Matt + Lauren {wedding} Taylor, MS

How did you two meet?

Lauren: "Matt and I met senior year of high school on New Years Eve in Jackson, MS. I had the opportunity to dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade that year and had met girls from Matts's high school who were also in the parade. We became friends and kept in touch and before I knew it they had invited me to Jackson to visit for New Years Eve. Matt and I actually both rode in the same car out to this New Years party with all of his friends. We hung out all night, and Matt told his friends he thought I was cute. He made a bet to get my number, and he did. I did not know many people that and I remember just thinking how well liked and outgoing he was, yet how sweet it was that he spent his night making me feel included. We talked for a couple of weeks, and then he finally asked if he could come to Montgomery to visit and get to know me better. That first night in Montgomery being together is truly when we both knew."

Matt: "Honestly, the first time I talked to Lauren, in my head all I could think was, 'I am going to marry this girl.'"

What are some things yall like to do together? 

Lauren: "To be honest, I like doing absolutely anything with Matt as long as we are together. We love to be outside. I love just watching TV or often sitting in silence. I love riding in the golf cart on a beautiful day while Matt golfs. I love cheering on the Ole Miss Rebels in football and baseball with Matt. I love spending time with our friends and family. Although I study so much every day, the best part about marriage has been that even if I'm studying all night, it's comforting to just be in the same room. We just love to be together."

How and when did Matt propose? 

Lauren: "Matt actually proposed on New Years Eve, the same day that we had met four years prior. We were spending the holiday in Montgomery, and I thought he had planned to go to dinner at this nice restaurant that I had always talked about going to up at Lake Martin. We got dressed for dinner and got in the car ready to go. On the way there Matt was extremely uncomfortable in the car, wouldn't let his seat belt touch his shirt to prevent wrinkles, and drove about 20 miles per hour slower than the speed limit--I mean the whole nine yards of nervousness. We ended up taking a detour to go to a different restaurant to have a drink and watch the Alabama game because we had some time to spare. There is this outside chapel, Church in the Pines, that we go to in the summers for church that we were driving by. Still at this time I had NO IDEA that our familes had set up everything for the proposal at the altar, and that my sweet sisters were hiding ready to get pictures and videos. But of course, as we come up on the chapel, I am going on and on about how beautiful it is, so naturally Matt asked if I wanted to go walk around the chapel. I am truly embarrased at how clueless I was about the entire thing. The church is slanted down so you cannot see the front until you are actually inside. As we start down the aisle, Matt grabs my hand as I see the candles, old pictures of us and the "S" at the front and the next think I knew he was down on one knee asking if we could spend forever together."

Lauren- what do you admire about Matt? 

Lauren: "It is hard to put my finger on the thing I admire MOST, because Matt is everything to me. Matt is the most optimistic person I know. He still constantly sees the good in people, and the good in this world in the middle of the very broken world that we live in. Matt radiates joy in a way that I truly do not think I have ever experienced. He puts others above himelf daily, and cares for the people around him with such compassion. Matt truly is my best friend and biggest encourager. It is such an honor to do life with him and be his wife."

Matt-- what do you admire about Lauren? 

Matt: "There are so many things that I love and admire about Lauren. But for one, I admire the tenacity that Lauren has about everything in her life. Every day she has the motivation to push through, even in the hard times, and constantly puts herself second in order to complete the tasks at hand; her drive is what I need in my life. She is always making me desire to be better."

What was each of yalls favorite part of the big day? 

Lauren: "My favorite part of the day was seeing Matt at 2:30 p.m. From the time my eyes opened on the wedding day, all I could think about was I am going to get to see Matt at 2:30. I spent the entire morning getting ready with my best friends in anticipation of seeing Matt. We loved the idea of a first look. While the first look did not calm my nerves enough, seeing Matt made it real. After eight months of planning, seeing him was like, 'OK WOW, this is it!!' That first look will forever be a special moment."

Matt: "One of my favorite parts of the day was riding out to Plein Air with my dad on the way to our first look. I was somewhat nervous, and he did the best job at calming me down. It was so meaningful to have that car ride with him before all the activities started. Really and truly though, my favorite part was having to sit outside facing the opposite direction of all the cameras and turning around to see Lauren for the first time. I'm so glad we did that."

What is next for you two? 

Lauren: "Our life is pretty much unknown past August 2018. I am in the UMMC Accelerated BSN program here in Oxford that is one year long. I will be done the end of next july. Matt will be working in real estate, which he absolutely loves and is so good at. Honestly, after I finish school, where ever I get a job we will go. We are just excited to be doing life together!"


Wedding and reception venue- The Mill at Plein Air 

Coordinator- Kendall Poole Event Planning

Videographer- 22 Magnolias 

Florist- Fresh Cut of Jackson 

Hair + makeup- Style by Sarah Kate 

Bridesmaids dreses- Bella Bridesmaids

Invitations- Kwick Kopy

Catering- A & N Catering

Rentals- Details of Oxford