Will + Brittany {St. Thomas wedding}

How did you two meet?

Brittany: "We met on a ski trip our sophomore year at Auburn. The first morning we left to go skiing with our group Will and I ended up on a ski lift with strangers who tumbled off at the top getting off the lift--with everyone else already off ahead of us we stopped to help them get back on their feet.  We didn’t end up catching up with our friends by the time we got the newbies untangled, and with both of us without our phones we had no way to track down anyone we knew so we ended up skiing together the rest of the day. The long ski lift lines provided plenty of time for us to get to know each other.  A week after we returned from our trip, we had our first official date and we ended up sitting on a bench in the lobby of my building talking until the sun came up-- the rest is history!"

Do either of you remember what each thought about one another?

Brittany: "I saw Will as a true gentlemen, he was chivalrous in every act! He was also clever and charming. Seven years later, I have come to know this all to remain true, and I still admire those same traits that landed him a second date!"

Will: "The first time I met Brittany I was blown way by her beauty and loving personality. She was funny and very intelligent making me not wanting to leave her side. The first week after we meet, I skipped almost every class just to spend time with her-- it was like we had been friends forever."

How did Will propose?

Will: "Brittany and I had talked about taking a much needed get-away since she was flying around 18 days a month and I was working about 18 hours a day in the middle of our busy seasons. We were living in separate cities and very focused, but knew we needed some time to relax! We had talked about a lot of places, but St. Thomas seemed perfect for us. I knew Brittany was flying in from Canada and would want a relaxing care free trip after weeks on the road and since we both love being out on the water I wanted to plan a boat trip to explore around the BVIs. After connecting with a local captain, securing a boat, and planning a route, with one island stop planned for the engagement -- I told Brittany I had booked us a snorkeling trip for the first day we were there. Luckily she went along with the plan and was excited to see the islands.  We snorkeled, bar hopped, and cruised around until we parked at a remote island, Sandy Spit, off the coast of Jost Van Dyke. We swam to the island and explored while I waited patiently for her get in position for the photographers view. Out on lava rocks in the middle of the ocean I got down on one knee (Brittany thought I had fallen,) and attempted to share with her what I had written on wax paper (to keep from ruining if it got wet), but I had then nervously dropped in the ocean and watched it float away before I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me. From there we celebrated and relaxed in paradise before deciding to bring our closest family and friends back a year later to celebrate our marriage with us!"

Brittany-- what do you admire most about Will:

Brittany: "Will is strong in his convictions, disciplined in his works and deeds, and faithful in all circumstances. He provides stability, acts humbly, and loves fiercely. Wills character is undeniably one of his greatest attributes. He choses to pursue to live a life that reflects a living sermon—He sets a strong example by providing servant leadership and maintains a teachable spirit. He is the best teammate, encourager, and adventurer I could have ever hoped for!"

Will-- what do you admire most about Brittany?

Will: "I have been blessed with a remarkable wife, one that exemplifies God's grace on a daily basis. Brittany's ministry and desire to help those in need both here and abroad is inspiring. I cannot wait to see the impact she will make on others through our marriage. She is a strong provider of others needs and an encourager when I’ve had a long day. She is always going out of her way to make me happy! I believe I am the luckiest man in the world to get to spend the rest of my life with such a special woman."

Favorite part of the wedding day?

Will: "Brittany did an incredible job planning the wedding, down the to the last detail. It was special to have so many of our best friends and family travel to St. Thomas for such a special weekend. My favorite part of our wedding was the ceremony— it was quaint on a remote beach, waves crashing, miles away from the distractions of daily life. I will always cherish our vows and the commitment I made to her standing under those trees."

Brittany: "I don’t have a single moment – the entire weekend provided us an unexplainable amount of joy! Having our family and friends coming together in a place so special to Will and I was the biggest gift in the world. We felt truly humbled at the sacrifices they made to be there to support us!"


Bride's dress: Marissa/Bridals by LoriVendors:

Flowers: East End Flower Shop

Tuxes: Joseph A. Banks

Favors (paintings): Sara Pittman Studios

Calligraphy: Sweet as Paper

Paper/sinage/day-of details: Victoria Austin Designs

Band: Cooper Trent

Linens: BBJ linens

Coordination and venue: Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas

Design and planning: Jenn Events

Catering: Ritz Carlton

Jewelry: Diamonds Direct

Hair + makeup: Sugar and Spice Artistry

Cake: Ritz Carlton