William + Jessy {wedding :: Montgomery, Ala.}

How did you two meet?

Jessy: "William and I met on a ski trip in Montana. My dear friend, Elisabeth, invited me along on a trip with some Samford guys for our Christmas break. Of course, we had scouted out everyone going, and it was a joke that my chances were high to come back with a boyfriend. When I first met William, my first thought was, 'OK he is so cute.' He was wearing a blue t-shirt that matched his eyes. But, I quickly realized he was the quiet one of the bunch. The group would be playing games, sitting around talking and laughing, and William would be tucked away by himself reading a book. The more I got to know him, the more I wanted him to come out of his shell. Towards the end of our trip, he finally decided to put his book down and hang out. It was then that I really got to know him. We talked and laughed, and he told me all about his book, but I thought, 'OK, he is so cute AND studious!!" He was also the best skier I have ever seen, and was such a gentleman and so kind! He woke up for our 5 a.m. flight and helped us girls get our bags to the car. We exchanged numbers and after Christmas, he made the trip down to Auburn to take me on our first official date! We went to The Hound, and I pretended like my go-to order was the mac and cheese because I didn't want to order anything that would be hard to eat. It took us going back there for a couple more dates until I finally confessed I would prefer a messy burger over mac and cheese any day. It was truly the BEST first date-- I knew I wanted to keep him around, but I prayed he felt the same. Thankfully he did, and he made the trip from Gadsden to Auburn almost every weekend so we could maintain a relationship while I was a full-time student and cheering. He is honestly the MOST supportive person I know! Having him around my last two years at Auburn was truly icing on the cake!"

How did William propose?

William: "I proposed at my farm in Northeast Alabama. It is actually a deer farm, and I proposed in a pen full of deer. Jessy and I went and looked at a litter of cats a few weeks before the proposal, and I used a kitten as a prop. I tied the ring around the cat's neck. At first, she did not see the ring, but when she did, she started to freak out a little. After she saw the ring, I got down on one knee and the rest is a little fuzzy-- too much adrenaline."

Jessy-- what is one thing you admire most about William?
Jessy: "What I admire most about William is how genuine he is. He cares so deeply about people. He really does always put others over himself. He is brutally honest, but that is something I love and respect in him. He puts others needs above his own. He would do anything for anyone and expect absolutely nothing in return. He is such a selfless giver. He's just the best!!!"

William-- what's one thing you admire most about Jessy?
William: "One of the things I admire most about Jessy is her contagious personality. Every single person she comes into contact with leaves in a better mood. She is constantly smiling and lifting me up. People are drawn to her, and I know that is a lot of the reason we are married now. Her loving and caring personality is what makes her truly an amazing person."

What was each of yall's favorite parts of the day?

Jessy: "We both would say that our favorite part of the day was our first look. Although the minute we made eye contact when I was about to walk down the aisle was a close second. Both moments were so special-- the first look being more private and intimate as we finally got to see each other and look forward to the excitement of the day and what was to come. The first time we locked eyes as I was about to come down the aisle finally made all the long days and nights of planning worth it as we got to show our love and commitment to each other in front of our closest friends and family was the absolute best!!!!"

What's next for you two?

Jessy: "This is a hard one-- William has two years left of dental school at UAB. He’s still unsure of exactly what he wants to do, but we are trusting the Lord's provision for our life as we wait to see where He will take us! We love being and Birmingham and have the best friends! We are anxiously waiting to see what the next two years bring, but know it’s going to be great!"

Church: Frazer United Methodist Church
Reception: The Alley Station
Dress: Diane's Formal Affair  
Bridesmaid dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Hair: Glow App
Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup Collective
Flowers: Graylillies
Invitations and programs: Weezie B Designs
Calligraphy for invitations: Terri Lander
Calligraphy on reception signs and name cards for food: Kasey Tucker
Cake: Donna Oliphant
Caterer: Tammy's A Catered Affair
Videographer: Daniel Cox  
Musician: Patrick Craig
Rentals: Brendle Rentals
Band: Established