David + Christen {wedding}

How did you two meet?

Christen: "We met through a mutual friend. He told us about each other, and said he wanted to set us up, but we actually didn't get to meet until a couple months later when we were all with a group of friends."

How and when did David propose?

October 16, 2015: 

Christen: "David is a doctor who just recently took his first job near Fairhope, AL. I was planning on coming down to visit for the weekend and he informed me we were going to a pharmaceutical sales dinner at The Grande Hotel in Point Clear, AL. I was not really wanting to go but told him I would."

David: "After Christen's Dad gave me his blessing, I started to think about how I would ask Christen to marry me. One day, I was walking on the bay at the Grande Hotel and knew that was the place to do it! I just needed a way to get her there and surprise her. My solution was a pharmaceutical sales dinner. My cover was almost blown when Christen asked her dad, who is a pharmaceutical salesman, if it was normal for a doctor to bring a significant other to a sales dinner, and he said No! Looking back, I should have informed him of my idea!"

Christen: "We pulled up to the entrance gate of the The Grande and David's words were "This is David and Christen for the dinner." Well that should have been my first hint because my thoughts were "Are you not going to tell him what pharmaceutical dinner this is for?" but the guard simply replied with, "anyone can have dinner at The Grande!" and handed us a guest pass and waved us through."

David: "The day before, I had tipped the guard at the gate, and told him my plan. He was to let us into the 'pharmaceutical dinner'"

Christen: "Once we parked, he took my hand and we walked along the bay toward the restaurant. The resort features several swings facing the sunset and I quickly noticed one was open! It was almost sunset so I sat down and said, "Can we watch the sunset real fast and then go?" David's response was, "uhh, let's keep walking and make sure we find the restaurant." This should have been my second hint, but I was still clueless."

David: "I was doing everything I could to make it a complete surprise. Even though I was nervous on the inside, I was trying to keep my cool and stay on the schedule I had planned out!"

Christen: "We continued walking and suddenly David stopped and turned and faced me and asked, 'Can I read you something?'"

David: "I had made some notes about Christen following our very first few dates together, so I decided I would let her know I had done this by reading them to her just before I proposed".

Christen: "As he was reading them, I heard a noise in the bushes next to us and looked over only to see a man in a suit with a camera falling out of the bushes. I looked back at David; he was on one knee asking me to marry him and of course I said yes!!

David: "She said yes!"

Christen: "After the proposal, David brought me back to a swing by the water. He had reserved that swing just for us! We sat and watched the sunset and a waitress came out and brought us champagne and informed us she would be taking care of us the rest of the night. I looked at him and said 'the rest of the night? It keeps going?'"

David: "My plan was to propose, then surprise her with a sunset view and champagne toast. Following this, we were to have a private dinner out by the bay by candlelight. I told the chef previously some of Christen's favorite foods."

Christen: "Once the sun set, our waitress asked, "Are you ready for your dinner in the chef's garden in the private gazebo?" I was stunned. There was a private gazebo overlooking the bay and gardens with vines and christmas lights and David had printed pictures of the two of us over the last year and clipped them all inside of the gazebo. It was beautiful and so special."

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Christen: "We love the outdoors and staying active! Our 2nd date we went hiking and it was so much fun. We love to workout together, hike, kayak, camp, and bike. The day after we got engaged David bought me a bike so our new favorite thing is biking around the Eastern Shore. We are also two huge college football fans so any Saturday in the fall that is what we will be watching."

David- what's one of the things you admire most about Christen? 

David: "I knew pretty quickly how much I admired about Christen. Our first day was August 2nd, 2014 and we could not stop talking, we hit it off immediately! That night, I knew something was special about her, so I wrote down as much as I could remember about our date!  Included were so many things I admire about Christen. I admire her love for the Lord and her desire to serve and give at her church. I admire her positive spirit and her ability to put a smile on my face! I admire her love for her family and friends. I admire the Christian roots her family provided for her. I also admired her love for tennis and other sports and outdoor activities, and at the time, couldn't wait to do some of those things with her. I could name so many more!"

Christen- what's one of the things you admire most about David? 

Christen: "He loves so well. He loves and serves the Lord so diligently, and is such a leader in our relationship. He also loves and serves me so well. He shows his love by doing the little things that make me feel so incredibly special and like the only girl in the world! He loves his family, his friends and his patients in such an incredible way."

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day?

David: "That day was perfect! We waited to see each other until the ceremony, and the moment I saw her, wow, she was absolutely gorgeous in that dress! I don't think I could keep my hands off of her after that. I loved seeing all the friends and family that came to see our wedding. The dance floor was also a good time! I had been looking forward to that day for a long time, and I thank God for bringing Christen and I together."

Christen: "Oh there are so many! My favorite part was the church doors opening and seeing David smiling so big and looking so handsome at the end of the aisle. We were finally starting forever together."

What's next for you two?

Christen: "We bought a house in Fairhope, AL so we are looking forward to learning our new city! We can't wait to get involved in our new church, explore our community, beach days, outdoor adventure days, traveling the world, and just enjoy being together every day after being long distance for so long."


Chapel - Samford University Reid Chapel

Reception - Old Car Heaven

Videography - Jeff Bush Videography

Cakes - Magic Muffins

Dress - Diane's Formal Affair

Hair and Makeup - Beauty By Jess, LLC (Jessica Tinsley)

Bridesmaid Dresses - Bridesmaids Inc.

Florist - Becky Griffith of Quodlibet Designs

Photo Booth - Lets Booth It

Band - Accent

Catering - Kathy G. Catering