William + Hope {wedding} :: Huntsville, Ala.

How did you two meet?

William: "Hope and I met through mutual friends at Hope's sorority Halloween social. The first thing I thought when I met Hope was how much everyone enjoyed being around her. She was so kind and personable to everyone. And of course, on top of that, I thought she was beautiful."

Hope: "William and I both went to Auburn University. Our junior year, mutual friends set William up to go to a Halloween social with me. I made him dress up in a Great Gatsby theme costume, and although he hated the costume, we really hit it off. I don’t remember what exactly I thought when I first met William, but I know I was definitely crushing hard at this point. Every weekend either William or I was out of town. I remember praying so many times asking God if William and I were supposed to work out, God would give me a sign or make it happen. God sure had a plan!"

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Hope: "William and I enjoy doing a lot of things outside whether it be watching him play golf, going on walks and sometimes runs. We also love to play games like tennis and card or board games. We also have started cooking together finding recipes we both like. We also enjoy hanging out with friends and family. As long as we are together, we enjoy doing just about anything!"

How and when did William propose? 

Hope: "Right after my graduation from nursing school in August, William my family and I were headed out to dinner to celebrate. William and I got out of the car at Toomers Corner and walked over to Langdon Hall where he said he wanted to take a picture, and I just kind of went with it. William then had me open a gift which was a Bible that had what will be my new initials-- HMS. Neither of us are sure what was said because we both blacked out in the moment. I do remember he asked me to spend forever with him, and I said 'yes!' William then told me to go to the marked page in the Bible where Ecclesiastes 4: 8-12 was underlined with the date. That verse will forever be special to us and a beautiful reminder God’s marriage intended for us. Then William told me that the ring was his grandmother's ring. Early in our relationship, his grandparents invited William over to give to him his grandmother’s ring if he were to get married. The timing of this meant so much to me to know that the people that knew him the best knew that there was something special about US!"

What was each of yall's favorite part of the day?

Hope: "My favorite part was the ceremony. Walking down the aisle and seeing the way William was looking at me is something I’ll never forget. Just looking into his eyes throughout the ceremony gave me so much peace. Saying our vows to each other is something we will never forget, and are words that will guide our marriage for many many years. (Dancing the night away was also a close second.)"

William: "My favorite part of the wedding besides actually getting married was probably the band. They played a lot of our favorite songs and kept everyone on the dance floor the whole reception."

Willam-- what's one of the things you admire most about Hope?
William: "One of the things I admire most about Hope is how beautiful not only on the outside, but the inside as well."

Hope--what's one of the things you admire most about William?
Hope: "The way he loves me. Each and every day, I know that William unconditionally loves me. I can't wait to fall more and more in love with him each and every day."

What's next for you two?
Hope: "We just moved into an apartment together in Atlanta. We look forward to growing together and working towards buying a house. Later down the road, we plan on getting a dog and having a family of our own one day."


Venue: The Ledges in Huntsville
Hair: Under the Veil
Makeup: Nancy Finnegan
Dress: Something Blue Shoppe
Flowers: Jana Warner
Cake: Angie Bakes Cakes
Invitations: Empress Stationary