Matt + Mary Katherine {engagement} :: Auburn, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Mary Katherine: "Matt and I met through my older brother, Bo, in 2010 at Quixotes. Matt and Bo had recently started a band together, The Bama Gamblers, and I drove from Tuscaloosa to Auburn to watch them play for the first time. I remember immediately thinking he was so cute the first time I saw him. Matt and I became close friends quickly, and once I transferred to Auburn in 2012 we saw each other pretty much everyday. In 2013, we finally stopped trying to convince everyone, including ourselves, that we were just friends and became a couple! A few months later, he bought me our dog, Waylon, and I’ve been in love with him ever since. He’s truly my best friend and my favorite person!"

Matt: "The first time we met was at a bar in Auburn called Quixote’s now referred to
as 'Q’s' by the college kids. I was on stage playing with a band that happened
to have her brother as the bass player. We didn’t really talk that much to each
other that night, but as the band progressed, we started seeing each other
more and more often."

What are some things you two enjoy doing together?
Mary Katherine: "We really love to do anything and everything together! Our favorite thing to do is probably go see live music. We have been to SO many concerts over the past six years. We also love to do anything with Waylon, so we spend lots of time at the park. Matt won’t ever admit it, but he loves watching reality TV with me so we do that together too." 

Matt: "One of our favorite things to do together is take Waylon to the park. That’s
where the idea to propose at the park with Waylon there came from. Another
one of our favorite things to do is to watch American Idol while eating dinner
in the bed."

How and when did Matt propose?

Matt: "I proposed on September 30, 2018, at Kiesel Park in Auburn, Al (the same place that our incredible engagement pictures were taken). It was the day before our fifth anniversary and it was about 90 degrees but felt like a 110 to me. We walked our normal route with Waylon (our 5 year old puppy) and I was doing my best to keep my cool when we finally made it to a bench on the back trail of the park. After a couple of minutes of fumbling through my words, I hit one knee and vividly remember MK’s hand shaking furiously as I asked her to marry me. The details get a little fuzzy after that but I’m assuming she said yes since we’re getting married in December!"

Mary Katherine: "We got engaged on September 30, 2018-- also known as the hottest day of the entire year (in my opinion.) We love to take our dog, Waylon, out to Kiesel Park on Sundays to let him run off some energy. That Sunday was like any other Sunday, except I did NOT want to go. It was HOT and we had been to the Auburn game the day before. However, Matt was insisting that we go. We walked our normal route, and I thought Matt was acting totally normal-- other than the fact that he was drenched in sweat. We decided to take a break and sit down on a bench. Of course right when we sit down, Waylon darts into the woods, so I had to go after him. When I came back, Matt was awkwardly standing next to the bench and grabbed my hands. He said a bunch of words that I’m 100% sure he had not rehearsed and finally dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him! I was totally caught off guard. We celebrated that night with our favorites-- Chinese food and Kardashians. Hands down best day of my life and easiest decision I’ve ever made!"

Matt-- describe Mary Katherine in three words:

Matt: "Three words is difficult!

Hilarious-- especially when she’s not trying to be
Bright-- personality-wise and intelligence-wise
Loving-- in order to take care of Waylon and me there has to be a lot
of love there!”

Mary Katherine-- describe Matt in three words:

Mary Katherine: "Kind-- to know Matt truly is to love him. I constantly hear people talk about how kind and considerate Matt is-- and it’s so true. He has the kindest heart and the sweetest soul. Everyone loves him-- my friends love him more than they love me, and I love that! He can talk to anyone and would give you the shirt off his back before you even realized you needed it. He’s never judgmental and is so sweet. He gives the BEST hugs and lights up every room he walks into. I love my 'Mr. Kind Eyes.' 

Patient-- Matt is probably the most patient person I have ever met. Trust me when I say that because I test his patience on a daily basis. Whether he is teaching guitar lessons at work or simply being a friend, he is patient and understanding. He is the definition of a partner in all aspects-- a shoulder to cry on, a confidence booster and the ultimate listener all while never getting frustrated. He’s my favorite person to talk things through with because he can always help me see things from a different perspective-- and will let me ramble until I run out of energy! 

Talented-- Matt is one of the most talented guitar players I’ve ever seen! Every time he plays, there are literally groups of people standing in front of him staring in awe. There was even one time where the crowd started chanting his name (you know he loved that!) I see his face truly light up with joy when he’s playing guitar and seeing him so genuinely happy makes me so happy. The passion he has for playing guitar is contagious, and I love watching him be so incredibly dedicated to something. I am so thankful for Matt, ALL of his guitars, and that Bama Gamblers show in 2010 which led me to this man that is 1,000 times better than anything I could have ever imagined!"