Michael + Sarah {wedding} :: Montgomery, Ala.

How did you two meet?
Michael: "I met Sarah just over two years ago at a friend’s house where we gathered to
watch the Super Bowl. I just arrived from coaching a baseball practice and knew everyone that
was coming was either married or in a relationship, but that’s when I noticed Sarah by herself. I
couldn’t help but look at her in a sneaky non-creepy way, but I was too nervous to say a whole
lot to her. The following day I asked my friend about his 'home add-on,' but only with the
intentions to ask about Sarah-- which he then gave me her phone number. That evening I asked
her out, and I remember the first time I saw Sarah pulling in to the Firebird’s restaurant. She
came flying in as if she owned the place or was practicing for the Talladega 500 race, but I was
also surprised she showed up after I jokingly told her, "My mom had just dropped me off, and
that I was waiting on her”. We hit it off from the very beginning and from that point on I knew
she was a God-send, and I enjoy every second I’m with her!"

Sarah: "We met about two years ago at a mutual friend’s Super Bowl party. I remember
as soon as Michael walked in the door immediately asking my friend who he was and wanting to know all the scoop she could let me know about him. He was the tall, dark, handsome and quiet type from first glance, which made me really intrigued, so I introduced myself, but we really didn’t talk much that night. I knew I thought he was cute, but I didn’t have a clue that he was interested in me until the next day I got a text from my friend’s husband telling me that Michael wanted to get my phone number. He texted me one day after that, and we went out on our first date that week. Then, we started seeing each other almost every day after that."

How and when did Michael propose?
Michael: "I knew early on I was going to marry Sarah, and several ideas had crossed my mind. My original idea was to propose the Sunday before Thanksgiving when we all gathered at her family’s house, but time was not on my side. Afterwards, it was getting close to Christmas time, Sarah and I had planned to take Christmas pictures with our dog, Sasha, so we can send out Christmas cards. I knew right then my plans were to ask that important question. I reached out to Sarah’s friend, Kristin, whom took our pictures, and informed her of my plans, so we were on the same page. We began taking pictures in front of the town hall in Moss Preserve in Hoover, AL when I grabbed the ring and got down on one knee to asked her to marry me."

What are some things yall like to do together?
Michael: "One of the biggest attractions about Sarah was her passion for baseball because her father is a head baseball coach in Montgomery, AL, and I’ve played my whole life. We enjoy watching and going to baseball games, trying out new restaurants, watching movies, going to the hunting camp, visiting her family and my soon-to-be niece, Mary Landers, and being spontaneous by going on trips which we went to Ellijay, GA last year."

Michael-- what's one of the things you admire most about Sarah?

Michael: "Sarah’s the most compassionate and selfless person I’ve ever met. There’s never a dull moment with her. Her love not just for me, but for other people, is contagious and is felt by everyone she meets. I truly am the luckiest and most blessed man to call Sarah my wife and to share this life with her."

Sarah what’s one of the things you admire most about Michael?

Sarah: "I admire how kind and patient he is towards others. He is quiet and reserved when you meet him as he listens and gets to truly know someone with his kind heart. He makes me want to be a better person when it comes to patience for others in all circumstances. I get rushed trying to check things off my list that I become impatient and frustrated with others instead of just being in the moment and enjoying what is all around me. He has brought so much perspective in this area that I have to daily work to get better at. We are so blessed God put us into one another’s lives and I hope and pray our marriage can be an example of Christ’s love."

What was each yall’s favorite part of the day?

Michael: "Mine was the moment I first turned around to see Sarah in her wedding dress. Words can’t describe how I felt and how beautiful she was. It’s a memory I will never forget, and it was a day that I will always remember."

Sarah: "My favorite part was of course was first look I had when Michael saw me for the first time and that anticipation as we begin this journey to join our lives together. All the months of planning for this special moment is what a girl dreams of her whole life especially when you know you have found the person God has for you. I couldn’t stop smiling at him knowing this is just the beginning. I know he will always protect and provide for me. I feel safe and secure knowing that he is the leader of our family to guide us where we need to go. I think we were both so blessed and thankful to see all the friends and family that came out to celebrate our big day. All the friends that we have made along the way separated and now together as a couple was so special."

What is next for you two?

Sarah: "We will be living and working in Birmingham. We love to travel so we will be taking some trips this year like Blue Ridge, GA which is starting to be an annual trip. Greece is on our bucket list for our first trip together abroad. We plan on starting a family soon! We both love kids, and we can’t wait to have some of our own. Until that time comes, we will just enjoy time together and getting our house ready to have friends and family over."


Venue- The Oaks Plantation
Church- First Baptist Church of Montgomery, AL
Bride’s cake- Cake Design’s
Groom’s donuts- Shipley’s in Birmingham
Dress- Anne Barge at Bustle Gowns
Hair- Emily Shanks @ Dougs 2
Makeup- Eva Crockett @ Gus Mayer
Catering- A Catered Affair
Rental’s- Brendle’s Rentals
Flowers- Elizabeth Fritz
Bridesmaids dresses- Bella Bridesmaids
Groom’s & Groomsmen Suits- Joseph A. Banks
Band- Blanton Reed Band