Adam + Hannah {wedding} :: Birmingham, Ala

How did you two meet?

Adam: "We first met after our weekly Bible study group from Shades Mountain Baptist Church went to Purple Onion to hang out and grab dinner. Both of us were fairly new to Shades and the young professionals class, and we were hoping to become immersed in a thriving Gospel community. Not knowing many people there, we sat next to each other, and after a few minutes we introduced ourselves. I could tell she was really shy because Hannah was on her phone some of the time, but she caught my eye quickly. After a couple of weeks of not seeing each other at church due to being out of town or work, I decided to invite Hannah to play in my annual college football pick'em via Facebook in hopes that I might get a chance to talk to her. Well, I got that chance. One night after Bible study, we went with a small group of people from Shades to eat at Urban Cookhouse, but we weren't able to talk to each other like we wanted. As we were walking back to our cars, which were strategically parked next to each other, I asked Hannah if she wanted to go out on a date with me sometime. She said, 'yes,' and the rest is history."

Hannah: "When meeting Adam after Bible study at dinner that night, I knew there was something different about him that intrigued me, and I wanted to get to know him better. I couldn't get him off of my mind. For several weeks after, I made an effort to talk to him each time I saw him at church in the hopes of getting closer. I am a pretty shy person too so this was way out of my comfort zone, but definitely worth it. When I saw the message invite from him to play in his college football pick’em contest, I was so excited. He didn’t have my phone number yet, so had to send me a cute Facebook message-- but it worked. Adam had caught my attention even more than before. It seemed to always be difficult to find a chance to talk just the two of us in our large church group, and I felt like I would never have to opportunity to get to know him. Finally, after dinner after Bible study one night, where I once again didn’t have the chance to talk to Adam much, he walked me to my car and asked me on a date."

How and when did Adam propose?

Hannah: "We were visiting Adam’s parents in Opelika as we often do, and things were going like they normally do on our trips down there: shopping, eating at our favorite places and looking around Auburn’s campus. We woke up that Saturday morning to terrible weather and quite the monsoon. Adam and I had made waffles for breakfast while his mom actually made us put down our breakfast, grab shoes and helmets, and hide in the hallway because of the tornado warnings. Little did I know while this was going on, Adam was frantically pulling out his back up proposal plan for that afternoon. After the rain started to clear some we decided to get out and about around town. I noticed at lunch Adam barely ate anything which is not like him, but I didn’t think much of it. Then he kept driving us to several stores to go shopping which was not uncommon for us either, but he seemed to be dragging it out. He finally said that we should go get some ice cream, and on the way he drove the scenic route past our favorite spot in Auburn, the Red Barn, which is where he had originally planned to propose that day. A few minutes after that I actually fell asleep in the car which worked for Adam’s advantage. When I woke up we were parked in front of First Baptist Opelika and I quickly realized there was no ice cream. He grabbed his Bible and walked me into the small chapel at the church down to the alter. He stopped at the front where there was a picture of us and hydrangeas, my favorite flowers. He opened his Bible and read some passages from 1 John 4, then proceeded to say some very sweet words. He got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring which he had been carrying in his vest pocket the entire day, and asked me to marry him. I didn't just say, 'yes,' I said, 'absolutely!' After he proposed, there were more surprises waiting at his parents house. He had invited many our friends and my family to join us after to celebrate. It was such a special day."

What are some things y'all like to do together?

Adam: "When we are not cooking together we always love trying new Birmingham restaurants, and we especially love getting ice cream at Edgewood Creamery and going to The Heavenly Donut Company. We also enjoy doing outdoor activities like going on walks, playing tennis and lounging in the ENO under the stars. Of course we are also perfectly content with a night in watching Friends. Most recently, though, we thoroughly enjoy shopping for and fixing up our new home."

Adam- what's one of the things you admire most about Hannah?

Adam: "It’s hard to pick just one thing, so I’ll pick two. Hannah’s smile can light up any room. If I’m having a rough day, her smile can make things so much better. She always knows how to keep me grounded and is such a great encourager. Her love of encouragement is a direct reflection of how she imitates Christ’s love. I also love the passion that she shows when she gets excited about something big or small. I love hearing about her interactions with her patients at work, and seeing her get excited about things like that gives me joy. Her joy is my joy."

Hannah- what's one of the things you admire most about Adam?

Hannah: "What I love most about Adam is his caring and humble spirit. He is so selfless. Adam values the simple things in life and he will go out of his way to make me feel so special, even with the smallest gestures. He constantly uplifts me whether it is with a scripture passage, an excerpt from a book or article, a funny video, or a corny joke. His thoughtfulness is admirable, and there is no act of kindness too great for him. I believe our friends and family would agree wholeheartedly. He has the most encouraging words and always knows exactly what to say to reign me back in. His love for me reflects Christ’s love for us and that brings me so much joy."

What was each of yall’s favorite part of the big day?

Hannah: "Well other than the obvious of actually marrying Adam, I would have to say our first look before the ceremony was my favorite moment. There was so much anticipation leading up to when we would be able to see each other, and I looked so forward to it that whole morning. I had been a little stressed that morning and nervous about how the day would play out, but the second I tapped Adam on the shoulder, and he turned around I felt so much more at ease. I will never forget that look in his sweet eyes when he saw me. I could not take my eyes off of him and he made me want to hold on tight and never let go. This was such an intimate and special moment for the two of us and one of the only moments of alone time we had together the entire day. It really took the pressure off the rest of the day to see each other before the ceremony and allowed us to both just cut loose and enjoy our wedding day. I had never felt so much love for this man and I could not wait to meet to see him again at the altar."

Adam: "I absolutely loved our first look. Like Hannah said, it really took the pressure off the rest of the day. I would have to say my favorite part of our wedding day was when the doors opened to the sanctuary, and I saw Hannah in the doorway. The music was so wonderful and seeing my bride walking down the aisle towards me was just such a perfect moment. I absolutely lost it because I knew this woman was coming to marry me. With tears of joy streaming down my face, I just thought of all the wonderful memories of us before marriage, and I couldn’t wait to start sharing our lives together. From the moment she met me at the altar, my eyes were fixed on the most beautiful woman in existence, and I was ready to be her husband."

What’s next for you two?

Adam: "We bought our first home together in May, and I have been living there since, but now Hannah has moved in and we are slowly adjusting to life together and getting settled in to our new home. We are working together to serve the Lord and each other and praying that our marriage would always be a reflection of Christ’s love."


Church: Shades Mountain Baptist Church – Vestavia Hills, AL

Reception: Rosewood Hall – Homewood, AL

Dress and Veil: Diane’s Formal Affair – Jasper, AL

Flowers: Mary Beth Rush – Birmingham, AL

Hair and Makeup: Frivolous Talents Hair + Makeup – Birmingham, AL

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridesmaids Inc. – Homewood, AL

Tuxedos: Joseph A. Bank— Birmingham, AL

Catering: Majestic Catering— Birmingham, AL

Cakes: Dreamcakes— Homewood, AL

Donut Wall: The Heavenly Donut Company – Birmingham, AL

Invitations: Printswell – Birmingham, AL

Band: The Reunion Band – Birmingham, AL

Video: Jeff Bush Vidoegraphy – Savannah, GA

Getaway Car: Sweet Glide Vintage Ride – Birmingham, AL