Reid + Taylor {wedding} :: 2.27.16

How did you two meet, and how long did you two date?

Taylor: “We met out one night in Auburn when a friend introduced us! We dated for 5 years.”

How did Reid propose?

Taylor: “Reid proposed on a Friday evening in late August. I had been helping him move into a new house, and he said he didn’t want to work on the house that night– he wanted to take me to dinner. When he picked me up, I noticed he wasn’t wearing shoes! He said he couldn’t find them in the move and was going to check the new house so off we went. When we pulled up I didn’t even get out of the car- I thought he was just running inside. He signaled for me to come in and said he wanted  to show me something. When I came in the house he had flowers waiting in the kitchen and thanked me for everything I’d done to help him move. I looked for something to put the flowers in, and when I turned around he was on one knee!”

Taylor– what’s one of your favorite things about Reid?

Taylor: “It’s hard to just name one, but something I admire most about Reid is his patience!”

Reid– what’s one of your favorite things about Taylor?

Reid: “The thing I admire most about Taylor is her contagious laughter.”

What was each of yall’s favorite part of the day?

Taylor: “My favorite part of the day was the actual ceremony and the feeling I had as Reid and I walked down the aisle as a married couple. It was the greatest feeling of pride and joy I have ever experienced. Also, the excitement of having all our closest friends and family there to celebrate was incredible.”

Reid: “The best part of the big day was walking up the alley to the reception and seeing everyone as we walked in.”


Church: St. Peter Catholic Church

Reception: Central @129 Coosa Street

Catering: Central

Dress: Ivory and White (Birmingham, Ala.)

Flowers: Melissa Kyndall

Wedding Cake: Peggy McKinney

Grooms Cake: Magic Muffins (Birmingham, Ala.)

Videographer: Jeff Bush {}

Cups/Koozies/Napkins: Boosters Inc.

Invitations: The Paper Store