Casey + Bekah {wedding :: Montgomery, Ala.}

How did you two meet?
Bekah: "We first met at the 5 a.m. crossfit class at CrossFit Opelika, and that place will always hold special memories for the both of us. I remember thinking that Casey was very handsome, but I also thought he was loud. It was the start of football season, and he walked into the gym yelling how excited he was."

Casey: "I remember thinking Bekah was very,very, very pretty, but there was no way a girl like that was ever going to date me.”

How and when did Casey propose?
Bekah: "This story is probably best told by him, but Casey proposed to me on the beach on my birthday. I have always wanted to get married in December, and I told Casey I did not want to have a long engagement. So, after the proposal, he told me he tried to propose at a time that would allow both of those to happen-- but I had no idea he was going to propose or even that he bought a ring! I was completely in the dark. I knew we would get married, but I had NO idea when that would be."

Casey: I wanted to propose somewhere that was special for us. Bekah’s family was already planning a beach trip in May, so I asked her family if I could highjacked the family vacation with my proposal. The beach is her very favorite place to be, so I thought what better place… and it will even be on her birthday (which she will never see coming.) After deciding on the when and where, I arranged for my family and some of our closest friends to be staying/hiding at a beach house down the road from her family. Bekah was already down at the beach, and I was coming in from a conference and meeting her there. I got into town earlier and scoped out the perfect place on the beach for the proposals (and the perfect hiding place for my brother to take pictures). They were all getting ready for her 'birthday dinner.' She knew they were having a birthday dinner for her that evening-- what she didn’t know was that it would double as an engagement dinner. Once I got to the house, I sat down for all of two minutes then asked her to go on a walk on the beach with me because my legs were stiff from driving all day. We walked out on to the beach, and I made it about 10 steps before I dropped to one knee so quickly the indention may still be there."

Bekah: "I had no idea what was going on because he walked, seriously, two steps and said, 'You know I want to spend the rest of my life with you, right?' Then, I looked over, and he was on one knee."

Casey: "After three 'Is this real?' and a few steps forward and backwards, she finally said, 'yes!' Afterwards, we walked back up to the house where our family and friends were waiting with a surprise engagement party."

Casey-- what's one of the things you admire most about Bekah?
Casey: "I admire her dedication to everything she sets her mind to. I admire the love and patience she continually shows to me. I admire her work ethic in getting her doctorate, and I admire her relationship with Christ."

Bekah--what's one of the things you admire most about Casey?
Bekah: "I admire how genuine and giving Casey is in everything he does. He loves and cares about others-- especially his family. He is always willing to help when there is a need. I admire how hard he works, and I’m so proud of what he has accomplished. I admire his love for Christ."

What are some things y'all like to do together?
Bekah: "We like to workout together. Of course, this is a major part of both our lives, and we are glad we get to enjoy it together. We like staying in and watching movies. We love going on road trips and spending time together in the car. We enjoy spending time with each of our families. We enjoy going to church together, and we’ve enjoyed getting involved and serving as a married couple. I’m slowly turning Casey into a regular beach goer-- which is my favorite thing to do."

What was each yall's favorite part of the day?
Casey: "I had a lot of moments during the day that meant a lot to me and that I will always remember, but the first look was hands down my favorite."

Bekah: "The day was everything and nothing like I expected. I loved being able to share those special moments with my mom and sister, along with my bridesmaids. Showing my dad my dress for the first time (well second time) but first for that day. Being able to spend time and share memories with our closest friends and family throughout the whole day and then talking and dancing with those at the reception. But, my favorite part of the day was seeing Casey at the end of the aisle and saying, 'I do.' At the end of the day, we both agreed that becoming husband and wife in the eyes of God is the best memory and gift we received that day."

What's next for you two?
Bekah: "Casey would tell you we are off to train for the Avengers. A little movie humor– he’s a movie buff, and now I’m his permanent tag along that ask a lot of questions. But… in reality, we are returning to Kentucky (our current home) and will be there for at least the next two years. I am currently working on my PhD in Exercise Physiology at the University of Kentucky, and Casey is the director of strength and conditioning at Kentucky Christian University. We hope to move back to Alabama or at least the South as soon as I am finished with school. We are loving married life!"