Hudson + Sarah {wedding :: Birmingham, Ala}

How did you two meet?

Sarah: "Hudson and I first met in an abnormal psychology class at Auburn! We had been a part of the same college ministry while we were in Auburn, and Hudson played for the worship band on Wednesday nights, so I saw him regularly. I saw him in my abnormal psychology class and decided to go introduce myself and sit by him. We didn't get to know each other too well that semester but we were in the same major so we eventually started having most of our classes together. Our major was small, but dominated by girls (Hudson was about 1 of 10 or so guys in our major). During this time, my roommate was trying to encourage Hudson to ask me on a date, and trying to see if I was interested in Hudson. Hudson told her that I was, "too quiet," and when she asked me what I thought about Hudson I said, that he was, "a little too loud for me." -- but we obviously got over that, and we went on our first date about six months later!"

Hudson: "Sarah and I met for the very first time in an abnormal psychology class at Auburn. She came and sat down next to me on the first day and introduced herself. I like to take things slow, so admittedly, I couldn’t remember her name after that whole semester… BUT, we had a lot of classes together after that and we became good friends."

How and when did Hudson propose?

Sarah: "Hudson proposed on our one-year anniversary. We originally thought that we would be dating for another year or so before marriage would be an option, but God led Hudson to a job at Briarwood Presbyterian, so getting married earlier than expected became an option. A few weeks after Hudson got his job, he proposed (on our one-year anniversary)! We went to church together that morning, and we went to lunch at Amsterdam in Auburn. After we had lunch together, we went on a drive all across Auburn/Opelika. It was not unusual for Hudson and I to ride around and just spend time together, but this day it felt like he was taking me to the oddest and most remote parts of Auburn. Finally, he starts driving toward Kiesel Park, and we got out to go for a walk. We turned a corner on our walk and there was this huge wooden sign that said, "Will You Marry Me?" propped up against a tree. In front of the sign, Hudson had a blanket for us to sit on and there were picture of us hanging on strings connected to the trees. Hudson got down on one knee and proposed, and after I said, 'yes,' he read me a letter that he had written me. It was so thoughtful and meaningful because I could tell he had worked very hard to make that moment perfect!"

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Hudson: "I get super stir-crazy if I cant get out and do something active for long periods of time. I love going hiking, camping and basically anything outside. Getting to bring Sarah along for some of those adventures have made them exponentially more fun! But, as far as normal life together goes, we enjoy hanging out with our college friends, playing with our dog Abe and watching New Girl."

Hudson-- what's one of the things you admire most about Sarah?

Hudson: "As I got to know Sarah in college, I saw that she loved other people so so well. Sarah is continually putting other people‘s needs above her own, and she does that so well with me! We didn’t come into our relationship with pretty much any of the same friends or hobbies, but she has always had a great attitude about all of the crazy things I’m trying to get her to do! She is patient and gentle, and is teaching me to look more like Jesus in those ways."

Sarah-- what's one of the things you admire most about Hudson?

Sarah: "I admire the way that Hudson loves me and loves life. It's clear that Hudson loves the Lord because of the way he pursues me. From day one Hudson has made me feel cherished and safe. I've never had to question his intentions or his feelings for me and that has been a blessing. Hudson is passionate about living well. If Hudson has work that needs to be done, he is going to work to the best of his ability and he is going to enjoy it along the way. On the other hand, Hudson loves to have fun and he is always seeking out his next adventure."

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day?

Sarah: "I think the best part of our wedding was being surrounded by people who are so dear to us and having the opportunity to covenant ourselves to each other in front of them. Everyone in our bridal party has been by our side through different seasons of life, our musicians were some of our close friends/played with Hudson in the worship band at our church in Auburn, and Hudson's dad officiated our ceremony. Everything was very personal, and I'm so thankful that we have amazing friends and family members!"

Hudson: "The second those doors opened up, and I got to see Sarah walking down the aisle. I couldn’t explain what I was feeling in that moment if I tried, but it was perfect."

What's next for you two?

Sarah: "Hudson and I are now living in Birmingham. I'm working for UAB Medicine, and Hudson works with Briarwood Presbyterian's youth group where we're both starting to lead small groups for 11th graders. We're adjusting to living in Birmingham and being married, and we're praying that God would use us in mighty ways as we start our new lives together!"

^ Sarah + Hudson were surprised with their pup child at the end of their exit line!


Venue: Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Wedding Director: Deanna Morgan

Hair + Makeup: Abby Moorer

Flowers: Dean Hodge

Dress: Bridal Bliss

Catering: Moe's BBQ

Wedding Cake: Molly Perry

Groom's Cake/Donuts: Heavenly Donuts

DJ: Wayne Ingram