Ben + Mary Grace {wedding} Montgomery, Ala.

How did you two meet?

Mary Grace: "We do not really recall the first time we saw each other-- probably because we were only four years old! However, we do remember starting to like each other in the sixth grade. We had sixth period together at Trinity Presbyterian School, which is where we grew to become close friends, which led to exchanging messages via AIM and email, which led to becoming an official couple in the 7th grade. Because we have been together so long we really do not recall life without the other which is what made our wedding day so special to us. The opportunity to gather in the church we both grew up in surrounded by our favorite people made for the BEST day."

What are some things you two enjoy doing together?

Mary Grace: "Since moving to Atlanta, Ben and I have found enjoying cheering on our city's team-- the Braves! We both enjoy going to college sporting events and the fellowship that surrounds them. Ben enjoys playing golf, and I enjoy watching him play--especially when it’s with my sister! We also love spending our summer weekends at the lake with our favorite people. In the fall/winter, you can find us at Ben’s family farm with our family."

How and when did Ben propose?

Mary Grace: "Ben’s proposal was very sneaky because I am very nosey and can be hard to surprise. The two weeks prior to the proposal, I was completely consumed in sorority recruitment at Auburn, so Ben and I actually didn’t see each other for about two weeks. The Saturday after Auburn’s bid day was Ben’s birthday. I was focused on celebrating him on Saturday and then taking Sunday as a full day of rest (but Ben had other plans!) He encouraged me to go up to the lake with him on Sunday to see my family which I was content with; however, on our drive up there when it began to rain-- my mood quickly shifted. I was disappointed that we were going to be stuck in the lake house while it rained all day, but Ben reassured me that it would be a great day! We stopped at SpringHouse restaurant on our way in for a quick brunch. Afterwards, our waitress asked us if we wanted to go see the new baby goats. Though I had no immediate interest in the goats, Ben again encouraged us to go look at them. We went down to the stables where Ben proposed! Looking back, I am thankful for that morning together and the celebration of engagement that we had together! After leaving the stables, we went to my parents' lake house where our families had gathers to celebrate with us! After celebrating with them, we went back to Auburn where our closest friends from school had all gather for another celebration! We were overwhelmed with the love that was poured onto us that day—and second to June 22-- it was the best day!"

Ben-- what's one thing you admire most about Mary Grace?

Ben: "It's hard to pick just one thing that I admire most about Mary Grace because there are so many traits she possesses that makes her the beautiful person she is-- both inside and out. However, if I had to pick one thing that I admire most about Mary Grace, it is how selfless she is. She is constantly looking out for others and wanting to help others be the best that they can be. It is evident in all of her friendships where she is always calling to check in, writing them a note of encouragement or taking time out of her day to assist them. She is never too busy and always makes herself available. It is also evident in our relationship where she is always putting me first and placing my needs in front of hers. And finally, in her choice to be an occupational therapist where she will be helping others be the best versions of themselves."

Mary Grace-- what's one thing you admire most about Ben?

Mary Grace: "Ben has an innate ability of making people feel included and welcomed in any situation. I believe this characteristic is a reflection of his love for the Lord and his desire for others to know this love also. This quality can also been seen in his loyalty to his people. You can always count on Ben to be your biggest fan in every season of life. There are many things I admire about Ben, but this is the one I admire the most!"

What was each of yall's favorite parts of the day?

Mary Grace: "My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle to Ben. All the anticipation of that moment was far exceeded when those doors opened at Trinity Presbyterian Church, and I saw Ben Jones at the end of that aisle."

Ben: "I have to say my favorite part of our wedding day was the moment the doors opened for Mary Grace to walk down the aisle. This seems to be every groom’s answer, and now I understand why. There is no other time in life where you have a view of a church full of people that you love with the one you love the most walking down the aisle."

What's next for you two?

Mary Grace: "After we returned from our honeymoon, we made the move to Atlanta where Ben has taken a job with a commercial landscape company, and I am working to make Atlanta home! We look forward to exploring our BIG new city and all the adventures it will bring!"


Venue and catering: Montgomery Country Club
Hair and makeup: GLOW App
Bride's dress: The White Room
Flower: Jenny Noland Designs
Cakes: Peggy McKinney
Inviations: the bride, herself!