Ben + Kindall

How did you two meet?

Kindall: "We met at Camp McDowell in 2006. Some friends introduced us and it was a done deal since day one! I was 14, he was 16, and we never broke up once! We'll have spent ten years together on Monday, June 6."

How did Ben propose?

Kindall: "Ben proposed at the Biltmore Estate. We had hiked and toured all weekend. As we were checking out one of the best views, he proposed. We had almost been together nine years at this point, but I still didn't see it coming or expect him to propose there! We spent the rest of the day talking about our future and excitedly calling all of our families and friends. Something I'll never forget is Ben telling each person we called the story over and over again- so many of them cried! He picked the perfect place and the perfect time for us."

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Kindall: "We love to travel, hike, cook, and play with our dogs. If we can't do any of those things, you'll probably find us watching Law and Order."

Kindall-- what's one thing you admire most about Ben?

Kindall: "It's so hard to pick just one thing I admire about him! One of my favorite things is how great of a friend he is to everyone he meets. He's the type of friend that is loyal, thoughtful, kind and puts others' needs in front of his own. I think that is an important part of any relationship as well- the ability to be friends with each other."

Ben-- what's one thing you admire most about Kindall?

Ben: "The attribute I admire the most about Kindall is her ability to challenge me to be better than I was yesterday. She knows exactly what to say when I am down and celebrates my accomplishments. For me it is so important to feel like you have a partner that has your back, and Kindall tirelessly pushes for our success as individuals and as a couple."

What was each of yall's favorite part of the day?

Kindall: "I loved our whole day so much! One of my favorite parts was our first look. We were both pretty nervous about the ceremony and being in front of all of our guests. The first look gave us the opportunity to slow things down and re-focus on each other. We were both so happy we chose to do the first look! Another favorite moment was when our priest announced us for the first time. After almost ten years, it still makes me teary to think of all of the people that shaped our relationship and supported us. Finally being able to stand in front of them as a married couple was a huge moment."

Ben: "Right after we arrived at the reception and before our first dance, we had a chance to sit down, have a meal with our parents, and breathe. Our catering company had prepared plates for the six of us. The entire day was a whirlwind of pictures, laughter, and emotions and I was so thankful that we had a chance to sit down with our parents, take it all in, and eat our first meal as husband and wife."

What's next for you two?

"We are both working and living in Huntsville, Ala. Right now, we are just enjoying our time together, trying to travel as much as possible, and getting involved in different things Huntsville has to offer."


Church: Church of the Ascension

Reception: RSA Alabama Activity Center

Video: Two Hawks Videography

Paper goods: Cotton & Pine

Florals: Greylillies

Bride's dress: Ines di Santo via White Dresses Boutique

Bridesmaid dresses: Bella's Bridal and Formals

Bridal cake: Cake Designs

Catering: RSA