Landon + Samantha {wedding :: Montgomery, Ala.}

How did you two meet?

Samantha: "Land and I grew up one street apart, but we did not meet until 2014 at a Christmas party. This was fitting considering his avid love for Christmas-- one of the many things I adore about him. From the moment I met Landon, I was completely enamored by him. Six years older, he was just what I needed. His maturity, goofy dance moves, and adorable dog, Fox, won my heart.. not to mention his looks ;)."

Landon: "Sam and I first met here in Montgomery at a Christmas party in 2014. At the time, we were both dating other people, but I continued to find myself thinking about her over the next few months. I remember my immediate attraction to her from the very beginning. Her smile, laugh and personality were just a few of the many attributes I was drawn to. In October of 2015, I was blessed with the opportunity to take Sam to a concert in Nashville, TN. On November 14, 2015, I mustered up the courage to ask Sam to be my girlfriend, and we have been dating ever since."

How did Landon propose?

Landon: "I asked Sam to marry me on June 2, 2017. A lot of thought and planning went into this proposal, and without the tremendous amount of help from our families and friends, I may not have been able to pull off this big surprise. Sam was scheduled to attend a girls trip that weekend; however, a few weeks before, I called a few of her friends to inform them that I was proposing on this date. Her friends worked with me, and someone convinced Sam to wait and ride down to the beach with them sometime after dinner. Once she called to confirm she wasn't leaving until later in the evening, I asked her if she and her family wanted to go eat dinner at Wynlakes Country Club. I was already up at Wynlakes with the ring in my pocket. When she and her family arrived, I asked her if she would walk down to the terrace and have have a glass of wine with me. Once I saw her walking towards me, I could barely control my emotions. In my hand was a scrapbook that I had made with pictures we had taken over the years. I explained to her that these past few years were the happiest times of my life, and that there was no question that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. At that point, with emotions running high, I got down on one knee and asked for her to marry me."

Samantha: "June 2, 2017. I still get giddy thinking about this day. With a girls beach trip planned, I got off of work with every intention of packing my bag and hitting the road. One of my best friends and maid-of-honor, Lindsay, and I were planning to ride together. She texted me with an excuse as to why we would need to leave later than originally planned. When talking to my mom, I dropped that we would be leaving later, and she suggested having dinner at Wynlakes. She told me to invite Landon, which I did, oblivious to what was in store for the night. He said that he was going to 'hit some some balls' at the club then meet us to eat. When we arrived I called him to see where he was, assuming he was late per usual. He told me he had a glass of wine for me and that there was music playing outside (two things he knows I am a sucker for). He wanted me to join him, but it was sprinkling outside, so I gave him the runaround. When I told my parents, they seemed interested in what was going on outside, so I followed them out the door. When I didn't see him, my mom pointed in the distance, and my heart stopped. There was Landon standing in the rain by a gorgeous cross his mom made with hydrangeas, my favorite flowers, on it. The rain no longer seemed to be an issue. Shaking, I walked towards him. He begin his gushing spill, while showing me a photo album that he had put together with some of our favorite memories we have shared. The next thing I know he was down on his knee, with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen, asking me to be his wife. When I thought things could not be more perfect, I turned around and saw both of our families. We popped champagne and speeches were made. Mrs. Lisa told me we were going to have dinner at their house with both of our families, so we headed that way. Thinking the surprises were over, we pulled up to Landon's parents house that had cars all down the street and up the driveway. I walked in to a house full of our best friends and families. The night could not have been more perfect."

What are some things you two enjoy doing together?

Landon: "Sam and I love going to concerts together. We've probably attended 20+ shows since we started dating back in November of 2015. We also love spending time at the lake and beach with both of our families. Over New Years 2016, we flew to Telluride, CO and went skiing with her entire extended family."

Samantha: "Most of our nights are spent with wine and music. Whether it is listening to vinyl records, playing songs through the Jambox, or live at a show, we both love unwinding to music. We have been to countless concerts together from Sturgill Simpson to Leon Bridges to Grace Potter to my personal favorite, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Although I enjoy going to concerts, my favorite nights are the ones spent in the kitchen cooking together, while dancing to music playing in the background. While music is ONE of our favorite things, our families and friends are the most important to us. Family has always been extremely important to me, and I knew I would end up with someone who felt the same way. We are both blessed to have such amazing families that we enjoy being around and can look up to. I value the fact that we live in the same city as both of our families. We also love getting to go to the beach with my family and the lake with his. So to answer your question in fewer words: spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, lake, and concerts, and sipping wine cooking together are some of the things we like to do together."

Samantha--what's one of the things you admire most about Landon?

Samantha: "His vivacious personality! Landon never meets a stranger and has the ability to turn any situation into fun. It is hard to be in a bad mood for a long time around him."

Landon-- what's one of the things you admire most about Sam?

Landon: "Sam has so many different personality traits and characteristics that I admire and adore, but if I was required to just choose one, then it would probably be the love and affection she shows towards her family and friends. She would literally do anything in her power to help others in need."

What was each yall's favorite part of the big day?

Samantha: "My favorite part of the day was having all of our favorite people in one place. I will forever cherish that. Without our friends and family, Landon and I would not be who we are today. They are a HUGE part of the reason our day was nothing short of perfect! 

Landon: "My favorite part of our wedding day was when Sam walked down the stairs towards me. That was the first time I saw her in her dress, and she looked absolutely beautiful."

What's next for you two?

Samantha: "The future for Landon and I is open. We are thrilled to begin this new chapter of our lives together. We don't have any immediate plans, but we have discussed adding a new addition to our family-- one that has four legs and is covered in fur."

Landon: "Sam and I have discussed the possibility of potentially getting another puppy to add to our family. At this time, I think we are both just excited to be living together and looking forward to whatever opportunities come our way."


Bride's dress: Anne Barge

Bride's veil: Alex Woolard

Flowers: Graylillies

Hair + makeup: GLOW

Ceremony + reception venue + catering: Wynlakes Golf and Country Club