Stephen + Britton {engagement} :: Atlanta, Ga.

How did you two meet?
Britton: "Stephen and I met through the college ministry spring break mission trip our junior year at Auburn. I thought, 'Who is the cute quiet guy?' We didn’t talk much until we returned to campus, and I was trying to sell philanthropy tickets for a dodge ball tournament. He and his friends made a team to compete. Plus, he had a sweet black lab that reeled me in for quality dog time."

Stephen: "Britton and I met on Amplify 2013 (First Baptist Church of Opelika's college spring break mission trip) while we were both juniors in college at Auburn. We were both assigned to the same group to repaint a fire station in the Port St. Joe area during the week. We interacted some during the painting and the rides to and from the fire station. I remember her being very outgoing and bubbly...and asked a lot of questions. That definitely forced me out of my comfort zone, but I thought it was endearing. After the trip we reconnected back at school, and the rest is history."

What are some things y'all like to do together?
Britton: "We love to hike with each of our dogs-- Lexi and Raisin. We also enjoy traveling and already dreaming about future trips."

Stephen: "Hiking, playing with our dogs (Raisin and Lexi), spending time with friends, skiing, traveling, trying out new breweries, going to the lake and eating pizza-- just to name a few."

How and when did Stephen propose?
Britton: "Stephen’s proposal was beautifully romantic with (the a little touch of 'us.') About a year prior, we were emailing while Stephen was serving in the Navy. He mentioned taking a trip to Europe—I was in! When planning our trip to Italy, he asked me what was I most excited about. Stephen used my top choice by proposing on our gondola ride. I genuinely had no idea in the moment because I was in such awe of the sights. I wondered why he was fidgeting around, but was too distracted to question. After he asked, "Do you think you’d be able to live with my quirks forever?' And my joking reply was, 'Yah, I don’t know, maybe.' I’m sure glad he still had the courage to ask me to marry him!"

Stephen: "We had planned a trip to Europe in November-December of 2018 while I was between duty stations. On the trip, we were planning on going to Zurich, Switzerland and several places in Italy-- including Venice. I thought this would be the perfect place to propose. I carried the ring around hidden in my backpack while we explored the city on November 26th, but I decided to pop the question while we were on a gondola ride...which is not easy to try and get down on one knee on!"

Britton- describe Stephen in three words:
Britton: "Stephen is conscientious, honest and patience. He thinks about all possibilities before making decisions-- including myself. His honesty is authentic and unwavering. Most of all, he is a God-fearing and patient man. I am indescribably thankful for who he is, and who he will be as we grow together as husband and wife."

Stephen-- describe Britton on three words:

Stephen: "Britton is outgoing, loving and beautiful."