmen attire: The Locker Room
Cakes: Peggy McKinney and Cake by Designs

Hoke + Hollan {wedding} :: High Ridge, Ala.

How did you two meet?
Hollan: "We met in Auburn, Alabama. I remember smiling from ear to ear when I first met Hoke-- we just clicked automatically. It was like I had known him for forever!"

Hoke: "We met in Auburn, Alabama. Her brother and I had spent several weeks over the summer together, so I had heard a lot about her. When I finally met Hollan, I saw her from aways away and was so excited to finally meet her (my friend's good looking sister.) We talked so easily to each other, and I wasn't worried about what else was going on."

How did Hoke propose?
Hollan: "Hoke proposed October 14, 2017. He proposed on my grandfather's hunting field. My grandfather passed away a few years ago and we were super close, so it was very special spot."

Hoke-- what's one thing you admire most about Hollan?
Hoke: "There are so many characteristics that I admire of Hollan, but one thing I think of the most is that she makes me want to be a better person everyday through her actions. Her kindness to other people, her hardworking mentality and thought and effort she puts forth to help others makes me feel very blessed to call her my wife"

Hollan-- what's one thing you admire most about Hoke?
Hollan: "One of the things I admire most about Hoke is how he sees the good in everything and everyone. He is always positive and uplifting. To know Hoke is to love Hoke. Anyone who knows him always has something good to say about him. He is an all-around good guy who has a heart of gold. Hoke is one of the most patient people I have ever met-- that is key when having to deal with me (haha!). There is never a dull moment in our relationship. Hoke constantly keeps me laughing. I am truly lucky to have Hoke as my husband."

What was each of yall’s favorite part of the day?
Hollan: "I have so many favorite parts of the day! However, my absolute most favorite was stepping onto the aisle with my brother, Hunter, and looking down the aisle at Hoke waiting for me. In that moment- Hoke and I were stepping into the next chapter in our life as husband and wife!" 

Hoke: "My favorite part of our wedding day was when Reverend Pat Mcwhorter pronounced Hollan and I as husband and wife! Hand in hand, we turned to face all of our family and friends at a place that is so special to Hollan, and has become special to me as well! I proposed to her on this property, and now we officially became husband and wife there too! We are so thankful for our family and friends who helped us celebrate our special day."

What are some things you two enjoy doing together?
Hollan: "We do everything and anything outdoors! We love going to his hunting land or my hunting land. We love taking trips! We love going to the beach and the lake with friends!"

What’s next for you two?
Hoke: "There’s a lot I could think is next in our lives and goals we want to accomplish— but since I have met Hollan, our lives have changed for the better, so there is no telling where our lives will be in five years. (But I am looking forward to it!) The only thing I know for sure is that I will spend the rest of my life loving her and doing the best I can to make sure she knows and feels that. We have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to as Mr. and Mrs. Smith!"

Hollan: "We are currently renovating my grandparents' home in Mathews! We are truly blessed to be able to start our new life right where I grew up. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us!"

Dress: Carriage House
Hair + makeup: The Hair and Makeup Collective / The Glow App
Invitations/programs/monogram logo/acrylic signs: Kara Anne Paper
Flowers: Southern Posies
Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Planning + design: Invision Events
— Draping: Party Tables
— Lighting: Design Productions
— Furniture: Crush Event Design
— Linens: Nuage, LaTovala, I Do Linens
— Sailcloth tent, dance floor, customer built aisle and stage: Event Rentals Unlited Birmingham (ERU Birmingham)
Catering: Kathy G & Co. 
Cakes: Cake Designs and Peggy McKinney

Evan + Ashley {wedding} :: Wetumpka, Ala

How did you two meet?

Evan: "I was only 14 when we met, so I was very immature. I’ve always been attracted to Ashley, and even when we weren’t that close for a couple years, I still kept in touch because I always saw us together. Three years later, I made some moves and the rest is history! 

Ashley: "We met at my middle school volleyball game in 2009. I remember thinking how funny Evan was the first time I talked to him. He had one of those laughs that made everyone around him bust out laughing too. (Still does!) I just told someone a few days ago that I knew even back then he was someone special!"

How and when did Evan propose?
Ashley: "Evan proposed on September 29th, 2017. Evan’s sister, Ava, was in town and we had plans to meet her and her fiance Adam to eat at Hampstead. When Ava and I arrived, Evan and Adam texted saying they would be late. Ava asked me if I wanted to walk around and I agreed to do so. While walking around, Ava pointed to a table in the middle of the field where I noticed a wrapped present sitting on the table. I walked over and read the letter sitting on top. It was THE SWEETEST thing I had ever read. I then opened the present and a t-shirt was inside that read 'Diamonds and Doodles.' Our goldendoodle, Bentley, ran out and Evan followed right behind him. Evan walked to me in the middle of that field, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Easiest yes of my life!!! We then went to an engagement party Evan had planned with both of our families. It really was such a special, thoughtful night!"

Evan-- what's one of the things you admire most about Ashley?
Evan: "Ashley is so encouraging. There are days that are tough, and I’m doubting myself or my decisions, and she’s always there to build me up. She’s pretty much been like that from the beginning of our relationship."

Ashley--what's one of the things you admire most about Evan?
Ashley: "Evan has the most servant heart of anyone I know. He will help anyone in need without one complaint. He is calm when I am frantic, has the most solid character and is so kind hearted. There is no doubt in my mind he will lead me and our future family in the way of the Lord! I look forward to the life we have ahead of us!"

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day?
Evan: "There are so many moments that I loved about our wedding day, like seeing her for the first time, taking pictures with our closest friends, and then the reception where we got a chance to talk and dance with more of our family and friends. However, the best part had to be when the two of us prayed after we took communion. That day was very busy, and in those two minutes it’s like time stopped, and we had a chance to thank God and pray for our future."

Ashley: "My favorite part of the day was taking communion with Evan during the ceremony. As Evan prayed over us and “Come to the Altar” was played, I truly felt the Lord was right there standing with His arms wrapped around the both of us. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I stood there with Evan, and I was reminded how faithful the Lord is and how He keeps His promises."

What's next for you two?
Ashley: "We are staying here in good ole’ Montgomery! We are blessed with great families, a great church home, jobs that we love and many wonderful friends!"

Venue: Jasmine Hill Gardens
Hair: Lisa Grant/Mary Katherine Golson
Makeup: Mollie Etheridge
Flowers: Flowers By Amanda
Cakes: Vickie Kyser (Bride's)/Cayce Davis (groom's)
Invitations: Taylor Mills
Catering: Jennie Weller Catering

Tripp + Mary Ruth {wedding} :: Huntsville, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Mary Ruth: "I had just graduated from Auburn University and was home for the summer before I started graduate school. I had only been home for a few days when a friend of mine had invited me over to hang out by her pool. When I arrived, I noticed Tripp in the corner, however; at the time I was way more concerned with catching up with my friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile. Because of this, we left the pool having little to no interaction. I was pretty oblivious, but little did I know Tripp had been asking everyone there about me. Later that night, a bunch of people from the pool all met back up for dinner. Tripp left a wedding early in hopes that he could come join us, and I would be there. Shortly after he arrived at the dinner, he came up to start a conversation with me. This is when he caught my attention. I remember it being so easy to carry on a conversation with him. We talked and laughed the rest of the night. At the end of the night, Tripp asked me on a date and the rest is pretty much history. Other than my three week trip to Italy, we spent every second that we could together that summer. Tripp quickly became my best friend. Looking back, it truly is amazing how the Lord is in every single detail of our lives. Tripp and I grew up in the same town, with many mutual best friends, and were in the same places on numerous occasions. However, the Lord was not quite ready for us to meet until that one day at the pool. We are both so thankful the Lord’s plans are higher than our own."

Tripp: "We met at a mutual friends house at the very beginning of summer. I just remember being almost star struck when I first spoke to her. I remember being so nervous. It sounds cliche, but I instantly felt like this person meant something to me. That is a feeling you wait for your whole life."

What are some things ya’ll like to do together?

Mary Ruth: "Tripp and I have fun doing absolutely anything together! Except maybe watching the Iron bowl, haha. But seriously, he is my best friend which makes anything fun. We both have a passion for sports. We love eating a good meal together, whether we are cooking or finding a new, fun restaurant. We love binge watching television series. We love refurbishing old furniture for our future home together when we get married. We love spending time with family and friends. We love spending time at the beach. We love anything competitive. The list could go on and on."  

Tripp: "I didn’t think I would meet someone that loved food as much as I do! One of the things we love to do the most is eat and try new places. We both love sports, although we have very different opinions on who the best team is: Alabama or Auburn. We can also binge watch TV shows with the best of them!"

How and when did Tripp propose?

Mary Ruth: "Tripp proposed on May 12th, 2017. To start the night, we went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. After the dinner, Tripp had told me we were going to stop by his friend’s graduation party. We had a little time to kill before the party, so Tripp made up some reason for us to go walk around the courtyard of the Nativity Church (the church where his parents were married). Once we got into the courtyard, Tripp turned to face me and started rambling and fiddling with his fingers as he adorably does when he gets nervous. At this moment, I started to realize what was happening. I was so excited when he got down on one knee. I just remember yelling, 'yes' and leaning down to give him a kiss. After the proposal, we had time to pray over our future lives together and everything that is to come. Both of us felt like it was so important to praise God for bringing our relationship to the point of engagement, and to pray that He continues to bind us together throughout our future marriage. After we had time to ourselves, we went to 'his friend’s graduation party' which was really a gathering of close family and friends to celebrate our engagement." 

Tripp: "I proposed to Mary Ruth on May 12th 2017. We both grew up in the Episcopal church, and also both went to the same church briefly while we were young. We were celebrating our anniversary this night and I wanted it to mean something, but was also given strict instructions for it to be simple. After dinner we went to the courtyard outside of the church we both went to as kids (Nativity Episcopal Church). I proposed to her there because we both know and agree that any successful marriage has God at the center of it."

Mary Ruth-- what's one thing you admire most about Tripp?

Mary Ruth: "Tripp is very selfless, he goes into each day asking how he can serve me and others around him."

Tripp-- what's one thing you admire most about Mary Ruth?

Tripp: "The thing I most admire about Mary Ruth is her compassion. She does everything in life with compassion and loves me unconditionally day in and day out. I don’t know know where I would be today without her in my life."

What was each of yall's favorite part of the day?

Mary Ruth: "My favorite part of the day was seeing Tripp for the first time walking down the aisle. I was over come with so many emotions, and it was so special to be able to share that moment with family and friends."

Tripp: "My favorite part of the day was getting to see her come down the aisle. Its something you wait your whole life for. I couldn’t have even guessed the feelings I was going to have when I first saw her."

What's next for you two?

Mary Ruth: "We now live in Nashville, TN. Tripp works in Sales for CH Robinson, and I work as a Middle School math teacher at St. Bernard Academy."


Ceremony venue: First United Methodist
Reception venue: The Roundhouse
Hair + makeup: The Hair and Makeup Collective and The Glow App
Dress: Posh Bridal Nashville
Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Flowers: Catherine Bush, Gracie Roberts and Nikki Pope
Cake: Angie Bakes
Catering: The Chef Next Door
Videographer: Awaken Films
Programs: Shelby Singleton

Zach + Lauren {wedding} Huntsville, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Zach: "We met the night I moved to Birmingham at a friend’s movie night. I remember seeing her on the couch and thinking to myself, 'She is really pretty! I think I am going to like Birmingham!'"

How and when did Zach propose?

Lauren: "Zach proposed on April 2, 2017. It was a Sunday afternoon and we had gone to Another Broken Egg for brunch after church. He then took me on a walk in Jemison Park and got down on one knee near the concrete bridge that allows you to cross the stream. It was a PERFECT day. My birthday was two days prior, and he mentioned something about a walk after church at dinner that night. I said I would bring clothes to change in after church, but he insisted that we stay in our nice church clothes, which I thought was odd. I went the rest of the weekend wondering if this could be it, but didn't want to get my hopes up. So I made sure my nails were painted and had a nice dress on just in case ;)"

Zach: "I proposed on April 2, 2017. I tried to surprise her after her birthday, but she caught on! We had brunch that we were both a little too nervous to eat, and then went for a walk on Jemison trail where I got down on one knee and for some reason, she said, 'yes!'"

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Zach: "We love traveling, cooking, movies, music, and of course anything related to Auburn."

Lauren: "Honestly, I have so much fun doing literally anything with him! Long car rides are probably some of my favorites because we get to talk about anything and everything with no distractions! We had a long car ride to move him out to Arizona in May and it was awesome! Many people suggest taking a road trip with your significant other before you marry them, to be sure you can stand them after being cooped up in a small space for a long amount of time! I definitely agree! In the future, we really want to travel over seas!"

Lauren-- what's one thing you admire most about Zach?

Lauren: "What I admire most about Zach is his patience. This is a virtue that does not come naturally to me. I always knew that I would need a patient man for a husband, and I have found exactly that and so much more in Zach. I also love that he is on my side, no matter what. He is my biggest fan and supporter and is always so encouraging in anything I wish to do. He never puts me down and I have gained so much confidence since dating him. He truly is my best friend and I cannot wait to marry him!"

Zach- what's one thing you admire most about Lauren?

Zach: "It’s hard to pick just one thing, but I love her fire. She is strong and pushes me to better myself and experience new things. She makes each day new and exciting. She is the best person I know."

What was each of yall's favorite part of the day?

Lauren: "We can’t really pin point one specific moment that was our favorite, there were too many, so I guess we will come up with a few highlights! We were very thankful to have had our pastor from Shades, Jacob Simmons, marry us. His message was perfect and it hit on all the difficulties of long distance and the joy that now in marriage we won’t have that anymore! Another highlight was honestly the whole reception! I remember looking in the room and it seeming empty. I wondered where all the people were. When we went outside, I realized that over half the guests were on the overlook deck enjoying the AMAZING weather and views it had to offer! We also just enjoyed dancing with our friends and family and won’t forget the AU Singers serenading us with the Auburn Alma Mater! That day was truly perfect in our eyes and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day!"

What's next for you two?

Lauren: "Well, funny you ask! We moved 2,000 miles away from 'home' to Tucson, Arizona immediately after our honeymoon. Zach has been there for 15 months already, and his job has us here for probably another year. While he is working on this job, I am finishing up my Masters of Math Education and should be done in May."

Ceremony: First Baptist Church Huntsville
Reception: Baron Bluff at Burritt on the Mountain
Dress: The White Room AL
Veil: Bella’s Bridal and Formal
H&MU: Under The Veil
Flowers: In Bloom
Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Engagement ring: Diamonds Direct
Wedding band: McGuires of Tucson
Caterer: The Chef Next Door
Cake & cheesecakes: Batter Up Cakes
H&MU: Under The Veil
Flowers: In Bloom
Invitations/Programs: Frost Printing
Band: Big Daddy Kingfish
Photobooth: Oh Snap! Photobooth

Austin + Jacee {engagement} :: Selma, Ala.

How did you two meet?
Jacee: "Austin and I initially met this side of a turn-row in the heart of the Mississippi Delta under the smoldering heat of the sun. We were in Leland, MS for a field day surrounded by soybeans, corn and cotton. We shared lunch and a conversation under a big, white tent. After this day, I wouldn’t get to visit with Austin again until a year later. 

Fast forward to a Young Farmers meeting in the middle of nowhere, Alabama. I am the speaker for the evening at a camp house with mostly men. Working and being involved in agriculture, this is something I have become used to on a Thursday night. Earlier in the week, one of my customers took me to Austin’s family farm where I met with his brother in the hayfield to visit about their cattle operation. My customer had told me about Austin, and how he had just graduated from Auburn and was back on the farm. He also put in a good word about him. At the meeting, I was hoping Austin would show. I remembered how enjoyable he was to be around and the thought provoking conversations we had a year ago in the Delta. As we were getting ready to eat our burgers and start the program, Austin walked into the meeting last minute. After the meeting, it was late, and I still had quite the drive to make home. Starting down highway 80, my phone rang and the number that showed up was not recognized. Typically, I let these numbers go to voicemail, but decided to answer. Low and behold, it was Austin, calling to check on me, and make sure I was getting home okay. During our conversation, he politely asked me to spend time with him and some of his family that weekend.

Next thing you know we are spending more and more time together. A few weeks after we had started spending time, Austin and I attended a small town rodeo. We watched the young cowboys try their hand at calf roping from the tailgate of a truck. Afterward, we danced to a live band and had a great time. The next day, Austin asked me to be his girlfriend. I knew the connection and relationship Austin and I had was special. He is exactly who I’ve been praying for in a partner.

The first time I met Austin, I knew he was a genuine and purposeful person. I was captivated by our conversations and his politeness toward me. His character, personality and attitude helped me realize what qualities are important in a future spouse and life partner."

Austin: "The first time I met Jacee, I thought she was a very well-rounded, beautiful woman that I may want to pursue someday."

How and when did Austin propose?
Jacee: "ustin asked me to marry him on March 10, 2018. He asked under my favorite Spanish moss tree in the middle of a pasture on the farm. For months, Austin had told me to be prepared for his brother’s surprise birthday the day he asked. He had it lined up where I was going to help his sister-in-law with their new baby girl, Ellis, while she prepared for the party.
I had the Alabama State Cattlemen’s convention this day, as well. Driving to the farm from the convention, it rained on me the entire way. Once I got to the farm, it was cool and calm and the rain had stopped. I arrived and got dressed to go to his brother’s surprise party. On our way, he asked if I minded going to look at hayfields they had sprayed earlier in the week with a product I manage. I travel most of the time for my job, so this request did not seem out of the ordinary. However, I didn’t want to be late to help with the baby, but he insisted we had a little time. 

As we drove through the pastures to the hayfields, he was asking me recommendations on when to spray for weed control and which products to use. Then, he stopped the truck and asked me to get out and look at a typical 'prairie' weed- Cherokee Rose. This species is commonly found throughout the Blackbelt or Prairie region of Alabama, and I think it is the toughest weed producers are faced with! To my pleasant surprise, we weren’t going to look at that species of rose. We walked up to the big tree covered in Spanish moss and the trunk was covered in a beautiful floral display. Before Austin got down on one knee, he described me using the letters of the name, read the sweetest letter he wrote to me, and we had the most heartfelt conversation. He pulled the ring out of his cowboy boot and the rest in history! I have never felt more overcome by peace and the presence of God until this day.

Austin’s brother, sister-in-law and lifelong friend were hiding out in the pasture capturing the candidness of the proposal, and we are fortunate to have most of it on camera! After the proposal, we called family and close friends to share the news. Then, Austin had another surprise in the form of an after proposal party with some of our friends and family! We are truly surrounded by such a great support system who show us love, kindness and Godly direction."

What are some things y'all like to do together?
Jacee: "We like to do just about anything together, but here are some of our favorites. We like to check the pivots in the corn and soybean fields, ride thru the cows, watch John Wayne westerns, fish for bass and hunt turkeys and deer."

Austin-- describe Jacee in three words.
Austin: "Faithful, determined, gorgeous"

Jacee-- describe Austin in three words.
Jacee: "Diligent, thoughtful, loyal"

William + Jessy {wedding :: Montgomery, Ala.}

How did you two meet?

Jessy: "William and I met on a ski trip in Montana. My dear friend, Elisabeth, invited me along on a trip with some Samford guys for our Christmas break. Of course, we had scouted out everyone going, and it was a joke that my chances were high to come back with a boyfriend. When I first met William, my first thought was, 'OK he is so cute.' He was wearing a blue t-shirt that matched his eyes. But, I quickly realized he was the quiet one of the bunch. The group would be playing games, sitting around talking and laughing, and William would be tucked away by himself reading a book. The more I got to know him, the more I wanted him to come out of his shell. Towards the end of our trip, he finally decided to put his book down and hang out. It was then that I really got to know him. We talked and laughed, and he told me all about his book, but I thought, 'OK, he is so cute AND studious!!" He was also the best skier I have ever seen, and was such a gentleman and so kind! He woke up for our 5 a.m. flight and helped us girls get our bags to the car. We exchanged numbers and after Christmas, he made the trip down to Auburn to take me on our first official date! We went to The Hound, and I pretended like my go-to order was the mac and cheese because I didn't want to order anything that would be hard to eat. It took us going back there for a couple more dates until I finally confessed I would prefer a messy burger over mac and cheese any day. It was truly the BEST first date-- I knew I wanted to keep him around, but I prayed he felt the same. Thankfully he did, and he made the trip from Gadsden to Auburn almost every weekend so we could maintain a relationship while I was a full-time student and cheering. He is honestly the MOST supportive person I know! Having him around my last two years at Auburn was truly icing on the cake!"

How did William propose?

William: "I proposed at my farm in Northeast Alabama. It is actually a deer farm, and I proposed in a pen full of deer. Jessy and I went and looked at a litter of cats a few weeks before the proposal, and I used a kitten as a prop. I tied the ring around the cat's neck. At first, she did not see the ring, but when she did, she started to freak out a little. After she saw the ring, I got down on one knee and the rest is a little fuzzy-- too much adrenaline."

Jessy-- what is one thing you admire most about William?
Jessy: "What I admire most about William is how genuine he is. He cares so deeply about people. He really does always put others over himself. He is brutally honest, but that is something I love and respect in him. He puts others needs above his own. He would do anything for anyone and expect absolutely nothing in return. He is such a selfless giver. He's just the best!!!"

William-- what's one thing you admire most about Jessy?
William: "One of the things I admire most about Jessy is her contagious personality. Every single person she comes into contact with leaves in a better mood. She is constantly smiling and lifting me up. People are drawn to her, and I know that is a lot of the reason we are married now. Her loving and caring personality is what makes her truly an amazing person."

What was each of yall's favorite parts of the day?

Jessy: "We both would say that our favorite part of the day was our first look. Although the minute we made eye contact when I was about to walk down the aisle was a close second. Both moments were so special-- the first look being more private and intimate as we finally got to see each other and look forward to the excitement of the day and what was to come. The first time we locked eyes as I was about to come down the aisle finally made all the long days and nights of planning worth it as we got to show our love and commitment to each other in front of our closest friends and family was the absolute best!!!!"

What's next for you two?

Jessy: "This is a hard one-- William has two years left of dental school at UAB. He’s still unsure of exactly what he wants to do, but we are trusting the Lord's provision for our life as we wait to see where He will take us! We love being and Birmingham and have the best friends! We are anxiously waiting to see what the next two years bring, but know it’s going to be great!"

Church: Frazer United Methodist Church
Reception: The Alley Station
Dress: Diane's Formal Affair  
Bridesmaid dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Hair: Glow App
Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup Collective
Flowers: Graylillies
Invitations and programs: Weezie B Designs
Calligraphy for invitations: Terri Lander
Calligraphy on reception signs and name cards for food: Kasey Tucker
Cake: Donna Oliphant
Caterer: Tammy's A Catered Affair
Videographer: Daniel Cox  
Musician: Patrick Craig
Rentals: Brendle Rentals
Band: Established  

Santiago + Alex {Hamilton Place engagement session giveaway}

Loved getting to meet and document Santiago and Alex-- winners of Hamilton Place's engagement session giveaway! Learn a little more about these two below!

 How did you two meet?

Santi: "We officially met at a football game in the fall of 2016. We grew up in the same area and knew a lot of the same people in high school, but it took us until that football game to make a lasting connection. My first thought was about how inviting Alex is and how easy it is to talk to her. We talked for hours at that party and never missed a beat.

Alex: "One of the things I remember loving about Santi when we first met was the way he carried himself. He carried himself with humble confidence and grace. Our conversation that night was life-giving and full. We talked for hours. That night I knew there was something special about him."

How and when did Santi propose?

Alex: "Santi proposed to me on May 4, 2018. I woke up that morning to a letter that told me I would be seeing a lot of my best friends that day along with my favorite flowers. As the day went along, I would see different friends and receive different letters from them outlining what would happen next. I went on a walk, to get my nails done, to lunch, to get ready with all my friends, to Anniston to eat again, and then finally to my house to see Santi. The last stop was with my parents and sister in Anniston. They handed me the fourth and final letter and drove me to their house. I walked to the back of the house where Santi would be waiting for me. He read to me something he had written and then got down on one knee to ask me to marry him. The proposal showed how well he knows me and how much thought he has put into it. Honestly, it was the best day of my life so far!"

What are some things you two enjoy doing together?

Ale: "Ever since we met, we have spent a lot of time together and made some unforgettable memories. One of the things that we really enjoy doing together is sitting outside of my house (where he proposed 🤗) on a Sunday afternoon and just talking. We always get a Sonic blue Power Aid slush, and we sit outside for hours."

Santi-- what's one of the things you admire most about Alex?

Santi: "One of the things that I admire most about Alex is how intentional she is with other people. We always joke about how she will ask some very deep questions to those that she has just met, but people open up to her and share things that they wouldn’t have told anyone else. She doesn’t ask these things just to get a conversation started, but to build a long-lasting relationship. That is very evident with the company she keeps. Her friends come to her for counsel, and Alex will listen with an open heart. She commits herself to these relationships with her friends and it is admirable."

Alex-- what's one thing you admire most about Santi?

Alex: "One of the things I love about Santi is how loyal and kind he is. He is the most loyal person I know. He is loyal to his family, his friends and his word. He is also so kind. He always sees the best in others and wants everyone to be a friend. He always treats people the way he wants to be treated. He doesn’t have to try to be that way, he just is!"

Jared + Stacy {wedding} Huntsville, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Stacy: "Jared and I first met when we were in high school. We were actually in the same Physics class, and ended up becoming lab partners that year. As we were lab partners, we became really good friends, and supported each other in our different activities and involvements in school. He was on the football team, and I played volleyball, so we always would make time to go to each other's games to support one another. We remained friends for a year or so during that time, and as our friendship developed we started dating."

How and when did Jared propose?

Stacy: "Jared proposed March 5th 2017. My friends decided it would be fun to have one last girls trip our senior year at Auburn, and suggested the idea of going to my parents lake house. I was of course all in, and was so excited to get away and spend a weekend with all of the girls. Little did I know they were all in on the surprise that Jared would be driving up to the lake as well that weekend, and proposing.  

My friends knew we had to get out of the house for a few hours, so Jared and our families could arrive and set up. They decided we would go to a town nearby and tour a distillery, and grab lunch together. We were on our way back to my lake house and my neighbor called to ask if I could help her with something on her dock when we got back to the house. Little did I know that she was also in on this surprise. We got back to the house, and I asked if anyone wanted to walk down to the dock with me to help out. Everyone scattered and immediately shot me down when I asked if they wanted to walk to her dock with me. I headed to the dock and then I saw Rudy (Jared’s golden retriever).. In my mind I was thinking this is odd, this is supposed to be a girls weekend why is Jared here? As I was thinking this Rudy ran up to me, and I noticed he had a bow tie on. At that moment I knew Jared was going to propose. So I proceeded to walk to the dock, and Jared asked me to marry him. It was an absolute perfect day, and I was so thankful to have all of our friends and family present to celebrate with us."

What do you two enjoy doing together?

Stacy: "Jared and I have quite a few common interests. One of our favorite things we enjoy together is watching sports, especially Auburn football. We are both Auburn grads and went to the same high school, so we enjoy hanging out with our college friends and friends from our home town in Huntsville. We also like to stay active and enjoy working out together. Jared wanted a dog as long as I have known him, so I gave him a golden retriever, Rudy, for Christmas several years ago. We love to take Rudy for walks or swimming and spend a lot of time spoiling him rotten!"

Jared-- what's one thing you admire most about Stacy?

Jared: "The thing I admire most about Stacy is her work ethic and drive. These past few months have been EXTREMELY busy for us. Beyond just planning a wedding, we bought a house, started renovating it and moved back to Huntsville. If that wasn’t enough she was also having to help me stay calm through my PT school graduation exams and starting a new job.  Just to increase the level of difficulty a little more, she did this all while flying back and forth from Hawaii for her job. She pulled off everything perfectly with no complaints. She’s amazing!"

Stacy--what's one of the things you admire most about Jared?

Stacy: "One thing I most admire about Jared is his ability to love those around him so well. It is so humbling to see the genuine care he has for people. He has always been such a light in my life as well as so many others. I know he will forever not only be someone that I truly love, but also a best friend that I know I will always be able to count on."

What was each of yall's favorite parts of the day?
Stacy: "There were so many special parts of our wedding day that stand out! My favorite has to when the doors opened at the ceremony, and I could see Jared at the front of the sanctuary looking at me.  It was a moment that I will never forget."

Jared: "My favorite part of our wedding day had to be when those doors to the sanctuary swung open, and she started walking down the aisle. I have never been so happy and excited, awestruck and nervous, and relieved all at one time. It was an amazing moment that I will never forget!"

What's next for you two?
Jared: "We can finally move in to our new home with our golden retriever, Rudy! Once we are all settled in, we would love to start doing some traveling, and I’m sure we will spend quite a few weekends in Auburn this fall!"

Stacy: "We are so excited to begin our life together. We will be living in Huntsville, AL and working there. We just bought a house, so we plan to spend some time making it ours and hopefully enjoy some weekend trips this fall!"


Bride's dress: White Magnolia
Bride’s hair and makeup: Lindsey Robinson
Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Groom and Groomsmen’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank
Floral Design: In Bloom
Reception venue: Burritt on the MountainChurch: Latham United Methodist Church
Catering: Lankford Family Enterprises LLC
Ceremony Music: Eleanor Hollobaugh, pianist, and Felicity String Quartet
Reception Band: Moon Dance
Stationary: Topiary Tree
Rentals: Mullins
Lighting: Metropolitan DJ
Church Wedding Coordinator: Lauren Styles

William + Hope {wedding} :: Huntsville, Ala.

How did you two meet?

William: "Hope and I met through mutual friends at Hope's sorority Halloween social. The first thing I thought when I met Hope was how much everyone enjoyed being around her. She was so kind and personable to everyone. And of course, on top of that, I thought she was beautiful."

Hope: "William and I both went to Auburn University. Our junior year, mutual friends set William up to go to a Halloween social with me. I made him dress up in a Great Gatsby theme costume, and although he hated the costume, we really hit it off. I don’t remember what exactly I thought when I first met William, but I know I was definitely crushing hard at this point. Every weekend either William or I was out of town. I remember praying so many times asking God if William and I were supposed to work out, God would give me a sign or make it happen. God sure had a plan!"

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Hope: "William and I enjoy doing a lot of things outside whether it be watching him play golf, going on walks and sometimes runs. We also love to play games like tennis and card or board games. We also have started cooking together finding recipes we both like. We also enjoy hanging out with friends and family. As long as we are together, we enjoy doing just about anything!"

How and when did William propose? 

Hope: "Right after my graduation from nursing school in August, William my family and I were headed out to dinner to celebrate. William and I got out of the car at Toomers Corner and walked over to Langdon Hall where he said he wanted to take a picture, and I just kind of went with it. William then had me open a gift which was a Bible that had what will be my new initials-- HMS. Neither of us are sure what was said because we both blacked out in the moment. I do remember he asked me to spend forever with him, and I said 'yes!' William then told me to go to the marked page in the Bible where Ecclesiastes 4: 8-12 was underlined with the date. That verse will forever be special to us and a beautiful reminder God’s marriage intended for us. Then William told me that the ring was his grandmother's ring. Early in our relationship, his grandparents invited William over to give to him his grandmother’s ring if he were to get married. The timing of this meant so much to me to know that the people that knew him the best knew that there was something special about US!"

What was each of yall's favorite part of the day?

Hope: "My favorite part was the ceremony. Walking down the aisle and seeing the way William was looking at me is something I’ll never forget. Just looking into his eyes throughout the ceremony gave me so much peace. Saying our vows to each other is something we will never forget, and are words that will guide our marriage for many many years. (Dancing the night away was also a close second.)"

William: "My favorite part of the wedding besides actually getting married was probably the band. They played a lot of our favorite songs and kept everyone on the dance floor the whole reception."

Willam-- what's one of the things you admire most about Hope?
William: "One of the things I admire most about Hope is how beautiful not only on the outside, but the inside as well."