Jacob + Rachel {wedding}

How did you two meet?

Rachel: "We met through my best friend and bridesmaid, Stephanie. He was visiting her boyfriend at the time, and they were all going out to dinner while I had plans to go out with another group of people. We only met briefly before going our separate ways."

Do either of your remember what you thought the first time y'all saw/met each other?

Rachel: "Before leaving that night, I couldn't decide which shoe to wear. I specifically remember me going into the living room where Stephanie was (and Jacob) and asking whether I should wear a sandal or heel. I remember him making this horrible face and saying "go with the sandal. the heel is way too much". At this point I only knew his name, so I was surprised he had input on my outfit-- I decided to wear the heel. The following week I ended up sick with the stomach flu and almost every night Jacob would stop by and see how I was feeling and bring me soup or food. At this point we didn't have each other's number, so I had no clue when or if he was coming over. I looked and felt horrible. I thought if he could see me at my worst and still like me, I would give him a try... even if we didn't have the same sense of fashion. Since that week we have been inseparable."

How and when did Jacob propose?

"Jacob proposed after about two and a half years of dating. He kept telling me it wouldn't be any time soon. He would take me on nice trips to the mountains or the beach, and I would always think it was going to happen. He made plans for the beach, and this time I didn't expect anything to happen. Apparently he bought a ring on a whim, and asked my dad the week before our trip. The night we arrived we walked to the beach, and I thought something was odd because it was May. He wouldn't take his hands out of his pockets because he was 'cold.' I brushed it off, and we kept walking. At one point I decided it was time to turn around, so we did. As we were walking he stopped and told me to turn around, so I did. When I turned he said, 'look at the bird prints in the sand' (he chickened out.) I laughed and kept walking-- then he asked me to turn again. This time I expected another joke. When I turned he was down on one knee and already tearing up (which he hates to admit). He asked, I said, 'yes.' We cried a little and walked down the beach a little longer."

What was yall's favorite part of the day?

Rachel: "We both enjoyed the first look. The funniest part of the wedding/ceremony was actually as we were doing our vows. Jacob kept pulling my ring finger on my right hand (I had a ring from my mother on that finger) and whispering he needed to take it off and put my wedding ring there. I was pulling back whispering, 'left hand, not right hand. That's my right hand,' the whole time until I forcefully pushed my left hand making him realize he was about to put the ring on my right hand."

Venue: The Elms of Coosada

Makeup: LUSH Makeup Art