DJ + Rebecca {wedding :: Birmingham, Ala.}

How did you two meet?
Rebecca: "We met at UAB hospital! Our friends set us up on a date. My nurse friend on my unit (Maggie) and DJ’s resident doctor friend (Chad) were talking about finding someone sweet for DJ to date, and I am so thankful I came to their mind! I had heard he wanted to ask me on a date on the unit, and I was eagerly waiting. I thought he was really kind, smooth, confident and handsome ;)."

DJ: "As Rebecca mentioned, two of our wonderful friends set us up. I was so nervous and awkward, but also so excited to meet Rebecca. We spoke for the first time in the ICU, and she kindly agreed to go to dinner with me. I will never forget her smile and sweet heart-- it was truly love at first sight! Rebecca has been such an incredible blessing from our Lord, and she is truly a dream come true! (She is also the most beautiful woman in the world!!)"

How and when did DJ propose?
Rebecca: "He proposed the same place my parents got engaged-- at my grandparents’ lake house! It was August 4th, 2018. We had plans to meet DJ’s friends for dinner, but my Dad called on the way asking us to run by the lake and pick up his phone he left (which he actually did leave there in case I used Find My Friends app). He said he had a bad migraine and would get my brothers to meet us at the place we were going for dinner. I knew the proposal was coming soon, but honestly blocked it out as an option that night with DJ's grandmother was in the hospital and my friends said they were working or out of town. DJ had a table set up, overlooking the lake, with a book with all his journal entries and pictures from our time together, as well as a Bible with our names on it, candles and the ring. His sisters and my sister were hiding and taking pictures and Christmas lights were hanging on the trees (in August!). It was magical! He got down on one knee. I was shaking and almost forgot to say 'yes' I was so overwhelmed. And afterwards, we had a surprise engagement party at my parents house with our family and friends! They did an incredible job!! It was such a wonderful day!"

DJ--what's one of the things you admire most about Rebecca?
DJ: "One of the things that struck me most about Rebecca is that she is truly the sweetest person I have ever met. And that word, 'sweet'  is exactly how I described her to all of my family and friends when we first started dating. Rebecca is so thoughtful, giving, caring, serving, and incredibly loving, and she is such a joy to be around! She is truly such an amazing blessing from our Lord, and I do not deserve her!"

Rebecca-- what's one of the things you admire most about DJ?
Rebecca: "I love how DJ loves. DJ truly exemplifies Christ’s forgiving, joyous and pursuing love every day since we met--not only to me, but I have noticed him share this love with everyone he comes into contact with-- whether that be a friend, coworker, family member, patient, or stranger. I love how encouraging, joyful, positive, and caring he is too! I do not deserve such a man and never imagined someone could surpass all dreams, prayers, and expectations."

What are some things y'all like to do together?
DJ: “We love spending every possible minute together! We love taking walks/hikes, cooking, spending time with our awesome family and friends, watching funny TV shows, going to Church and praying together, and just being close to one another!”

What was each yall's favorite part of the day?
DJ: "I loved marrying the sweetest woman in the world and entering into the covenant of marriage in the presence of God and so many of our family and friends. It was the best day!"

Rebecca: "I loved walking down the aisle, focusing on DJ, seeing his unconditional love for me all over his tear-stained face. What a beautiful undeserving image we had the privilege to symbolize! Us, Christians, walking to our Lord washed white as snow, purified of all sin. And the pursuer, Jesus, waiting eagerly at the end. It was crazy thinking this was the last time I was walking down the aisle 'til heaven. We are so undeserving of His Love!"

What's next for you two?
Rebecca: “DJ and I are currently unpacking our house in Cahaba Heights! We are falling more in love with each passing day, building our lives together as One. DJ is continuing his Hematology-Oncology fellowship for 2 more years at UAB, and hopes to be a cancer doctor in Birmingham. I plan to continue working as an ICU nurse, with the goal of starting CRNA school if the Lord wills... and maybe start a family :)”