Jonathan + Brooke {wedding} :: 3.19.16

How did you two meet, and how long did you two date?

Brooke: “Jonathan and I actually met through my maid of honor, Amy Masingill. Amy is my best friend from high school and after graduation we ended up at two different schools– I went to Alabama and she went to Auburn. I spent a lot of time visiting Amy in Auburn during college. The summer after my freshman year, our paths crossed with Jonathan’s, and he and I have been together ever since!”


How and when did Jonathan propose?

Brooke: “Jonathan proposed on March 15, 2015. I was living in Atlanta and he was living in Birmingham at the time. We had both come to Montgomery for the weekend. I had an engagement party and he wanted to hunt on his family’s land. I had told him I’d go for a walk with him after he went turkey hunting that morning which is something we did often in Montgomery on their land. During our walk, he pulled me aside in front of his family’s 19th century homestead and had a pedestal set up with his hunting cameras surrounding it to get pictures of the proposal! I was still clueless until he actually got on one knee and I saw the ring! He also had brunch set up with my entire family afterwards. It was the best surprise of my life!”

Brooke– what’s one of the things you admire most about Jonathan?

Brooke: “Only choosing one thing I admire about Jonathan is difficult for me. Jonathan is thoughtful, loving, and makes me laugh every single day. One of my favorite things about Jonathan, though, is that he is a strong leader. He leads in everything he does, sometimes without even realizing it, and I love and appreciate how he has already started to lead our little family!”

Jonathan– what’s one of the things you admire most about Brooke?

Jonathan: “My favorite thing about Brooke is how strong of a Christian Woman she is. She is constantly pushing me to become better, closer, and stronger to God and the importance cannot be measured in our relationship. She is definitely a Godly Woman and I love and adore that about her.”

What was each yall’s favorite part of the big day?

Brooke: “My favorite part of our wedding day was seeing Jonathan for the first time. There had been so much anticipation leading up to that moment and I was so excited for him to see my dress and talk to him about his gift! I also can’t go without mentioning how much I LOVED having all of our friends and families in the same place at the same time and seeing them all enjoying themselves! It’s rare to have so many loved ones in the same room all at once and it meant so much to us to have everyone there to help celebrate and support us!”

Jonathan: “My favorite part was obviously seeing Brooke for the first time. There had been so much build up for the past one year and four days that it was absolutely surreal to see my wife for the first time. She looked absolutely stunning and was just so unbelievably happy. It was a special moment for me that I will never forget.”


What’s next for you two?

Brooke: “Jonathan and I had dated for about four and a half years and all but five months of that was long distance. So we just recently bought a house and we are mostly just excited to get settled in the same city as a married couple!”



Ceremony Venue: Frazer United Methodist Church

Reception Venue: Alley Station Ballroom

Flowers: Melissa Kendall

Catering: White Wings Catering

Cakes: Vickie Kyser

Dress: The White Room

Hair and Makeup: Taylor Skipper – Olivia Salon

Band: Powerhouse

Lighting: Special Events Lighting

Videographer: Craig Kiker

Reid + Taylor {wedding} :: 2.27.16

How did you two meet, and how long did you two date?

Taylor: “We met out one night in Auburn when a friend introduced us! We dated for 5 years.”

How did Reid propose?

Taylor: “Reid proposed on a Friday evening in late August. I had been helping him move into a new house, and he said he didn’t want to work on the house that night– he wanted to take me to dinner. When he picked me up, I noticed he wasn’t wearing shoes! He said he couldn’t find them in the move and was going to check the new house so off we went. When we pulled up I didn’t even get out of the car- I thought he was just running inside. He signaled for me to come in and said he wanted  to show me something. When I came in the house he had flowers waiting in the kitchen and thanked me for everything I’d done to help him move. I looked for something to put the flowers in, and when I turned around he was on one knee!”

Taylor– what’s one of your favorite things about Reid?

Taylor: “It’s hard to just name one, but something I admire most about Reid is his patience!”

Reid– what’s one of your favorite things about Taylor?

Reid: “The thing I admire most about Taylor is her contagious laughter.”

What was each of yall’s favorite part of the day?

Taylor: “My favorite part of the day was the actual ceremony and the feeling I had as Reid and I walked down the aisle as a married couple. It was the greatest feeling of pride and joy I have ever experienced. Also, the excitement of having all our closest friends and family there to celebrate was incredible.”

Reid: “The best part of the big day was walking up the alley to the reception and seeing everyone as we walked in.”


Church: St. Peter Catholic Church

Reception: Central @129 Coosa Street

Catering: Central

Dress: Ivory and White (Birmingham, Ala.)

Flowers: Melissa Kyndall

Wedding Cake: Peggy McKinney

Grooms Cake: Magic Muffins (Birmingham, Ala.)

Videographer: Jeff Bush {}

Cups/Koozies/Napkins: Boosters Inc.

Invitations: The Paper Store