Will +Hannah {wedding}

How did you two meet, and how long did you two date?

Hannah: "My aunt and one of her best friends who works with Will were together one day and had the idea that we should meet for coffee. Although Will and I were not the type to go on a blind date, we both had a peace and were interested and told them yes. About a week later Will contacted me and we met for coffee on March 5th where a “casual coffee date” turned into a 4 hour conversation that left us truly smitten! After coffee, we went on several more dates, became official in April and dated 6 months before we got engaged."

How and when did Will propose? 

Hannah: "I had recently started teaching at Pike Road, which has a trail attached to the Waters. Will knows how much I love and adore my kids so he wanted school to play some role in it. School had just ended and I was wrapping things up in my classroom when my Principal asked me to go to the trail to check on a student. As soon as I walked up, Will stepped from out behind the tree (I can still replay that moment in my mind so clearly as he truly looked like Prince Charming as he beamed from ear to ear!) He was so sweet and patient as he waited for me to connect all of the dots and then told me the exact number of days we have been dating. As many other girls can relate, I’m sure I don’t remember much more after that just getting to think, “I’m going to get to be his wife!"

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Hannah: "Worship! One of my biggest passions is worship and often is the one thing that truly helps me unwind and reset as the Lord restores my heart. Getting to sing and worship with Will as he plays the guitar is truly one of my favorite things! We also read the one-year Bible individually and come together each night to talk about what stuck out, what we want to know more about, etc. This has become something I look forward to each night as he truly inspires and brings things to my attention I would have never noticed on my own!"

Will-- what's one thing you admire most about Hannah?

Will: "To pick one thing I admire most about Hannah is extremely hard to do, because there are truly hundreds of things that I admire. The way Hannah treats other people and makes it a point to display the love of Christ in everything she does is inspiring to say the least. In (Matthew 22:37-39) Jesus tells us that the two greatest commands are to love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and with all your mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself. I have never met anyone who lives this out more than Hannah. Her love for Jesus challenges me to love deeper and continually pursue him in all walks of life. The way she treats other people and displays the love of Christ through her relationships is a constant reminder to me that, 'We love because he first loved us.' (1 John 4:19) It is truly an honor to get to spend the rest of my life with her, and I look forward to what The Lord has in store for us, as we continue to keep in first in all we do."

Hannah-- what's one thing you admire most about Will?

"It’s truly hard to pick just one! Will is THE Most selfless, loving, God-fearing Man I have ever met. He loves me in ways I could have never even dreamed of (early morning notes on my car, the way he calls me before school just to pray for me, new books I want to read that I only mentioned once, sweet notes in my bible that I find later in the week, etc.) More than anything though, I most admire his love and devotion to wait on and trust the Lord. His stability and anchored love for the Lord truly makes me want more of Jesus daily and THAT was and is always worth waiting for!"

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day? Individual answers would be great!

Will: "Watching Hannah walk down the aisle is what I remember most about our big day. It felt like slow motion watching her walk down to meet me. What I pictured in my head, could not even come close to how beautiful she looked when I saw her round the corner. I have played that moment back in my head everyday since we have been married, and I smile with joy every time." 

Hannah: "The whole day was so special, but my favorite was when my Dad and I rounded the corner of the sanctuary and I got to see Will (in a bow tie!!) with the biggest smile on his face. That moment will forever be a memory of mine as it was the sweetest to look at my groom with my father by my side, fully embracing his role about to change as he would give me to Will. From that moment on having Will by my side took on a new meaning as he is not only my beloved but the very helpmate the Lord has chosen just for me."

What's next for you two?

Hannah: "Will and I are fortunate enough to have the summers off since we are both educators and are so thankful for this time to live life, learn and grow together as husband and wife. We are finding our schedule can quickly fill up but we know cultivating our marriage as well as clinging to the Lord and then one another is a huge part of marriage that we need daily. We have loved getting to settle into married life, cook meals and surprise each other in different ways, but the worship is still one of our favorites and has become even sweeter which we didn't think was possible. We aren't sure what all the Lord has in store for The Moore's, but we are eager to see and  will follow wherever He may lead!"


Flowers: Amis Sellers/Suzanne's

Bride's dress: Denson's

Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Food: White Wing Catering

Video: Jeff Bush Videography