Mark + Olivia {engagement}

 How did you two meet?

Olivia: "We met at the rock climbing gym at Auburn University. A couple days after we met, we went on a climbing trip with friends to Sand Rock, Ala. During that trip, we got to know each other better, and several dates after that, we started dating!"

Do either of your remember what you thought the first time y'all saw/met each other?

Olivia: "I thought he was very handsome and polite. After hanging out with him for awhile, I quickly had a crush on him, but I was about to graduate from Auburn and move to Knoxville in less than a month. I didn’t think we would be able to more than friends…but thankfully, God had better plans!"

Mark: "Well, the first time I met her, I didn’t even remember... but the first time I spent time with her we climbed with a group of friends, I was very impressed by how well she could climb!"

How and when did Mark propose?

Olivia: "On May 7, 2016, Mark and I took a trip to Foster Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee to go hiking. After hiking for only five minutes, we were crossing a bridge and Mark stopped me and told me he had an important question to ask me. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was overwhelmed, excited and surprised, and with no doubt in my mind, said,  'yes.'"

Mark: "From the beginning of our relationship, we were focused on dating for marriage. Our prayer was that the Lord would lead our hearts and guide us to date as if we were preparing for marriage. After almost two years of dating long distance, I felt the Lord was guiding us together and that it was time for me to ask her the question. I chose a spot that we were both familiar with and, a spot that was similar to where we first met. The spot was a rock climbing crag in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The weather was perfect and I thought I could fool her. So we hiked down to the river crossing and I asked her the question. She said, 'YES!'"

What's one thing you both admire about one another?

Olivia: "Mark continually gives me perspective in Christ, and I admire that his heart is grounded in Christ and he is continually aiming to seek Christ. Whenever I am overwhelmed and stressed by things of the world, he reminds me with grace of our purpose on this earth and of the promise of eternity with our Heavenly Father."

Mark: "One thing I admire about Olivia is that she is filled with the love and grace of Christ. Olivia is always one to encourage and point me to Christ. Olivia treats every person with whom she interacts with grace in her actions and her words."