Tyler + Kaylan {wedding} :: Pell City, Ala.

How did you two meet?
Kaylan: "The first thing I remember about Tyler was seeing his smile. He has the most genuine smile ever. We didn’t talk much but meeting him that day began our wonderful friendship nearly 8 years ago. I just can remember how kind he was to me. He just has one of those personalities that can capture a whole room."

Tyler: "I will never forget when I first saw Kaylan. Everyone at school told me about this tall and beautiful girl named Kaylan. The first time that I saw her, I knew it was her everyone was talking about. I can just remember how kind and beautiful she was and how I wanted to get to know her more."

How and when did Tyler propose?
Kaylan: "Our families usually always vacation together. It’s not a surprise when they decide to go on a cruise or a beach trip. We had decided to go to Panama City Beach for the week. A couple of days into the trip, Tyler and I went on a date. We signed and dated the wall at Hammerhead Fred’s and came back for beach pictures with our families. He proposed to me in front of all of the people whom we love and in one of our favorite places to be-- the beach! It was such a special day, and I’ll never forget it. Prior to our dinner date, there was a hotel fire and everyone was freaking out because they were afraid this would mess up picture time-- but it all worked out."

Tyler: "I had been planning for a while to propose to Kaylan at the beach in front of all of the people we love. By this point, I was already in Charlotte, so it was important to me that everyone was there. We had just gotten ready for our date to Hammerhead Fred’s and the fire alarm went off. I grabbed a bag and stuck the ring in it. I tried to play it cool and she never wondered why I was carrying a bag. We finally left for our date and had a great time. We came back and took family pictures, and I proposed to the love of my life."

What are some things y'all like to do together?
Kaylan: "We both just enjoy being together. He’s a big golfer, so I enjoy being at the course and watching him play. We are a big movie couple and could watch movies all day. Being in a new city, we like to explore together. We are both fairly competitive and when I was in shape, I could whip him in a game of basketball. I guess our new hobby should be getting me in shape. It doesn’t matter what the day brings, just being by his side will always be my favorite."

Tyler: "It doesn't matter what we do together, we enjoy it. We do get competitive, so sometimes I have to let her win. We both can be lazy and we find ourselves watching TV when I get home from work. We don’t have to constantly be doing something to enjoy each other’s company."

What was each yall's favorite part of the day?
Kaylan: "My favorite part of the day was seeing Tyler for our first look. He shows his emotions more when it’s just him and I so getting to see him before walking down the aisle was so special to me. I just remember him smiling so big when he turned around. We wrote our own vows and read them to each other; it was the sweetest thing in the world to hear what he had written for me on our wedding day."

Tyler: "I would say the first look. Before the wedding I was very hesitant about a first look because the first time I wanted to see her was walking down the aisle. However, the first look was a very special moment we were able to share together. However, I did love seeing her walk down the aisle. In my head, I was thinking, 'She is about to be wife.' The whole day was just special, but those two moments I will remember forever."

Tyler--what's one of the things you admire most about Kaylan?
Tyler: "Her kind heart. She's so compassionate to everyone she comes into contact with. It doesn’t matter who she meets, she will be kind to them. That is one trait that I truly have always admired. She has always shown me kindness and compassion too. She’s an incredible woman with a big heart for the Lord and others."

Kaylan-- what's one of the things you admire most about Tyler?
Kaylan: "One thing I admire about Tyler is his willingness to try and do new things. Once he has something set in his mind, he will go after it. He moved to a new state seven hours away from his family and me. He didn’t know many people at all, but he was so determined to get to Charlotte and start a life for us there. We did long distance for over two years. Just knowing that he was creating a life for us two there meant the world to me. I am so thankful he is so strong-minded and is able to lead me. I know that he will always take care of me. He also has one of the sweetest personalities. He’s so easy going and kind to everyone he meets. He’s more extroverted than me, so he’s really helped me get out of my shell some."

What's next for you two?
Kaylan :"We are both officially in Charlotte together. I just want to take in and fully appreciate this time with my husband. We are learning to be so depedent on each other, and I’m so excited to see where this journey leads us. God has really blessed us beyond belief and He has continually answered prayers and promises. I don’t know where we will end up in the future, but I will follow him wherever he takes us."

Venue: Applewood Farm
Hair + Makeup: Jennifer Lambert (shop: Savvy Chic)
Dress + Veil: Diane’s Formal Affair
Flowers: BoxwoodandBows
Cakes: Heavens Gold Cakes
Invitations: Diane’s Formal Affair
Videographer: JGO Films
Catering: Taco Mama
Violinist: Bethany Bracker