Clark + Mackenzie {wedding}

How did you two meet?

Mackenzie: “As crazy as it sounds, we met 13 years ago at Berry Middle School. We ‘dated’ a.k.a., met at the lockers in between classes then, and officially became boyfriend and girlfriend for the first time at Spain Park a couple of years later. :)”

How and when did Clark propose?

Mackenzie: “Clark proposed on August 15, 2015. He works for Regions Bank on the ITRM Team and had been working there for a little over a month around the time he proposed. Clark isn’t much of a planner, but had asked me earlier that week on Tuesday if I wanted to go to the Barron’s game at Region’s field and meet his team then he would take me to dinner for my birthday (which was the next day on the 16th). Considering I act like my birthday is a national holiday, I had been pretty pre-occupied with that all week and didn’t really think much of it when he asked me about meeting his team so I said ok. Later on in the week, (knowing that I would still say yes), he asked me if I was sure that I wanted to go do that and if I didn’t want to just go to dinner to celebrate my birthday and meet his team another time. Saturday rolled around, and we talked like normal all day. He came and picked me up and we went down to what I thought was going to the Barron’s game. Once we got there, we parked and walked up towards Railroad Park (where Clark said we were meeting his team). We walked down a little bit and ended up at a bridge where there were flower petals and roses, and that’s when Clark got down one knee and proposed! The entire time we were walking up, he was on his phone saying he was texting his co-workers to find out where they at Railroad Park for us to meet them. After he proposed, come to find out, he was actually texting my best friends who were hiding in the bushes behind us taking pictures and letting them know we were walking up and who ended up coming out to surprise me after he proposed!

Clark-- what’s one thing you admire most about Mackenzie?

Clark- “I admire Kenzie’s big loving heart and the natural leadership she shows in her life.”

What do you two enjoy doing together?

Mackenzie: “Clark and I enjoy going on date nights together, spending time with our family and friends, going to Lake Martin and Orange Beach together, going to Buffalo Wild Wings and working out together too.”

Mackenzie-- what’s one thing you admire most about Clark?

“Mackenzie- “I admire Clark’s drive and determination that he’s always had. I also admire how much Clark loves me for me- through all of my crazy quirks and me constantly laughing at myself thinking everything I say is funny.”

What was each of yall’s favorite parts of the day?

Mackenzie: “My favorite parts of the day were getting ready/spending the morning with my precious bridesmaids. Also, spending the night at the reception celebrating with my new husband, and all of the people who mean so much to us.”

Clark: “My favorite part of the day was seeing how happy Kenzie was all day and how much fun we had with our family and closest friends.”



Church: Homewood Church of Christ

Reception Venue: The Club- Signature Room

Getting ready venue: The Grand Bohemian Hotel

Hair and makeup: Brittany Massey

Flowers: HotHouse Design Studio

Cakes: Telia Johnson (bride’s cake) and Pastry Art (groom’s cake)

Bride’s Dress: Carriage House (designer is Augusta Jones)

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid

Videographer: Chip Burns