Tyler + Katie {wedding} :: Auburn, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Katie: "We met at Auburn our sophomore year of college. I’m sure we had seen each other and briefly met before, but I remember meeting Tyler in the Village dining area one day, knowing a big group of us were about to take a trip to Tennessee for the Auburn-Tennessee game in the next few weeks. It just so happened that Tyler was in the same car, crammed in the tiny back seat between me and a friend for the six-hour trip. By the end of the weekend, I had a crush. I remember telling my good friends how cute and fun I thought he was, though we both weren’t really looking to be anything more than friends. Thank goodness a few months later he asked for my number :)"

Tyler: "When I first met Katie I thought that she was different from the rest of the girls that I had been around. Katie was much more down to earth and was very genuine. I knew that she was someone I wanted to be around more often because of these things, and the fact that she was attractive didn't hurt either.."

How and when did Tyler propose?

Katie: "Tyler proposed in Playa Mujeres, Mexico last July. We had planned a trip to celebrate the end of my pharmacy residency/birthday and his new job. As many times as people asked if I thought he was going to propose while we were on the trip, I never once seriously considered it. I just knew he was waiting and never imagined he had already purchased a ring! (I tend to figure things out, which makes surprises really hard for Tyler!)

After a major hiccup and almost not making it to Mexico (it’s a great story— now that we can look back and laugh!), we were having the best time relaxing and enjoying a much-needed break from our busy lives. The morning of the proposal, Tyler went to the “gym” while I went to the pool. Later that night, the resort had a huge celebration for the 4th of July. We were having the best time, and a couple we had met earlier in the week had just joined us when Tyler insisted we go back to the room so he could “change shirts" (it was hot, so it made sense). I was pretty adamant that I didn’t want to leave, but he finally convinced me. We got to the room and there were rose petals all over, which I thought was just a really nice treat from the turn-down service we had nightly. I looked at Tyler and he had the biggest smile as he told me to go up to our rooftop terrace. That was the moment I knew something was happening. Once he got the ring, he joined me on the rooftop and got down on one knee. We had champagne to celebrate before later heading back down to the beach for fireworks. He pulled off the best surprise — it was the most perfect proposal! We had the rest of the week to celebrate and enjoy time with each other before heading back home to celebrate with family and friends. It was the best week!"

Tyler-- what's one of the things you admire most about Katie?

Tyler: "I admire how she puts others before herself and her kind heart."

Katie-- what's one of the things you admire most about Tyler?

Katie: "I love that Tyler is hard-working, selfless and has the biggest heart. He gives everything 110%, whether it be work, relationships or any other part of life. This is especially true in our relationship. He ensures I always have what I need, encourages me and loves me so well."

What was each of yall's favorite parts of the day?

Katie: "How can I pick just one?! I think seeing Tyler as I was walking down the aisle was one of the most special moments to me. Although we had done a first look earlier in the day, that moment walking down the aisle to my best friend in a church full of our loved ones was the best. The rest of the night was pretty great too! We had so much fun!"

Tyler: "Prior to the wedding, I thought that the ceremony would be more of a formality because that's how I always felt about weddings we had attended. I knew it would be different when it was us up there, but I never truly understood that until Katie and I were listening to Blake talk to us about how important it is to have each other to lean on for the rest of our lives and what our vows truly meant. It was surprisingly surreal to me. I honestly didn't think it would have impacted me to that extent, but it definitely did."

What's next for you two?

Katie: "We just returned from an amazing week in St. Lucia, so now its back to our new home in Homewood, AL!"


Ceremony: Auburn United Methodist Church

Reception and catering: Moore's Mill Club

Videography: Jeff Bush Videography

Bride's dress: Ivory and White

Bridesmaids' dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Flowers: Clay Mitchell (Hollyhock Gallery)

Bride's cake: Tania Cobine/GiGi's

Band: 4 Barrel Funk (Music Garden)